happy friday!  i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again! i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


i found some time last week  to scrub our bbq and pretty up our backyard – hello summer!


we had a trip planned for a couple months.  we were supposed to leave the day after school got out.  then the morning we were supposed to leave we hit a road bump.  without even being on the road yet!  we were supposed to make our way up to oregon, to go camping and fishing, but the forecast was rain, rain and more rain, making our camping location out of the question, and the creek to high to fish in.  boo.  but i wasn’t going to waste hours of packing just to unpack and be sad at home.  so we decided to just go!  we had planned to spend some time in the sacramento area with family, so we just went with that.


sean also had some work appointments on our trip, so we had to swing into joann’s, where i found this amazing burlap.  on sale even!


since we were all so disappointed that our trip plans were changing, we tried to pack our days with lots of fun activities instead.  good idea in theory, not so much in practice.  i was exhausted by the time we got home.  no down time at all.

this cute pic was from old town sacramento.  we just finished learning about the gold rush, so it was fun to do some touristy things that they were interested in.


and free taffy never hurt anyone ;)


we ended our fist day away with some swim time with the cousins.


the next day we went to a fish hatchery.  this is our second time to a fish hatchery and the whole thing is just so interesting to me!  this one had a great educational center that the kids could interact with.  gracie kills me in this picture!


silas was pretending to be a salmon egg.


we had packed a lunch for the day and found a park in folsom to eat.  there were a few peacocks roaming around, and they were fearless!  this guy was within a foot or so of us!


right next door to the park just happened to be a small zoo, and the kids were able to pet this friendly deer!


she was just looking too cute to not take a picture!


when we were waiting for our table to be ready for dinner, i spotted a west elm across the parking lot.  i had never been in one and ohmygoodness!  that place was amazing!  this wall was covered in white cupcake liners with painted bases – so awesome!


we really wanted to see a movie.  we only go maybe once a year, so its pretty special.  but there was only one kid friendly movie out – crazy!  luckily, it was great!  we saw epic in 3d and the kids loved it.


my gram also lives nearby, so we had some time to visit with her.  it was so good to see her!  grace was so stoked that she was almost as tall as her great gram!


silas got to have a little ride on gram’s walker :: gram and gramps’ wedding photo :: how cute are my grandparents? :: one of my favorite memories growing up was visiting my grandparents’ house and playing with gram’s clip on earrings.


 another day we went to a gold mine.  it was 90+ outside and 54* inside – brrrrr!


 we also stopped by the capitol for a quick walk through




 with swapping out cold weather outfits for warm weather, i forgot a few things, like a belt.  so a quick stop into forever 21, and out with a cute belt.  and a couple shirts ;)


 we finished off our trip with a stop to see my sister in santa cruz.  she bought me the cute neon dotted top, and one for herself as well.  we got up in the morning dressed identically, even down to the shoes!  we made a stop by the park to burn off some of the kids’ energy before we hit the road for the drive home.

so now for some honesty:  this trip was hard.  it started off with disappointment, then whining, fussing, and ungratefulness.  and we packed in so much that we never really had down time until the kids were in bed, way later than they usually were.  so once we got home all i wanted was time to veg, relax and get my creative juices flowing.


 i started off right away with prepping for some more patriotic bunting (listing some today!).


 then i tackled another job i had been wanting to do for awhile…


 i painted a wall in the playroom with chalkboard paint!  if we didn’t have so many built-ins in that room, i’d love to paint the whole room!  but that would take forever.


 i need to show you how ugly our front yard used to be.  for 6 years.  so ugly.  but over the last year or so we (mostly my parents) have been chipping away at it and it finally has some beautiful parts!  we planted bare root roses just a few months ago and now look at them!  they are spilling over into our driveway – makes me so happy!  and yes, we still have our christmas lights up.


 most nights, this is my office.  i am slowly making it more lovely and now i just want to be in there all the time!


i had a sale in my shop yesterday, and its still running today!  use code ZIPPER15 at checkout for the discount.


 i just need to say: my husband is awesome.  like really really awesome.  he took the kids all afternoon and evening so i could just have a break.  i have been worn out and i just needed some time alone.  and he gave that to me without any strings attached.  i sat for awhile in the quiet house, listening to the clock ticking, looking at the pile of dishes i knew i wouldn’t do, and just soaked it in.  once i was refreshed, i jumped right into a new project, making chubby button hair clips.  i love this fun little job!

follow along with me and see all the new projects i have in the works!



  1. 1

    Your family is adorable! And I’ve been searching for some patriotic bunting. I will be purchasing this!!

  2. 3

    OK- just saw it was sold out. If you make more, please email me!

  3. 5

    I love the pillowcases on the bed. I am guessing you made them?
    Have a great weekend!

    Marissa @ OurLittleFamily

  4. 7

    I love the chalkboard paint! i have just started a project painting an old door in chalkboard paint to have as a big noticeboard/menu/familycalendar in our kitchen but as my youngest one is only 4 months it just seems to take me so long to get it done! Got inspired to speed it up now! Thanks for a lovely blog!

  5. 8

    (warning: The following comment contains sarcasm) you must be so sad that your daughters don’t look like you…

  6. 9

    I love your Instagram posts :)

  7. 10

    That burlap is too good! Love it!
    Your kids are just so sweet!


  8. 11

    I love the chalkboard room. I painted a few walls in my daughter’s room with the chalk board paint and it’s a big hit with her and her friends. I used the color purple instead of black. Love how you can choose different colors or have them personalized at Home Depot.

  9. 12

    Please tell me what bare root roses are!!! I googled it and still don’t really understand!

    • 13

      sure! bare root roses are usually available in the winter to early sprint and its just really young roses with the roots wrapped in a bag with just enough soil to surround them. regular roses come in sizes like 5 gallon tubs and can be really expensive. buying them bare root gives them a good chance of acclimating to your area and saves money. hope that helps!

  10. 14

    As soon as I saw the salmon egg I knew you were in our neck of the woods. And then the peacock confirmed it. Spent many a days at the hatchery and Folsom zoo when my teenager was a little guy. Glad you came!

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