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 hey friends, welcome to what i wore!  after years of staying at home with my kids i began to “let myself go”.  i started this to motivate myself to just get dressed – put a few minutes into myself to feel better for the whole day!  if you are finding yourself in this same situation, i want to encourage you to join us –  this really works!  take a look at all the other ladies joining me – real women wearing real clothes!

these few weeks are an exception to my normal routine.  i’m working 7 days a week to renovate the thrift store our school just took over, so my attire reflects that!  i did manage to find 2 pictures that shows a glimpse at what i wore.


overalls.  yes, overalls.  i only own them because they are dang comfy i used to be a painter and would wear them for work.  ok, i wore them for not work before that.  and i also owned several other pairs.  true confessions.


oh look, i found another picture!  actually, i was comparing sizes of mirrors for our dressing rooms, and i just happened to catch my reflection.

as soon as i get home every day, i throw on one of my evy’s tree sweatshirts (this is the one i have on).  not only are they adorable, but they are the softest items in my closet.  and hats a re a necessity as there has been no hair-doing around here for awhile.


but what i’d rather be wearing is this!  if it actually felt like fall here, i’d be rocking this outfit! (pinned here)


or this outfit – so cute, right? (pinned from here)

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  1. 2

    I am maaaajorly obsessed with oxfords for fall! Loving that last outfit you pinned. Cute braids, too! :)


  2. 3

    Love that quilted vest/striped shirt combo! Hope you had a successful mirror hunt!

  3. 4

    love those oxfords! … and the overalls … i think everyone should have at least one pair in their closet! enjoy your wednesday:)

  4. 5

    Ack, that second outfit is perfection! I’m on the hunt for a new sweater like that. And, oh how I miss Bass Bucks. I wore them for years in junior high. Beyond comfy. Maybe it’s time to wear them again!?!??!

  5. 6

    Super Cute Outfit

  6. 7

    Thank you for hosting. I just bought a pair of overalls (my first ones) two days ago and plan to rock them all fall and winter. They are all the rage. You are ahead of the curve! ; )


  7. 8

    You look like a teenager!

  8. 9

    Well you know if you look that cute in overalls , just keep on wearing them…
    sometimes it is more important to be comfortable and cute, than in fashion…
    Enjoy Life…

  9. 10
    RubberChickenGirl says:

    Overalls wearer here….until the equipment broke after too many babies and I got sick of unbuckling to “go”. They are great for gardening – ala no crack.

    Did you see you here?:



  10. 11

    got any cute hat suggestions? I’m wanting a new one.

    • 12

      i got mine from zappos. i just did a search for surf type brands, like roxy and hurley until i found one i liked. actually, i ordered 3 since they have free shipping both ways i could just send back the ones i didn’t like!

  11. 13

    Overalls are back! E! News says so… haha. You do look very cute in them, too. http://www.eonline.com/shows/e_news/news/447631/e-news-how-to-style-the-latest-trend-overalls

  12. 14

    Is this odd? I often see photos like those above on Pinterest and actually tink it is you. Ones that don’t show faces of course, if your face was there I would know. You must have a body-double twin out there somewhere in the world. Thanks so much for hosting.

  13. 15
    Melissa B says:

    I love your style! The overalls look adorable on you! Can you offer any suggestions on where to find the cut of jeans you are wearing in your second pic? Thank you! And are those sneakers converse?

  14. 17

    Several things: a) Your braids are perfection. For real. b) The fade on those jeans in your first inspiration photo is also perfection. Love. c) I can’t remember the third thing. But I bet it was something awesome.
    Thanks for hosting!

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