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i’m sure you have heard by now that google reader is disappearing as of july 1st. sad. i know that many of you use google reader to view my blog and others. well, time to start looking for some new options. here are a few other apps and sites that i’ve checked out and how to make the switch.


bloglovin’ wants you to move over to them, so they have made it super easy! just click over to their site and register for a new account. they will send you a confirmation email. when you click the confirmation email you will see this:


pretty simple! click import from google reader and all your feeds will move over to bloglovin’.  some bloggers (myself included) are registered with bloglovin but you can read ANY blog through their RSS feed. bloglovin’ has one great feature that i love about google reader – a “next” button. when you finish reading a post, just click “next” in the bottom right of the screen and it moves you along to your next unread post. currently, 1845 of you read my posts there! i came across a great bloglovin’ tutorial from miranda @ biting life. you can follow her screen shots to learn more about bloglovin’ and if it is the right feed for you.



feedly has been getting a lot of good press. from our comments here on facebook, i see a lot of my readers are jumping on this train. feedly wants google reader users (or “refugees” as they call us) and, according to their site, 3,000,000 have joined already. they just launched a new mobile version to allow reading your blogs or other sites even more manageable. i think this is what i am going to go with for my blog reading. they too have a next button!! check out this article for a more detailed explanation and a feedly tour.

old google reader

the old reader 

this is a web based reader and is reminiscent of google reader. it is in its beta version right now so expect changes. it doesn’t have a mobile app at the moment, but they are working on one. and like feedly and bloglovin’ they want you, so they will transfer in your google reader feeds for you. checkout the tour and see if this might be the one for you.

i hope one of these will work for you! and if you are part of my 60%+ readers who read my posts directly on my site, this won’t affect you at all! you can also follow me on facebook ! i post links to all my posts each day!


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    I moved over to Bloglovin the other week and now read everything through them (including your blog) and it is so easy. Much better than GoogleReader.

  2. 2

    I moved to feedly, and LOVE it!

  3. 3

    I’ve tried both bloglovin’ and Feedly. I like feedly much more. Just wish they had a “follow me” link as it’s not as easy to add new blogs to them ~ easy still, just not as easy :)

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      Look down in the lower right hand corner of your screen. There is a light gray feedly icon. Hover over it and you will see some options, including adding what you want to feedly.

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        lindsey says:

        thanks for helping carol! my readers are so nice, to help each other out ;)

        • 6

          No problem – but I did take another look and discovered an important step. In feedly, click on preferences and scroll down. Make sure that mini tool bar is enabled. Then you should see the little gray icon down in the corner. I was panicked when I first heard that Google Reader was going away. Feedly works great for me!

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