linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


gracie has been taking horse back riding lessons for a couple years now and loves it!  actually, she works there one week (cleaning tack, etc) and then gets a lesson the next week.  this was s big week for her because she got to ride bareback (and then show off for the camera)!  don’t worry, this didn’t hurt the horse at all.


saturday morning my assistant and i had a round of interviews for a seamstress.  for some reason, i was nervous going into it, but i was really pleased with the result!


while i was interviewing, sean was hosting a party for silas at a local trail.  sean. si and 7 of his little friends (and a handful of dads) rode a trail on their mountain bikes.  i arrived just in time to see them all come in at the end of the trail.  it was the easiest party ever.  all i had to do was make the cake.  my parents picked up pizza and the boys were thrilled with their own mini gatorades!


this cake was pretty hilarious!  the girls and i made it the night before the party to surprise silas.  it kept crumbling in my hands as i tried to frost it, so we covered it in oreo crumbles, smashed graham crackers, chocolate rocks, sprinkles, and broccoli trees.


we spent saturday night with our best friends and both of our sets of parents.  so fun to have 3 generations of 2 families together!


sean manned the kids on sunday after church while i relocated to the loft for the afternoon.  it was so peaceful and i got a ton of work done.  its amazing what you can accomplish without interruptions.


monday morning i snuck away with gracie to celebrate her 1st birthday as a believer!


even though it was foggy and chilly, we went to the beach with friends for a few hours.  the kids were happy to be playing in the waves and sand, and we were happy to stay planted in our chairs and enjoy watching them!


3 wetsuits, drip-drying from a day of boogy boarding = the sign of a well spent day.


emily is one of my favorites, all around.  i love her insta feed, and her blog is even better.  she was so sweet to send me this beautiful hand painted letter!  for those of you that were asking about it, she not only has a tutorial up on her blog, but you can also buy one of your own in her shop!


this was a week of happy mail for me!  and another reminder of why i love my internet friends.  andrea of knitty bitties is a bright light to all she comes across.  not only did she send me a box of her scraps for my scrappy bunting, but she also included a sweet note, an awesome bracelet, and the cutest mug rug in the world!


giant fluffy pompoms are really fun to make!  can’t wait to show you what i did with them!


we had a sleepover with our best family friends and i took them on a walk to get fro yo.  these kids have all been together since birth and its so fun to see the way they interact with each other.  sometimes they go all girls/all boys, sometimes mixing ages, but most of this visit they stayed with their same age friends (all opposite genders) and they are so sweet to each other!


i wish i could curl my whole head of hair in just 5 minutes.  anyone have a tip?  loose curls like this only take me about 15-20, but thats still too long for me.


a battle i rarely fight is about clothing choices.  that doesn’t mean the choices sometimes don’t make me squirm a bit ;)


my sweet girls made us pancakes.  i added peanut butter, bananas, and hazelnut coffee.


after getting her chores done, gracie spent hours sketching.  it was so fun to see her at it again, this time really pushing herself to learn more about shading and working with color, which is really hard!


while she worked away, i worked away right next to her.  i cleaned and organized just about every bit of my cutting table, shelves and storage.  and then silas and i cleaned out his toy/book cubbies and organized a ton.  with school starting in just over a week, i have the urge to organize everything!  hopefully at some point i’ll finish organizing the school room, but since the whole house really needs it, i’ll organize anywhere!


i wish you could see the final product in person – it is amazing!

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  1. 1

    love the cake!!

  2. 2

    Thanks for adding extra possibilities for yesterday’s give-away! Appreciate that! Sounds like you have the most amazing, action-packed weeks! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. 3

    I am right there with you on liking curls in my hair but not liking the time it takes to get them in there! I’ve followed this tutorial a few times and liked the results… My hair takes forever to dry, but I’ve had decent success with showering in the morning, drying it 90% of the way, and then leaving it like this for an hour or so on my way to work. Those didn’t seem to hold all day though. Someday I will get myself to shower in the evening so that I can try them overnight!

    I love your blog by the way!

  4. 4

    Your daughter looks so sweet. She is quite the artist! You must be so proud of her!

  5. 5

    Ok. This is how I easily curl my hair every day. I teach high school and have three littles, so morning prep time is short and often interrupted. I do have fine hair that is only a few inches past my shoulders, so this might not work for everyone, but it is definitely worth a try. I take sections of dry hair and twist it tight all the way to the end, then wrap it around like a little bun and clip. My hair is also pretty thin, so I only have to do this three or four times….you may have to do many more sections to get a thick head of hair done. Your arms will burn by the end, so count it as an arm workout at the same time! I’ve done this with air dried hair in the summer and blown dry during the school year. I think the heat left in your hair after using a hair dryer definitely helps with how the curls hold. Usually, I put up my hair like this and then spend 15-20 minutes packing up bookbags, brushing kid teeth, tying shoes, etc. When I take it down, I finger comb through and then hair spray at the top of my head, while fluffing it up for volume and then hairspraying the bottom, while scrunching for hold. In the morning the curls are big like I’ve hot rolled and by the evening, they look like beachy waves. Works for me! My husband thinks it looks the same whether I do it this way or when I spend 20 minutes (at least) uninterrupted, closed off in the bathroom, after shower sweating with a heat wand. I think the heat wand way holds better in the long run, but I just don’t have that kind of dedicated time or patience in the morning..

  6. 6

    I love the cake and the artwork. My daughter spends HOURS perfecting her shading and reading portrait websites. I love watching her and the results are amazing.

    I am curious what your children do for chores. I am so bad at getting my 12.9. and 5 year olds to do chores. I think it would be good for all of them, and me too :)

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