linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  find me on instagram – i’m thepleatedpoppy.


i’ve tried several cleaners and scrubbers on my travertine tile on my shower floor and nothing has worked on the dark build-up.  i finally tried mr. clean magic erasers and they worked perfectly!  its going to take awhile to get them all clean, so i’m doing a few with each shower.  si was helping me out, too.  after some comments, i’ll not have him help with the magic eraser again without gloves, although reviews on the theory of magic erasers being bad for kids were very mixed.  but we’ll definitely stay on the safe side!


a simple string of scrappy fabric makes so much happy!  i have one last batch of patriotic scrappy bunting in the shop.


so much new in the shop!  and more being added today, too!  i think i need more work space…


half of my family was in town, so we got a sitter for the kids after church and spent the afternoon tasting, both beer and wine.  we started at barrel house brewing co.  loved the location and tasting room.


wildhorse winery had a really pretty patio are where we ate our lunch.


aaaand by our 3rd stop, i decided i was really really picky about wine.  it has to be very cold and super sweet, neither of which was served.  so i enjoyed my family and the views.


our weather has been unseasonably warm.  we usually have nice summer weather, but not usually hot.  but we have had what we call hot here, and i have loved it!  we are soaking up the lovely weather each night with dinner out in the back yard, until the ocean breeze picks up and starts to cool us off.  see those roses?  they come off a rose bush in our yard that is probably about 9 feet tall!


it has been project central around here this week, which means daily trips to home depot.  the girls stayed home so i got some time with just this guy.  why are kids so much better on their own?  i love time with just him.


our maui cousins are here for the summer and we have been filling our days with them this week, and loving it!  and nothing says summer like s’mores by the backyard fireplace.  thats on my list of things to finish this summer…  along with 3 pages of other things.  not kidding.


not on my list for the summer: sugar.  but i decided to not use common sense and cheated a few times this week.  too good not to ;)


another fun item for the 4th – posy pins!  i generally wear 2 pinned to my tank, or one on a hat, then move them to a denim jacket for the evening and fire works.


these boxes filled by backyard this week for a fun project.


here’s peek #2 at the project

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 10.27

and peek #3!  check back soon for the big reveal!



  1. 1
    Melissa says:

    Hi! I’m with you on the wine–I’ve found Moscato wine is sweet, so I generally stick with those! I was wondering if you have ever made hair scarves? I’ve seen them on pinterest lately and am really wanting one!

  2. 2

    Lots of fun pics! Have missed looking at my insta feed this week – it’s so nice to see a bunch of yours here in one post.
    Looking forward to the reveal!

  3. 3

    HI. Just a note to say that while you are right and it is smart to wear gloves with all cleaning products- don’t super stress on the magic eraser. There were a lot of emails going around a few years ago showing kids with major burns and reactions to supposed magic eraser products. They were all fake- at least all the ones I saw. I worked for a company that made a similar product at the time and I got to talk with the scientists- and they said it was all hype with very little truth- in other words someone had lots of time on their hands to make these emails using pictures that were photoshopped or from other causes…. so yeah have him wear gloves next time- cuz gloves are cool and it’s a great habit. :)

  4. 5

    Their is a fabulous recipe on pinterest that uses vinegar, water, baking soda a and lemon juice to clean shower tiles and grout- it is safe and very effective at cleaning. Spray or pour it on and then lightly scrub with a brush! I use it regularly for my 40 sq foot shower and it makes that job a whole lot easier! Happy scrubbing!

  5. 6
    Tara Bartlett says:

    Just in case you’re looking for less toxic cleaning options – I LOVE Norwex!!

  6. 7

    Sounds like you really had a great time. I am also looking forward to a vacation where I can spend time with the family and in places we’ve never been to. The Fourth of July sounds like a very good day to unwind like what you did. Can you give me suggestions?

  7. 8

    Love love love your chalkboard wall with the map & crates! I’ve been muddling through ideas for my mess of a playroom & a map is at the top of the list. Love how it brought both beauty and ORDER…something my playroom is in desperate need of. Thanks!

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