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happy tuesday! i am excited to introduce you to a friend of mine today. robin is a friend from church. her husband, sean, and i go all the way back to our college days! she’s a mama to two sweet girls, a retired-for-the-moment teacher, a pastor’s wife, and must have minored in organization in college. hope you love her as much as i do!



When Lindsey approached me about helping her with a blog post, I was very excited! She had a small issue when it came to writing about one of her sponsors, Mirrormate. Lindsey, as you’ve seen, has a stunning house and no frameless, standard builder mirrors. I have them in every bathroom. I have always LOVED Mirrormate’s product and think it makes such a statement, but have never had the guts to just order a frame already.

The main reason I’ve not ordered a frame yet? We are renters. You really can’t take on a major renovation in a rental. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind one bit. This is where God has us at the moment. We are new to the San Luis Obispo area, so we knew it would be smart to rent first and find out what area we love the most before we consider buying a home. Turns out, I’m in love with my rental. I love the location, I love (most of) the house, I love my landlord. (How many people can say that?!?!)

The problem? My house is stuck in the mid-90s. Seriously stuck. The exterior is peach. Not leaning towards earth tones, not faded colors, just straight up peach. I’m not against the 90s. A lot of wonderful things happened in the mid-90s: my husband graduated high school, I started my freshman year, and we all were glued to the TV to see if Kelly would pick Brandon or Dylan. However, in the case of my house, the color inside and outside leaves much to be desired.

The interior, like most rentals, is white. A yellowing white, but white. Every. Single. Wall. As a renter, I get it. It’s neutral, it’s easy, goes with everyone’s stuff. So that’s why I have an avocado green couch straight out of a Mad Men episode. I need color. I want my house to be updated but I’m always too afraid to ask the landlord.

When Lindsey mentioned Mirrormate, I knew I was in. I called up my landlord and promised an updated guest bath with my new mirror being the focus. She agreed and I got online immediately. Mirrormate specializes in taking plain mirrors – the kind with clips, crazy amounts of glue, and usually the length of the wall – and making them modern and a statement in any bath. I have a huge mirror in a small bathroom.

Before Bathroom

It is really hard to photograph this room!

Essentially the bathroom is an upside-down “L”. Standard white tile, oak cabinets, and laminate flooring. I have lived here since last July. I hadn’t even hung pictures on the wall because I wanted to lean them against the mirror to hide it. The only thing I had done was put up vinyl lettering that my mother gave me for Christmas on one of the big blank walls (to the right as you walk in).

bathroom quote

I spent a good hour browsing through all the different frame option on Mirrormate’s site. I couldn’t get over how many frame options there are! They have some pretty awesome before and afters so I was inspired. I narrowed my frame choices down to the Lexington in Polished Silver because I wanted a mid-60s modern, polished look and it would match the hardware, or the Cherokee in Mocha Walnut because it would draw out the dark tones in the oak cabinetry. I ordered samples of each to hold up against the tile and cabinets and was sold on the Lexington frame.


Then came the fun part. While waiting the few days for delivery, I did something I’ve never done before. I painted… in a rental! We wanted  a blue that was brighter than baby blue but less than aqua. We settled on Benjamin Moore Tear Drop Blue. What a shock to see color on the wall. Still a monstrous mirror, but we were making progress! I thought I might be able to paint over the vinyl lettering and then peel them off to reveal the text in white. I totally didn’t consider the textured walls. (The photo below may have been taken around 11pm at night so it doesn’t do the paint justice.)


That obviously didn’t work. An extra sanding and additional coat of paint and that was fixed. No big deal!

The Mirrormate box was huge when FedEx dropped it off, but my mirror is big so I guess that’s to be expected! When I asked my husband to help me put it together, he was a little worried that it would be some huge daunting task. It actually turned out to be so easy!

We took the frame out of the box and laid it out on the kitchen floor upside down. The kind Mirrormate people had even labeled it “top” and “bottom” so I couldn’t possibly mess it up. A few dabs of wood glue, and eight brackets later, we were done.The instructions said inserting the brackets was the hardest part, but it was a piece of cake. I then picked it up and went to hang it.

frame together2

My sweet husband (who apparently reads directions better than I do) reminded me it had to rest for one hour for the glue to dry. That was the hardest part!

After an hour, and cleaning the mirror with rubbing alcohol, we held the frame up and put up the temporary cardboard guides.I was surprised how light it is! The frame is made of MDF, but you would never know from looking at it. Then just peel and stick. Literally, it was that easy!

Check out my non-90s guest bath now!

bathroom final

photo 3-1

photo 4

photo 2-1

I was so blown away. It looks so custom. It’s my new favorite room in the house, and it only took us one hour and twenty five minutes to put together – one hour of that time I was reading a magazine and rocking a baby.

Here’s a final before and after!

bath before and after

I can’t wait to take on the other two frameless mirrors upstairs!

And for the curious… the rug is from Target (mine is smaller than online though), “This is The Day” print is a free printable from a The Flourishing Abode, the “Anchor Print” and “Everything that Has Breath” print are both from Rooted in Paper, and the tree painting is a custom wedding gift painted by my childhood friend’s mother.


thanks to robin for letting me use her bathroom for a demo and to mirromate for the frame. it looks so great!

mirrormate wants to offer you a chance to re-do your frameless mirrors too! they are giving away a $150 credit to one lucky pleated poppy reader. $150 goes a long way on mirrormate and would cover the cost of most frames!

to enter, be sure to like both the pleated poppy and mirrormate on facebook. once you’ve done so, come back and leave a comment to let me know you did! only one entry per person, open to residents of the united states.

the winner will be chosen this saturday afternoon! good luck!


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    And by the way, Robin, choosing Brandon or Dylan is what got me through college. That show ROCKED!

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