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we had our friends from oregon here last weekend!  we only get to see them once or twice a year, so this was a real treat for us!  the kids have grown up calling each other “cousins” – love it.


my kids pretty much only get to watch shows on saturday mornings, and they are crazy about it.  they’d be total vidiots if we let them.


sunday morning sean and ricky (our buddy from oregon) raced in a local triathlon (the sprint/mountain version).  it was so much fun to watch them at each stage!


nicole and her 3 boys – they kill me!


and guess what?!  sean won!!!


looks like i’m #2 in his life ;)


after the triathlon, nicole and i went to the last couple hours of the 3 speckled hens show.  we called it “2 freckled friends at 3 speckled hens”!


these are just 2 of our great finds – i’ll share more soon!


just hours after our friends left, i got the loft ready for my parents to come back, with fresh flowers from our garden.


and because i can’t seem to stay away, here’s a few shots from fred & betty’s.  i love how the dressing rooms turned out!  i want to find some cute round rugs to go in each one next…


this sign from barn owl primitives sets the expectations for our customers before they even walk through the door!


we still have lots of great vintage books!


and even a couple typewriters!


it has been 3 weeks since i homeschooled the kids for a full day.  i had lots of help from friends!  we had a lot to catch up on and it was a rough start, but so good to be getting back to normal!


i made the girls’ day when we all dressed alike for dinner last week!  many thanks to evy’s tree for making that happen.  don’t forget about her BOGO deal going on this month!


i finally listed more halloween bunting… and it promptly sold out.


back at it again!  i should have more for you very soon!


lily’s 8th birthday was on thursday.  one of our birthday traditions is to leave a trail of gifts from the birthday child’s door to our bed, where they open all their gifts once everyone is awake.


how is she eight?!


one of her gift was a little ukulele that she gets to paint and decorate.  who knew she’d love it more than any other gift?!

we’re gearing up for another fun weekend – we’re watching our friends’ 4 kids so they can have some time away!

have a great weekend!



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    I look forward to every single post you write! Especailly the WIWW. As a mom probably about the same age as you, it’s nice to see you can still be fashionable and not look like a teenager. I love your blog!

  2. 2

    Love it all. Your blog keeps being one I find worth to follow. Somehow our lives are very similar & I love your colors. Just wanted to say — IKEA has the perfect size round rugs. They are super durable and around $10 each! I have Bold orange ones in my bedroom & after years they still look like new…. besides some permanent marker. Not IKEAs fault though.

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