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ereader cases

e-reader cases are a near necessity for summer!  with all the traveling done, you know e-readers, tablets and ipad minis are doing some traveling, too.  and when these electronics are getting tossed into suitcases, backpacks and purses, its nice to know that they’re are protected!

ereader cases

 my e-reader cases fit most all tablets and e-readers:

kindle fire
kindle fire HD
nook simple touch
sony e-reader pocket edition
kobo reader
blackberry playbook
samsung galaxy tab

ereader cases

 some of my designs have these great exterior pockets, which work great for tucking in cords.  actually, these cases can work for things other than just e-readers.  when i travel i have a lot of cords and chargers that i have to take with, and these extra padded cases keep them all tidy.

ereader cases

 some of my newer cases are just slightly larger and fit ipad minis now!  all the cases pictured above fit an ipad mini.

ereader cases

 i just gave this case to my mom for her new ipad mini.   she keeps it tucked in her purse and uses the exterior pocket as a pocket for her phone, so it organizes her purse, too!

ereader cases

 with the double layer of padding, these cases are also good for traveling with makeup, and small goodies.

and for the next 2 days, get $5 off all e-reader cases in my shop with code EREADER5.



  1. 1

    Gorgeous! Why, oh why, did I buy a case before I found you??

    Of course, one can never have too many cases…

  2. 3
    Texas Tamie says:

    Here’s an idea for you: I need something small to tuck into my purse that will hold the day’s lipstick, etc., make-up touch up items, including a small freezer pack to keep it from melting in the Texas summer heat. Do-able?

  3. 5

    Hey friend,
    Just wanting to give you a quick hello! I have a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to mail your way. My goal is to get my ‘mail love’ out the door this week. Also, need to e-mail you about our top secret mission, I may have a new player/angle/direction {that’ll get ya thinking}. Like how I crash your blog to write you a mini e-mail?!? ;D. Hope your heart is doing okay with a piece of it away. Love on those other two a little more. XOXO.

    • 6
      lindsey says:

      yay! i love mail love! and i’d love to hear your ideas, someday we’ll get it to happen, right?


  4. 7

    These are soooo cute! I may have to invest in one:)

  5. 8

    Super cute! On my wishlist – just need an ipad mini… ;-)

  6. 9
    colleen says:

    Do you make e-reader cases that you can open and read your device? Rather than taking them out of a pouch? I don’t like the idea of my Nook being loose and unprotected in my butterfinger hands =( Am I making sense at all in what I’m looking for?

    • 10
      lindsey says:

      hey colleen!

      yes, totally makes sense. i don’t make those because all e-readers vary so much in size – i’d have to make 20 different sizes! so i made a one-size-fits-all pouch instead. we have a hard shell wrap-around case on our ipad and then i slip the whole thing into my padded ipad case – that way i get the protection when its in my bag, but also when its in my hands.


  7. 11

    Helpful articles and style of posting. There’s no doubt that I’ll come back here at a later time and find out what exactly else you may have in store!

    ;-) So i’m really going to discover if I will be able to obtain any thing involving budgeting or personal

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