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welcome to “what i wore“!  i started this series years ago to motivate myself to get dressed each day.  as a mom with 3 little ones, it took all i had in me to just get some clothes on, let alone look decent.  but i found that when i posted my outfits online, i was suddenly accountable to putting a little more effort into myself.  and i felt so much  better for it!  if you’re in a slump, join us or just get some inspiration from the ladies linking up below.

what i wore at the pleated poppy

v-neck – forever 21

skirt – forever 21 (old)

converse – nordstrom rack

what i wore at the pleated poppy


necklace – lisa leonard designs

what i wore at the pleated poppy

top – forever 21

tank – forever 21

jeans – target

flops – old navy

necklace – allora handmade

what i wore at the pleated poppy

v-neck – forever 21

jacket – forever 21

skirt – forever 21

sandals – target

necklace – lisa leonard designs

what i wore at the pleated poppy

tank – forever 21

dress – target (old)

sandals – old navy

necklace – noonday collection

what i wore at the pleated poppy

drive-in attire

top – anthropologie

tank under – nations outfitters

leggings – walmart

converse – norstrom rack

what i wore at the pleated poppy

top – local boutique

jeans – forever 21

sandals – target

do you wanna join me?  yay!  just follow the rules:

1. link to your specific blog post, not your blog’s main page. ex: http://thepleatedpoppy.com/2011/09/what-i-wore-wednesday-fall-inspiration/ not http://thepleatedpoppy.com/blog/.
2. please only link outfit related posts. your craft project may be adorable, or that may be a great giveaway, but this linky is for outfit related posts only – thank you!
3. please please please link back here to me so all this wiww stuff makes sense to your readers. and its just nice to do ;) grab a button from my sidebar (see the code box?).
4. check out as many links as possible! i am constantly inspired by so many outfits each week! and you will definitely find some new blogs that you’ve never stumbled upon before – so fun!

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  1. 1

    Love your striped skirt! Super cute sporty look

  2. 2

    Love that striped skirt. So fun!


  3. 3

    I love those Target sandals!! Are they comfortable?

  4. 4
    Lisa L. says:

    LOVE that you do this. I am a new follower and
    Think this is just plain FUN! You always look super cute!

  5. 5

    The striped skirt and black/coral combo are my favorite. You always have such fun, casual looks!!

  6. 6

    Something really weird is happening on the site…I get all your posts in your feed but your main page stops at last Friday. Is it just me?

  7. 8

    I love that striped skirt and that anthro top looks so cozy!!! Looking great, as always! :)

  8. 9

    I love the striped skirt and the chevron necklace. :)

  9. 10

    You look so comfy in your maxi dress! I’ve been wearing them a lot this summer, so easy to throw on & go!

  10. 11

    leggings is my favorite this week! and the long dress! so cute! as always!!!

  11. 12

    Love the strped skirt!

  12. 13
    Brittany says:

    You are too cute! I just always LOVE your outfits. Can you just do my shopping for me?

  13. 14

    Your outfits are always so appropriate and stylish! You are so gorgeous!

  14. 15

    ….LOVE the maxi dress….

  15. 16

    Are your floors wood or laminate? They’re beautiful!

  16. 17

    All of your outfits are so adorable. You look really cute with the glasses and hair up… great looks and all from places that are reasonably priced! That F21 skirt is really cute and versatile too!! Thanks for hosting the link up!!


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