sunnies case sale!

sunnies cases

my sunnies case is by far the most used product in my purse!  as soon as i’m stepping out the door, i’m reaching in my bag for the familiar feel of the ruffle on the case, then i can slide out my sunglasses and actually be able to see outside.  i have really sensitive eyes, so i’m practically blind outside without my sunglasses!

sunnies cases

i made my cases with padding and soft cotton fabric to protect your lenses from getting scratched in the bottom of your purse.

sunnies cases

these are also great for your regular glasses as well!

sunnies cases

rather than adding a closure at the top, i made the case a little extra deep so the sunnies don’t fall out, and that way you can easily slide out your sunglasses with one hand, without having to undo a closure.

and the interiors are all pretty cute, too ;)

sunnies cases


sunnies cases

reading glasses, sunglasses, eyeglasses, fake glasses… whatever!  they all will fit!  even the big huge glasses fit, i promise!

sunnies cases

today only, all sunnies cases are on sale – woohoo!

use code SUNNIES20 for 20% off!



while you are looking around today, check out my q&a on have you ever used this site? they have joann’s on there. great way to save money while buying fabric!


  1. 1

    Sooo cute! Love them all! They too are on my wishlist!

  2. 2
    Linda G. says:

    Hi Lindsey!

    I just ordered the green chevron because the grey chevron was sold out, or people were holding it in their carts. But, I just looked, and it is available again. Is there any way I can switch my order? Thank you so much! This is my second sunnies case I am ordering. I use my first one all the time, and I wanted another one for my regular glasses! :)

    • 3
      lindsey says:

      hi linda!

      absolutely! can you email my assistant at info (at) thepleatedpoppy (dot) com please? i want to make sure we’re adjusting the correct order before we make any changes. thanks!

    • 4
      lindsey says:

      oh shoot! i misread your comment and thought you were wanting the green and not he grey. we’re actually now all out of the grey chevron sunnies cases – so sorry for the confusion!

  3. 5

    I love everything you do… I wish I could sew! You are super talented and I love your mix of colors + patterns!

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