one purse, many purposes


wristlet clutches are probably my favorite product to design and choose fabrics for!

they have such fun details:  ruffles, doilies, contrasting base fabric… all with fabulous fabrics!


as with all of my products, the lining fabric is fun and bold!

wristlet clutch1

one great use for a wristlet clutch is as a purse for your diaper bag.  unfortunately, i hadn’t yet designed the clutch when my babies were babies, because this would’ve been so useful!  instead, i let all my necessities float around in my diaper bag with diapers and burp cloths!  finding my wallet was a task on its own!


the clutch is compact and won’t take up much room in a diaper bag, but with it’s gusseted base, it has plenty of room to hold all your necessities.  in mine, i can hold my wallet, sunglasses in their case, my phone (in its own pocket – easy to find), chapstick, lip liner, and a couple hair elastics.

the best part?  well there’s 2:  it zips closed, so nothing gets mixed into your diaper bag.  and it has a wristlet handle making it easy to grab out of your bag.  if you are running a quick errand and don’t need your whole diaper bag, just grab the clutch and go!

wristlet clutch2

and another use for the clutch is to simply organize a bigger bag.  i’m a big fan of big bags (hello messenger bags!), but sometimes the smaller items can be left floating around the bottom.  you can use this clutch to corral all the smaller items!

wristlet clutch3

or if you’ve moved from the baby stage to the toddler stage, you’ve probably happily moved from a diaper bag to your regular purse (yay!), but still need to carry a couple diapers and wipes.  the wristlet clutches hold a small case of wipes and a couple diapers perfectly!  toss the clutch in your purse and you’re good to go.  even better, once you’re out of the diaper stage, you can use your clutch as a cute purse!

wristlet clutch4

i often use my clutch for church, or when i run some quick errands.  somedays its nice to not have a huge purse!

wristlet clutch5

the clutch can also be a great place to store all your makeup!  its wide base makes for a roomy bag and its long enough to fit all your brushes and pencils.

wristlet clutch6

so is there a clutch or 2 you’ve had your eye on?

today only, i’m having a huge sale on wristlet clutches:  20% off!

just use code WRISTLETCLUTCH20 at checkout!

don’t forget to add a coordinating tiny pouch or sunnies case!



  1. 1

    Delightful. And thank you for the update. I see you restocked the item I have had my eye on. Oh happy day!!!


  2. 2

    Super cute! So many items in your shop are on my wish list!

  3. 3

    Love them! Where did you find the turquoise purse in the pics? Love that too!

  4. 5

    I have the turquoise print with grey polka dots! I love it! I have 4 kids now….and use it all the time…I would love to see you make it with an optional crossbody strap?

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