linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


a couple more pics from our time at the delta on my parents’ boat.  sean and my dad pulled each of the kids around on the surf board behind the dinghy for kicks.  the kids had a blast!


this girl.  so big little.  wearing my heat and her brother’s trunks.  i just adore her.  and miss her a million.


after our time on the boat we headed up to my childhood home at bass lake.  we were dropping gracie off at camp up there so we went up early to have some time on the lake.  i had to capture a bit of the perfect morning light with lu.


we headed to the forks for breakfast, mmmmm.  while breakfast was yummy, if you’re ever in bass lake, you have to go to the forks for a burger – the best!  and no, the restaurant isn’t the little building on the dock.  its at the other end, across the street.  and it hasn’t changed a bit since i was a kid.


after breakfast we spent a few hours on the lake.  si decided to try wake boarding again.  no luck this time, but we’ll try again.


gracie got up right away!  she did awesome, and it was such a great boost of confidence for her before heading off to camp, where they spend a lot of time on the lake.


i grew up going to yssc every summer.  i love that gracie is carrying on the tradition, along with her 5 other cousins that are there with her.


silas is still enjoying his kiwi crate!  i love that it is like the gift that keeps on giving – so many projects inside!


silas has also been doing skate camp all week.  the 35 minute drive each way is definitely getting old, but he’s having so much fun and burning off a lot of energy.  and by the end he’s exhausted.  and stinky.  reeeeeally stinky.


i have a sweet blog reader from australia who has been sending me magazines for a few years now – so sweet, right?!  donna hay is such an amazing magazine!


another great magazine is mingle.  my friend lisa leonard had a party featured in this month’s issue, and my petal pushers were used in the party!


fun fabric shopping for more scrappy bunting!


some days are hard.  and long.  and after being a single mom for 4 days in a row, i was losing it.  i was trying to be nice, but not hard enough.  i was tired of the whining and complaining and ungratefulness.  it took everything in me to keep my mouth shut and just search my surroundings for something of beauty.  thankfully, God always provides, and He has given me a new day, another chance tomorrow.

sean is home – yay!  have a good weekend!



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    I don’t see her insta friday link up yet? When does she normally post.

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    Lori Ann says:

    Just love linking into your site every morning. I too have been driving my son to theater camp every morning – and I am tired of it! But the confidence these children get being exposed to new activities and friends is well worth it! He decided he wants to do another week so I must just suck it up!!! Enjoy the rest of summer! (ps – your front looks great! I live in CT where everything is growing like mad – and then the deer eat it!)

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    love, love, love reading your blog and love your products! my in-laws live in morro bay and your posts always bring me sweet memories of your town. you mentioned that your daughter is going to camp at yssc. the owners of the camp go to our church…she will be in GREAT hands!

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    I just ordered some scrappy bunting! I Love the fabrics you have posted on here. These fabric colors make me so happy!!! I love color! I love your site and your style! Thanks,

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    I love your blog, read every time it updates. However, I have an issue with you complaining out single motherhood (for 4 whole days). Try 6 years and counting, then you have something to complain about. But yet, one shouldn’t complain that one is given the priviledge of spending this precious time with your children. Is it hard? yes Is it demanding? yes But remember you get a break in 4 days. Others don’t. And when us single mothers of years and counting do get a break – we miss our crazy hectic lives terribly and don’t know what to do with ourselves. I did not choose this life, but nor would I trade it in for anything else.

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      hey shelly –

      i am so sorry! i can definitely see how my commentary seemed insensitive. i don’t know how you do it! but i was also just being real. that it WAS hard for me. and yes, that may make me a wimp, but i think honesty is good, too, even if it isn’t pretty. if i never complained about any of my time with my kids, i just wouldn’t be being honest. i do love my kids dearly, but there are certain times when i struggle and don’t do things perfectly. i usually just try to share the pretty happy things in this space, but i was feeling like there may be others who could relate to me and make a connection, so i shared my real feelings. again, i can see how insensitive this may seem to you, but i was just being real.


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    Hey Lindsey,
    I’ve followed you for a few years now and of course “just know” we’d be friends if you lived in Texas or I lived in Cali. But for fear of sounding like a stalker I won’t harp on that too long. Just wanted to let you know your honesty in the last part of this post was so refreshing and sweet for my heart to read. There have been times when I have had to take a break from reading your blog because I will get caught up in the life sucking comparison game. Because of the sheer nature of blogs and the fact that this is part of your business, you have seemed to have it all together. Of course I know this isn’t true- we are all poor, pitiful, blind and naked on our best days- but the enemy is so good (bad?) about getting into our minds as women and whispering, “you simply aren’t doing enough and your life is not worth much.” Thank goodness this is true only apart from who we are in Jesus! Thanks for being real. Makes me like you even more!

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    I’m glad you clarified that the picture of Forks Resort was not the actual restaurant. I was trying to figure out how you could fit customers let alone a kitchen in that space. :) So glad you and your kids are having a wonderful summer filled with amazing memories. Enjoy!

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