christmas ornaments {lisa leonard designs}

there are some words i really have to think about when i write.  “ornaments” is one of them.  you see, after saying “ordaments” for years (as my kids say it), its hard to remember the real, grown-up way to say it right!  “hostable” (hospital) is another one of those words ;)


my kids love getting special ornaments every year, especially if they have their name on them!  and honestly, i love having ornaments that are pretty.  yep, i said it.  i’m the grinchy mom that only likes a “pretty” tree.  but as a solution, i also have a special tree in the playroom that the kids gets to decorate however they like, and all the non-coordinating ornaments live there.  everyone’s happy!


these ornaments are from my friend, lisa leonard – aren’t they so pretty?!  we have a handful of ornaments from lisa leonard designs – my kids know them as the ones “from miss lisa”.


not only are lisa’s ornaments beautiful, they are classic.  so when my kids leave the nest (sad face), they will have timeless ornaments to start their own christmas traditions with!

these ornaments are only $20 each!  and even better:  lisa has offered my readers 15% off with code VERYMERRY15!  (offer expires december 25th)

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  1. 1

    Love love love these! I have just ordered 3 for our tree this year – one for each of my kids and a family one :) Thank you for sharing your friend’s wonderful talent :)

  2. 2

    :-) This just made me laugh this morning! I still say “yunion” for onion after my youngest said that for years! Precious memories, I tell ya!

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