linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!

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a nap on my front porch is not a bad way to start the weekend!  the temperature was perfect, and no one knew i was out there.


for months the kids have been playing in the upper corner of our back yard – the one area yet to be touched by us.  they deemed it “the fort”.  i deemed it the death trap, with nail filled boards balancing precariously on top of tomato cages, and blankets tossed on top with holes getting ripped in them.  but… i didn’t stop them because they never fought when they played in the fort!  so i convinced sean to give me an hour and help me build a somewhat-less-rickety fort for them.  we grabbed lumber around the yard and a couple old sheets, and done!


sean and lily are quite a duo in the kitchen.  they made these lemon lime bars from scratch and they were so good!


after weeks of ignoring the growing piles in teh playroom, i finally spent 30 minutes to clean it up.  THIRTY MINUTES!  thats all it took.  why didn’t i do this weeks ago rather than get annoyed for weeks instead?  remind me of that tomorrow when its a wreck again.


i’ve had this game for years, and used to play a nicer version of it at my grandma’s, but i couldn’t remember the name!  i got all sorts of names from comments on instagram and facebook, but i think the correct answer is hi-q or solitaire.

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did you know you can send all sorts of things in the mail?  my sister-in-law suggested i send this pool noodle to gracie at camp (we pick her up today – yay!!!!).  but there are so many more fun things you can mail, just look at all the comments here and here.

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loving my glittered sandals!   the weather has been great, about mid 70’s pretty consistently.


it has been about a year since i got this fabric for my girls room, and i am just getting to making their quilts!  lily was an awesome helper in the process, handing me one strip at a time to sew together.  i think i should hire her ;)


one step further in the process.  i love how quickly this type of quilt is coming together.


new neutral bunting is in the shop


i drove over to my parents’ house yesterday to get gracie from camp. tsh and haley of the tiny twig joined me on my ride as i listened to them on the simple mom podcast. so fun to hear familiar voices.


 we’re at bass lake to pick up gracie – yay!  have a happy weekend!




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    Just wondering if you have a pattern for the quilt or if you happen to have a link to a tutorial to make it. Just moved my younger daughter to her own room and now she has a big girl bed. I would love to make something similar for her twin bed, but I am not sure where to start.
    Thanks in advance for the help!

  2. 2

    I love the fort idea! It’s amazing how a few touches of love can transform a place :)

  3. 3

    I am LOVING those quilt colors. Really want to make one now! (:

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