vintage in the house

vintage finds on the pleated poppy

i shared a few days ago pictures from our visit to the 3 speckled hens show, and now i’ll show you our finds!

vintage finds on the pleated poppy

nicole and i managed to pack my car pretty full!  not as full as the time when we sold all the furniture in her house, then went to the rose bowl flea market and bought so much that we looked like the beverly hillbillies, but it was still pretty full!

vintage finds on the pleated poppy

i have been eyeing a “not for sale” vintage scale at a local shop for a couple years, and finally found one of my own!

vintage finds on the pleated poppy

its a little rustier than i was hoping for, and not the perfect kelly green i wanted, but i’m thinking of spray painting the scale…

vintage finds on the pleated poppy

my kids have been sitting in chairs from ikea for the last few years.  they were inexpensive and cute, but caused problems every day.  they way they were built made them very easy to rock (which irritates me to no end), and the plastic shell of them had cracked on a couple of them, which sometimes pinched my kids – ouch!  i had been hoping to replace them, but didn’t know with what.  then i spotted these chairs at the show!  i got a great deal on them and they are in really good shape.  the pop of color is perfect in the school room!

vintage finds on the pleated poppy

i bought this oil painting (for only $8!) and it works perfectly in my fall mantel (i shared it on instagram already).  i bought another painting for my mom, as well, but i’m hoping to add some pops of color to it to perk it up a bit.

vintage finds on the pleated poppy

i love baskets, bins and crates and this one is perfect!  it has already moved around the house to several different locations, so it will most likely move again soon…

vintage finds on the pleated poppy

i am a big fan of vintage suitcases, and this little gem is the second metal one i own.  it’s sitting empty now, but i’m sure it will find a use soon (other than sitting there and looking cute).

do you like to decorate with vintage finds?  what’s your favorite in your home?



  1. 1

    When I grow up I will be like you,
    I love everything you do.

  2. 2

    Ohh I love everything you found!! All so very charming with such ‘personality’!! I love how you put linens in the scale, very clever. Vintage is just so fun :)

  3. 3

    That weigh scale in the kitchen is adorable!


  4. 4

    you are a very organized lady! love how you integrate the vintage pieces into your home.

  5. 5

    I love all the vintage touches you have in your home! I wish I lived somewhere where they had flea markets so I could score some awesome finds. I just love your home and blog. Thanks for sharing! I have lots of wood crates that were my Grandfathers around the house. It’s fun to be reminded of him and have some fun storage.

  6. 6

    Don’t paint the kitchen scale! The rust is beautiful! :) Love your fall mantle too!

  7. 7

    Wow! That vintage scale (and the how you’re using it) is amazing! It reminded me that my grandparents have an old vintage baby scale. Wonder how I could incorporate that into my home??

  8. 8

    Such wonderful finds, love, LOVE!

  9. 9

    SO bummed i forgot about the show!!!
    randomly, the billing lady at jill’s neurologist’s office is one of the hens. we scored an extra good deal on a baby bath tub last year because she was walking around with us for a while.
    last year it was a pretty pricey show…but looks like maybe that’s changing?
    if you go to that one in nipomo (things of the past, or something?) i wanna go. call me, ya?

  10. 10

    That suitcase looks like it is smiling. :) Love it.

  11. 11

    Oh wow! I am in love!!! That vintage scale looks great and now I’m on the hunt! I’ve got the perfect spot for one :)

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