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i love my sponsors!  even more, i love it when what i do allows me to bless others.  this collaboration with the vintage honey shop allowed me to share with you an amazing shop, and let me bless a friend with a gift.

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the vintage honey shop specializes in teething ring necklaces.  i wish i had one of these when my kids were babies!


my sweet friend and neighbor anna has the cutest baby boy with the mushiest cheeks in the world! and he is such a happy baby!


when i brought over the necklace, i gave it to cohen first, and he immediately put the wooden ring in his mouth!  clearly i am out of the baby stage because i thought it was the cutest thing!


but the best part:  its a really cute necklace, too!  anna can wear this teething necklace and still look like her adorable self, and not like she’s wearing a pacifier around her neck!

the vintage honey shop wants to bless you as well!  they are offering a 15% discount with the code “poppy” for the next 2 weeks!  get one for yourself, grab some for friends – they make great gifts at affordable prices!


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    What a fabulous product…unique, stylish and practical all at the same time! I am out of the baby stage, but my sister just had her 2nd baby a few months ago and I know she’d appreciate this gift. I’m also sharing it on my Baby Showers + Gift Ideas board on Pinterest.

    Lisa Frank :)

  2. 2

    InvestingWhat A Beautiful Piece. Wish I Had This For My First. Definitely InVesting For My Upcoming Arrival

  3. 3

    Yay! Love these necklaces! I have 2 and want more! Not just for mamas of littles ones! Anyone can wear it :)

  4. 4

    How do I contact this woman and her baby?

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