our trip to france {part 2}


catch up here with part 1.

our 2nd day in france was probably my favorite.  we were docked in conflans, a small town outside of paris.


sean and i woke up and went for a quick run before breakfast.  run?  yes a run.  no, i don’t run at home.   but i almost always run on vacation.  weird, i know.  but i finally think i figured out why:  at home i have to make sure 3 little people are taken care of, fed, dressed, chores done, etc before i can leave.  and on vacation, i get to run whenever i want to, without making sure someone can watch the kids.  and the best part: i get to run with sean.  i still hate the physical side of running, but i love spending time with sean and doing something he loves (any form of exercise), and running is also a great way to explore new areas.

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while i was running up a hill, i was quickly heating up and struggled to take off my layers.  sean thought it was hilarious to just take pictures rather than to help.  me vs. the running shirt = i won!


as with all the towns we stayed in, we immediately found cathedrals and palaces.  we get to see the town waking up, or sleeping in, as it seems most do in the suburbs of france.


after our always yummy breakfast, we took a short bus ride to auvers-sur-oise, the small town where van gogh lived his last few months and died.  the tour was amazing!  our guide was awesome and had great details i have never learned.  and so many of van gogh’s famous paintings were painted in auvers-sur-oise.  van gogh rented a room over this restaurant, which has remained the same.


i loved being able to stand in the exact location where he set his easel and see the same view he did, virtually unchanged.  the town has set an ordinance to stay as it was in van gogh’s time and to not become touristy.


van gogh was supported most of his life financially by his brother, theodore.  theodore died after vincent and was buried elsewhere.  his wife found letters between the brothers and realized how dearly they loved each other, so she moved theodore’s body to be next to vincent’s.  at one point someone tried to make the gravesite fancier, but it was quickly changed back to just ivy since van gogh lived a modest life.


some of the tombstones were amazing in the cemetery!  we learned that in this cemetery, if the grave site isn’t maintained by a family member, after a certain amount of time the city will exhume the body and re-rent out the space for the next “tenant” – crazy!


according to our guide, van gogh couldn’t afford the expensive pigment for the bright yellow paint, which was made partially of cow urine.  so he made his own with his own urine – gross!  he said his yellows would stay vibrant years after he was gone.



this was just outside of the room that he rented.


after our tour we had a little bit of time to wander around the town and grab a crepe for the day!


once we got back to the boat we set out for our next stop, vernon.  the areas surrounding the seine were so beautiful, full of history and amazing architecture.  look at this huge estate with a castle above and fortresses built into the hillside!  this was a common site on our route.


and so many cathedrals!  i love the tiles roof on this one.


our boat had a great roof deck, and most days it was nice enough (still pretty cool) to sit on top and watch the areas we were passing through.


or to just stare at one of God’s most amazing creations ;)


how about this little villa to spend your summers at?


we passed a lot of our time playing cards.  we’re both pretty competitive!


and naps happened almost daily!  this day the temperature was so mild i was able to have our door open while we were cruising!

day 3, coming soon!


  1. 1

    What a special trip Lindsey. Time away from everything always feel magical. Enjoy. Love the pic of you and the hubs overlooking the Arc De Triomphe- you both look truly happy!

  2. 2

    Joli voyage / nice trip ^^

  3. 3

    Wonderful to see how much you enjoyed the trip, and really made the most out of discovering beautiful places. And the loveliest thing of all is how sweet you are about your guy!

  4. 4

    I love it! Even after living there, I love seeing pictures of France & specially parts I haven’t seen. You are most certainly right, they love to sleep in. They don’t even open the gyms until 8:30!! And grocery stores too. And everything closes at 8:00 at night if you’re lucky! Looks like an amazing trip!

  5. 5
    Crystal says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I love hearing all the details and seeing the beautiful pictures! What an amazing trip for you and your hubby!!

  6. 6

    MORE PICS!!!!!!!! I love looking at your wonderful vacation shots!!! I’m afraid to fly so I have to live through others….LOL. But tell me how was the plane ride??

  7. 7

    Love the pics and the interesting facts about Van Gogh! Do you have a favorite painting?

    • 8
      lindsey says:

      i don’t think i do have a favorite! i like so many of them, and they all had great stories behind them. too hard to choose!

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