i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


when your home assignment is to build an ark, and gramps is in town, its a good day!  i forgot to take a pic of the final (very heavy) product, but it was nothing short of awesome.  (and we have no association with rocklin football, for those of you asking.  no idea where the shirt came from!)


because i’m a slacker mom and never had a 10th birthday party for my daughter (who turned 10 in MAY!), she kindly asked if we could have a whole date day together as her celebration.  um…. yes!  so we had sushi lunch, pedicures, went to the bookstore, got frozen yogurt, and did a little shopping.  it was pretty fun!


seanie and i got to go on a date – woohoo!  free babysitters (nana & gramps) and a gift card to a nice restaurant – score!  this may sound weird, but i still think its amazing how much in love i still am with my husband.  sure we have our bad days, but in general, i am daily in awe of who God chose for me and the provider that he is for our family.  i kind of love him.  kind of a lot. (necklace from my friend molly)


silas had his first game of the season on saturday.  last year he was the youngest on his team and this year he’s the oldest.  he has really stepped up to be a leader and its super fun to see.  and i know ayso pushes for not keeping score at this age, but everyone does.  and besides, its good to learn healthy competition, how to win graciously and how to lose – life lessons.  and si scored all 4 points.  he rocks!


these kind of shots always make me laugh:  big ol’ legs and tiny little feet!  but i still love the little stories they tell – the outfit, where you are, what you’re doing… this was a church day for us.


i am trying to get back into running.  and i strangely have the desire to but no time.  i have pretty much always had a hate/hate relationship with running.  now i’m finding it not so bad.


i am not a fan of scary halloween decor.  sorry.  but i did want to make a cute scrappy bunting for halloween – so fun, right?  i’ll be listing them in my shop this weekend!


in case you didn’t know, our school just took over a thrift store in town.  we’re open until saturday, having a $5 bag sale and half off all large items.  then we’re closing for a couple weeks while we do lots of renovations.  think reclaimed wood, corrugated metal, pops of turquoise and mustard.  it should be pretty fun!  but, somehow i have found myself somewhat in charge of the renovation process (its totally up my alley – love this stuff), and i am wiped out.  oh, and sean’s been gone for 4 days, too.

i am thankful for:

my kids being amazing.  they’ve been at the store several times, helping customers and cleaning up, organizing hangers, etc.  i couldn’t be more proud of them!

friends who have helped with my kids, watching them and homeschooling them.


did you miss the instasale yesterday?  i think there are still a couple items left (ipad case and ereader case?).  so our day looked like this yesterday (its laughable):

wake up, chores, homeschool (for 5 minutes until the painter calls to meet at the thrift store), go to store and meet with painter, stay at store for 2 hours, get lunch, go home, homeschool for an hour and a half, go to bank for change for store, stay at store for a couple hours, run the instasale from the back office of the store, run gracie to tutoring, take silas to soccer practice, take kids out to dinner (again – sheesh!), home to read together (yay!), kids in bed by 7:30, skype meeting at 8, work for a bit, then veg out until midnight.  and forget to write my blog post for today – oops!


i’ve clearly missed my calling as a window painter ;)

if you’re local, come to the store today and tomorrow.  fill up a bag for $5 and all other items are half off!  there is still a lot of great finds (i know, i’ve been going through every inch of the store!


when sean is gone and silas migrates into our bed at night, i tend to let him stay longer.  he came in and said that he was having bad dreams, so i gave him other things to dream about.  that didn’t work because a little while later he woke me up and said, “mama, do you think we should pray about it?”  his sweet prayers are so good for me to hear!

this week has been hard but wonderful.  my kids have impressed me beyond belief.  they have been extremely understanding to my busyness level and super helpful in all the right ways.

what’s on tap for your weekend?  i’ll be at a soccer game then at the thrift store, while sean is hopefully home finishing up school with the kids!

have a great weekend friends!



  1. 1

    Hi Lindsey~
    Can you tell me more about your front door (the one split in half :)? Did you make that or buy it that way? And do you use a screen with it? I love it

  2. 2

    I hope the weekend provides some time to relax after a busy week! I’ve been stalking your shop ever since you posted the sneak peek of the Halloween Bunting on FB. I can’t wait for that one- Halloween is my favorite!

  3. 3

    Hey! I love your new necklace, super cute :) and it is awesome that you got to go on a date with your husband! I don’t have any kids yet, but I totally love dates!

  4. 4

    I LOVE the date night top. Where’d you get it? PLEASE say Forever 21. Last week. Please.

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