linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


i got in a ton of new fabric this week.  a TON.  and i am loving it all.  my wrists?  notsomuch.  i have been spending hours upon hours cutting all this prettiness up into little bits to make the most beautiful products.  but my wrists hate me and have decided today to boycott.  so i’m taking a break.


here’s some of the new fabric in action!  i am dying over these rainbow stripes!  i already ran out of the pencil pouches but just added zippered pouches yesterday.  its so happy!


while on one hand we’re trying to relax on our last week of summer, we’re also trying to squeeze in as much fun as we can:  days at the beach, days at the pool, drive-ins (hello kids sleeping past 9 am!).  i love summer.  it is made for memories.


if you know my husband, you know this about him:  whatever he does, he does it well.  he can do any sport and do it well.  he can sell anything to anyone.  he is the best friend in the world (to lots of people.  he’s really great at relationships).  and he makes beer.  now, i am not a beer fan but from those who are, they say his beer is actually really really good.  he’s happy being all crafty with his beer.  and he doesn’t make the stinky beer in my kitchen, so i’m happy ;)


i have been reading this book since the week we spent at my parents’ boat in july.  actually, i haven’t read this book since that week.  i am a horrible reader!  but… this book.  ann voskamp has wisdom that speaks to me.  and my heart needs to hear what she has to say.  so much good.  but when you have the cutest little monkey hiding out by your toes, reading tends to go by the wayside.


i love my boy.  he challenges me more than i ever thought possible, but loves me so passionately.  we are having reading battles.  actually, he says no and i say ok.  but i am remembering that we went through this with my oldest and she devours books now.  thank you to all my insta friends who gave such wonderful, encouraging advice.  just another reason why i love instagram.


i did this yesterday.  i ran.  it has been a long time.  a looooooooong time.  and i was shocked, you guys.  i didn’t hate it!  i didn’t love it either, but not hating it was a really big deal.  i used to run pretty regularly and i never got past the hating it part.  so i’m seeing that little short run as a big gift.


i shared about this special place yesterday.


i am blessed to have a special decor job at our school (yes, we homeschool, but also go to school 2 days a week.  read all about it here.).  every trimester i get to add fun new decorates in the office area and make it fun and happy!  i usually go with some sort of a theme, but this time i basically went with “party!!!”.

we’re enjoying our last weekend of summer with family in town and some extra time with friends.  next week we’ll be trying out or new normal and getting back into the swing of things with school in session.  i’m happy sad about it!

have a wonderful weekend, friends!



  1. 1

    Loving that strawberry fabric!!!! and those decorations, sooooo pretty!

  2. 2

    Wow, your decorations for the school are great!!

    Our oldest has fighted reading for the past year. It worries me, but we just keep on doing what we’re doing. I guess he’ll stop hating it at some point!

  3. 3

    I love the rainbow stripes fabric. So fun! Your decorations at the school definitely make it look like a party. I bet the kids and faculty/staff will enjoy it! My son was a reluctant reader also until we hooked him. We were fortunate to have Nick Bruel (Author of The Bad Kitty books) come for an author visit at our school (I’m a 1st grade teacher there). This was super inspiring for our son so we quickly bought all of his “chapter books.” They are a great combo of beginning chapter book and graphic novel with a lot of humor. These books really turned things around for him and he quickly discovered how fun books/reading could be and also learned about the types of books he enjoys. Mo Willems’ books were some of his favorites too- Elephant & Piggie and the Pigeon Books.

  4. 4

    Oh my gosh he makes his own beer??!! That’s awesome! I like to have a nice “cold one” every once in a while. If he ever sells it let me know I’ll definitely try some!

  5. 5

    that fabric is beautiful, and so are those decorations for the school!

  6. 6
    donna evans says:

    Just wanted to tell you to try Nikken wrist magnets. You put them on at night and it heals and relieves the pain from corpal tunnel symptoms. They really work. It think they are at Hope this helps you. Also fellow believer. Donna Oh, by the way, i have tried other magnets and have not had any results like this…..

  7. 7

    I own that book but just havent committed to starting it…’ve inspired me to pick it up again. Love your adorable blog and your adorable family!

  8. 8

    Love your new fabric!

  9. 9

    Your new fabric is so cute! Where do get it?

  10. 10

    Pretty fabric & love your decorations!
    Dee Of Ms Dee Kay

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