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welcome to what i wore!  my natural bent is to throw on some yoga pants as i school the kids or work from home, so i really have to make a conscious decision to put on real clothes every day!  even if i know i’m not going to see anyone during the day, i feel better when i get dressed and put a little effort into myself.  if you’re looking for some motivation to move out of yoga pants into a bit of style, link up with us!

what i wore at the pleated poppy

a simple classic outfit – worked from home, served pizza to the kids at school

top – forever 21

jeans – forever 21

glittered sandals – me

scarf – walmart

what i wore at the pleated poppy


what i wore at the pleated poppy

date night – woohoo!

top – forever 21

jeans – forever 21

sandals – glittered by me

bracelet – everyday icing

what i wore at the pleated poppy

i ran out of time to blow dry my hair, so i tried a new quick style that worked really well!

what i wore at the pleated poppy

i braided my bangs back, then braided the rest of my hair in 3 really loose braids.  then i loosely twisted each braid into a bun and pinned them down.  done!  it took about 5 minutes total.

what i wore at the pleated poppy


what i wore at the pleated poppy

see?  that hairstyle was so easy i’ve done it 3 times since!

this was my church outfit – one of my favorites – simple, classic, with a little sass in the leopard pointed flats and the chunky rhinestone necklace.  i took off the sweater in the afternoon when i went on a date with gracie and was much cooler in the simple white button down.

sweater – old navy

shirt – target

jeans – forever 21

flats – target

necklace – local boutique (no brand)

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  1. 3

    Love the black and white stripe with the leopard print at the top – a great combination! Also the three little buns, what a great hair trick, thanks for sharing:)

    Pink Chai Style

  2. 4

    Love the stripes and leopard print combo! What a sweet picture of you and your little one. Have a great week!

  3. 5

    The top you wore on date night is really pretty and the hairstyle is cute!
    Ms Dee Kay

  4. 6

    Love the new hairstyle! It’s nice that it’s easy AND looks great!

  5. 7

    You have such a classic style and I love the way you style your hair :)

  6. 8

    Love the stripes & leopard and that bright sweater/sweatshirt really pops with the white shirt underneath!

  7. 9

    Love the outfits! Also your hair with the three braids is so cute!
    Everyday Fashion

  8. 10

    Stripes paired with leopard print is one of my favorite combos! you wear it well! I linked up today with some style tips for tween/teen girls! I hope you enjoy! Blessings! Susan

  9. 11

    I can’t believe you glittered your own sandals! I love them! I’m also loving the striped shirt, leopard scarf combo. So cute!

  10. 12

    My word, that pic with Silas is a keeper!

  11. 13

    Thank you for hosting this fun party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  12. 14

    LOVE the hair!

  13. 15

    AWWW..that picture of your son kissing you is so precious!!


  14. 16

    Just wanted to share again how much I love your wiww!!!! It makes me excited every wednesday to check in and see all the posts!

  15. 17

    Thank you for hosting! I love your braided buns! So cute!


  16. 18
    leticia justus says:

    What STYLE or TYPE are the jeans you wore with the white lace tank ? You mentioned that they are from Forever 21 and I would LOVE to find the exact pair. I would have to find them online because we don’t have a F21 nearby. They seems to be a perfect fit for everyday. Not to baggy or tight . Thank you !

  17. 19

    You are so beautiful. I just love seeing all the outfits you put together. Makes me think I do have things in my closet that could work. You know the ole’ saying….”I don’t have anything to wear.” Well, I do that everyday. Your style is so classic and works for any occasion.

  18. 20

    Your trio of buns is brilliant and so cute!

  19. 21

    Cute outfits and I love that hairstyle! I use it frequently myself and I love how it always turns out good on the first time. :) It’s a great quickie. :)

  20. 22

    nice outfits this week! pretty, pretty sweater.

  21. 23

    Your style caught my attention in the way that on the one hand it is rather simple but on the other it is stylish and all such details as scarf and your hairstyle and the jewelry go together really well but I would add some more colorful detail such as big earrings for instance.

  22. 24

    I don’t think you’ve ever worn an outfit I didn’t like. Seriously.

  23. 25
    Michelle Underwood says:

    I was going to order the white lace tank from Forever 21, but they only have larges left :(

  24. 26


    Cute outfits! Thanks for hosting the link up and enjoy your evening :)

    Lillies & Silk

  25. 27

    That second photo is just adorable! : )


  26. 28

    Lindsey, you are cuter than bug fuzz! I just love those glittered sandals. Love your triple bun ‘do too. I did a triple bun down the back of my head once, I’ll have to see if I can still pull that off! Have a great week. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I’m going to see if I can go find some shoes at the Good Will that I can glitter. So fun.

  27. 29

    Ooh. I like your sandals. And fabby job on the hair do. Looks great. Thanks so much for hosting once again. I always love coming over. Xxx

  28. 30

    Love all the great outfits! You have such a great style.

  29. 31

    Cool outfits. I love your ‘do’, so cute. Love the stripes and the jeans. Thx for the link-up-party.

    Have a lovely weekend

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