linking up my weekly phone pics with my friend jeannett!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


 our school has student-led fundraisers every year that coordinate with the time period we’re studying.  this year we’re studying the ancients, so we were tasked with the job to build an egyptian sand city on a local beach.


 hundreds of kids filled the beach making pyramids of all sizes!  thankfully, the weather was much nicer than predicted!


 my favorite part:  watching the kids all work together while i chatted away with other moms!


 since the pyramid building was during the first half of friday, we spent the second half of the day slowly prepping for lily’s birthday party.  i love having things done ahead of time and enjoying the process.


 christmas bunting is on the way!  i’m hoping to have it listed at the beginning of november… hoping!


 we are a full blown santa’s workshop here!


 lily’s birthday party was a success!  she had so much fun and it was actually really relaxing!


sometimes its good to push myself a little in the fashion department, to get out of a rut, you know?  it turns out, polka dots and stripes DO work well together!


we took the kids on a surprise trip to the getty villa on thursday and it was awesome!  since we’re studying the ancients this year and the villa focuses on greek and roman art and architecture, it was perfect!


they had a great room called the family forum where everything was hands-on – so fun!


we trick-or-treated with our san diego cousins and then i got to stay up late with my sister-in-law (yay!).  even though i’m not doing the queen bee market anymore, she is and i got to help her with packaging her banners.

i’m planning on visiting the queen bee market tomorrow morning (so excited to see mique and jess!!!), will you be there?  its open today also!


 today is the big day:  i have released my full line of christmas products!  many have already sold out, but more are coming (if you were a newsletter subscriber, you got first dibs at the early release yesterday – lucky you!)

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    Looks like a fun week! LOVE your kitchen:)

  2. 2

    Yes, am loving the kitchen too. You had a wonderful week. So lucky to live where you do. Hope the queen bee market is fun!

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