what’s in my bag?

i’m excited to introduce a new series called “what’s in your bag?“, where i’ll introduce you to one of my friends, and get a peak into their lives and their purses!  i don’t know about you, but i love getting to see how other people live!  i’ll kick off this series with my own bag.


one of the perks of working at home is not working at home sometimes.  my desk is flexible – either at my actual desk, at my dining table, in my bed, or at a local coffee shop.  thankfully, our little town is filled with great, inspiring coffee shops, like sally loo’s.


while i am a total homebody, getting out and about is good for me.  when i’m at home trying to work, i often get distracted by the dishes or laundry, or other non-work-related tasks.

when i’m taking my work out of the house, i always take my messenger bag with and it fits all my needs perfectly!


i try to give myself a few tasks to work on out of the house, usually computer related (like blogging or photo editing) or design related (like coming up with new products and sketching designs).


my messenger bag is super durable, strong enough to hold my laptop and extra padded for it, too.  i  also always carry my covered notebook for jotting down ideas.  as much as i love using my phone for reminders and productivity, there’s something so fulfilling about just getting it down on paper!  my sketches are always so sloppy to start, and then slowly get refined, with lots of notes all around them as i get ideas of new things to try, or measurements for products, and adding in all the little details.


my purse, is filled with my own products (shocking, i know).  but i really have found them to be so useful, not only in organizing my bag, but each one serving a different, necessary purpose.  actually, most of my products have been designed out of necessity.


when i realized my sunglasses were always getting scratched inside my purse, i made sunnies cases.  when our town put a ban on plastic bags, i made reusable bags, with a tiny pouch that it rolls up into, taking up hardly any room in my purse.


what’s your drink of choice?  mine is almost always a hazelnut latte.  so yummy!


seeing it all spread out on a table makes me realize just how much my bag really holds!


and for the inquiring minds, here’s the sources:

1 – check book cover

2 – reusable bag (in its pouch)

3 – pencil pouch – holds my burt’s bees, lip liner, mascara, eye drops, kids’ sunscreen stick, hair elastics, and a few bobbies.

4 – covered notebook

5 – keys with a caribeaner – i always have my keys on a caribeaner!  its one of my “mom” tools that is so helpful!  i hate having to rummage through my purse with a child on my hip as i head to the car.  my messenger bags and mini messenger bags all have a key loop inside that i hook my caribeaner onto and then no more searching!  if i’m not carrying a bag i just hook the caribeaner onto my belt loop for easy, hands-free access.

6 – iphone with custom case – nothing like easy advertising!  this case is not only pretty and practical, but offers great protection for my phone.

7 – sunnies case – i never step outside without my sunnies on!

8 – tiny pouch – this keeps my business cards nice and clean inside my purse.  somedays i just add a little cash and my id, put my tiny pouch in my pocket and head for a walk downtown with the kids.

9 – travel tissue case – a total necessity as a mom, although my kids still all think their clothes are made out of tissues ;)

10 – zippered pouch – my favorite of them all!  my pouch holds all my receipts so they aren’t floating around crumpled at the bottom of my bag.

11 – best wallet ever!  i got this a few years ago from target and it has held up so well.  fits all that i need it to without much room for more, so it can’t get too stuffed.

12 – tiny measuring tape – i find myself always needing to measure things, like baskets for a shelf, or the height of a table.  weird i know, but its come in handy.

13 – coffee cuff – this was a gift from jeannett and made by another friend, andrea.  i love how the handmade community supports each other!





yes, i am old fashioned and still write checks.  my checkbook holder holds 2 checkbooks – one for personal and one for business.


thanks for following along, and i can’t wait to introduce my next guest on “what’s in your bag?”!

also a HUGE thanks to my friend, cameron ingalls, for shooting all the photos and teaching me a thing or 2.  or 10 ;)


  1. 1

    You are too cute for words! And, everything in your purse is gorgeous. You’ve inspired me to update some of what’s in my purse!

    • 2
      lindsey says:

      aw, thanks! i had a fun day with the photo shoot, getting my hair and makeup done was such a treat!

  2. 3

    Love this! So, on a typical day or in a typical week, when are you slipping away to a coffee shop to work? I find this personal time is so scarce and hard to schedule in my busy week with kids.

    P.S. I turned 36 just a few days before your 35th bday and I think I have a lot to show for my time so far. I think you do too! You should be proud! You inspire do many! :)


    • 4
      lindsey says:

      my kids are in school 2 days a week, so i have those days dedicated to work. because i love what i do for work, it feels like i’m getting in some “me time” even when i’m working!

      and thanks for your sweet words!

  3. 5

    Your purse looks so organized! I love it!

  4. 7

    I love that you tote around your own products. I try to use everything I make for my shop so I know how it functions and it helps me make things better if need be. Plus its great advertising! I keep everything in small pouches (including one of yours!), it’s the only way I stay remotely organized! Oh and a hazelnut iced coffee for me please :)

  5. 9

    Can I just say, I love looking at what’s inside other women’s purses?? Lol…it’s always interesting to see what others carry around with them all day!

  6. 11

    How fun is that! I love seeing all those little zipper bags and organizers! I am a BIG FAN of organizers! Yours and Gussy Sews are my fave! Love these pictures too! THe one of you going in the coffee shop is too cute!

  7. 13

    So cute! I too love seeing what’s in other people’s bags. Mine is terrible, I’ve won ‘contests’ at baby showers for having the most random things in my bag.
    Quick question- why does your blog link on your landing page keep taking me back to your InstaFriday post from June 14th?

  8. 14
    Mikaela says:

    This is great! I’ve always wondered how big your messenger bags were- seeing them actually on a real person and seeing all that you fit inside it helpful. I think it’s time to go shopping!! :)

  9. 16

    Love!! I just ordered some for my purse!!!

  10. 18

    I love this idea! I think you should also make this a link up!

  11. 20

    Obviously I need to buy more of your stuff because my bag is just as full but not nearly as colorful and fabulous.

    BTW — I am in love with the fact that your town put a ban on plastic bags!

    • 21
      lindsey says:

      i think you’re right ;)

      it was annoying at first to have to remember a bag every time i went shopping, but its so normal now!

  12. 22

    I thought that I was organized, but I have nothing on you! LOL.

  13. 23
    Joy in AL says:

    Make my bottomless purse look so unorganized =(

  14. 24
    Crystal says:

    Your purse is so organized!! Love all your products!! Super fun and cute!!

  15. 26

    I love this post. You’ve inspired me to look through my bag and get some pretty new things to get myself and my twins organized. I’d love to support other women’s handmade items with useful things like you’re using. I also want to get out for coffee more, too. :)

  16. 28

    LOVE looking at what is in other women’s bags…glad I’m not the only one ;-)

  17. 29

    Haha! We are too alike….I have a cover or a case for everything! Love this! Your stuff is so cute too, I’ll have to check out your shop!

    xox Megan

  18. 31

    OMG Lindsey! Not only is your bag organized, it’s pretty! I would love to show you what’s in my bag. You’ve heard the term “organized chaos.” Yep, guilty. Just with the everyday bag though, I promise! When I’m carpooling kids around and they ask me for something, I just toss my purse to them and say, “dig in.” Cute feature idea.

  19. 32

    Lindsey I love this post! so well done… and you my dear look absolutely gorgeous… and successful! Kudos and happy summer to you and yours!

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