fred & betty’s

so did you hear our school now has a thrift store?  we took over a local thrift store a week and a half ago, had a huge sale to clear out lots of the inventory, and started renovations this week.  somehow, i managed to get myself in charge of those renovations.  how did i do that?!  i may complain of being exhausted, but i’m really having a lot of fun ;)

we named the store Fred & Betty’s, after the 80+ year old owners – so cute!


here’s the front of our store.  super cute with the deco details.  unfortunately, this is a one way street and the big tree to the right blocks our store front, so we’re not putting a sign up at the top (but wouldn’t it be cute?).  instead, we’re doing a massive hand-painted sign on the parking lot side – 5 feet by 20 feet!  we’re painting the entire exterior bright white – actually, its almost done!


here’s a taste of what the store looked like before we took it over.  we have since cleared out the entire store (minus the clothes – we’re still sorting them).  as you can see from my notes above, we have a lot of plans, many of which are already happening!  we are in a big rush because we only want the store closed for 2 weeks – yikes!


because we have a small budget for renovations, and those walls are horrible, we’re covering them in pallet wood.


for some reason, those great windows were painted over.  we’ve already started scraping them!  this shoe area will be transformed into something great…


this is our little dressing room area, which will be wrapped in pallet wood eventually as well.


we ran a $5 bag sale for 4 days last week and it was so busy!  we still were left with a huge inventory to sort through, but it was great to move lots of things out.


this is what it looks like on my bed every night.  piles and lists and emails.   i’m coordinating projects with volunteers and painters and our manager and the school administration.  its kind of insane.  each night i make a new plan for the next day, depending on what we got done the day before.  some days we get almost everything done, other days we don’t have enough volunteers and we get… less done.  one day at a time!


sean has stepped up even more at home while i’m off at home depot at sunrise,


and at the paint store shortly after.


we are finally at the fun part, where our ideas we’ve been pinning for months are finally coming together!  here’s a peek at the giant chalkboard we painted behind the checkout counter.


we have been storing up pallets for awhile – i think about 100?!  we had a small crew working to disassemble them the last couple days and i think we’re about halfway through.


several of us spent all day today staining the pallet wood in 4 different stains.


and here’s a look at the white paint going up!

PicMonkey Collage1

the store was pretty thrashed after our huge sale |  all prepped for bright white ceiling paint to cover the beige

PicMonkey Collage2

a look at the full store  |  empty store, start of the mustard yellow ceiling paint!

PicMonkey Collage3

3 stages of progress

PicMonkey Collage4

before & after paint – can’t wait for the plastic to come down!


this is what the side entrance looked like before


i spent about 4 days in “the shed” a big storage room we have at the back of the store where we take donations.  it was filled to the brim.  we dumped a lot, donated a lot, and sorted everything.  this is one of the cleaner aisles!


and this is what it looks like now!

so we have about a week and a half left of renovating and organizing before we open.  if i’m a little quiet around here, i hope you’ll forgive me!  if you’re local and feel like donating your time, we’ll take you!   i’m posting pics here and there on instagram for the store if you want to follow along – we’re @fredandbettys!


what i wore {1 skirt, 4 ways}

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happy wednesday!  these “what i wore posts” are designed to keep myself accountable to getting dressed each day and to be an encouragement to those of you who struggle like me!  i am all about comfort, but still want style.  if you want to join me, link up your outfit posts below!

PicMonkey Collage

this week i’m featuring a skirt c/o deborah & co. that fulfills both requirements: comfort and style.  it feel like i’m wearing comfy yoga pants, but looks like i put effort into my outfit!  i challenged myself to style this skirt 4 different ways: everyday casual, sporty, date night, and warm & cozy.  which is your favorite?


i’m a big fan of 2 things: stylish tennies and raglan sleeve tops.  i found these gold tennies at forever 21 on clearance awhile back for just $7!  and this t-shirt is among many i have found at target over the years.  they have the best graphic tees for great prices.  the skirt has a really comfortable waistband that is the same deep coral as the stripes, so it extends the length of the shirt.


a chambray shirt is prefect for everyday!  it goes with everything.  throw on a simple ribbed white tank underneath and i’m good to go!  to add a bit to the simple outfit, i added my glittered sandals and a statement necklace from cookie & curly.


comfort can still work for date nights!  just add a bit of sparkle and you’re good to go!  the sparkly tank adds just a bit of dressiness, and black always works well for date nights.  and since i get chilly on evenings out, i added the soft black cardi.  strappy sandals and a dark coral beaded necklace finish it off.


even though maxi skirts are long, they seem like a summer staple to me.  so i challenged myself to figure out a way to make this skirt work for winter, too.  the trick?  layers.  lots of cozy layers.  i started with a heather grey thermal, my chambray shirt, and a super cozy sweater.  boots are an obvious choice for winter, and while i was at it, i added layers of necklaces as well.


besides this adorable skirt, deborah & co. also makes custom maternity skirts!

do you love this skirt?  deborah & co. has offered a 10% discount with code POPPY through oct 19th!

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