i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


my girls do horse lessons every other week together.  on alternating weeks, they also work at the stables cleaning saddles, tack and grooming the horses.


in the short hour the girls were at their lessons, silas and i came home and prepped the house for christmas decorating.  we had to move out our crib/daybed (now packed into the playroom), and do some serious cleaning under the couches and rug – yuck!

i took a pic because for one, my house is rarely this clean!  but also because its never this bare!


i let the kids watch chitty chitty bang bang last week (its on hulu right now!) and they loved it!


the seasons have definitely changed here, so out comes the footie jammies!


i am loving this new bag i added to the market tote collection!  there are only a couple left right now, but i am already getting for supplies to make another batch.


i straightened up my fabric stash this week and wrote a little post about it.  fabric makes me happy :)


silas was dying to help me decorate the tree.  apparently its his favorite thing in the world.  he found that his reflection in the ornaments was like a fun house mirror! (btw, the tree looks totally different now – hated it)


its been a big week for the little shop!  thank you for all your orders!


the shop gets restocked with something almost every day.  these babies are in constant cycle.


here’s the deal with me and games:  i love playing games of all sorts.  and i am a bit of a sore winner.  also, if i am playing with my kids, i don’t “let” them win.  what does that teach them?  i will give them advantages here and there as a teaching technique, but i like to win too much to just fake it.  and you know what?  my kids beat me about as often as i beat them.  silas and i always love to play mancala together, and as you can see he was slaughtering me!  this is why i don’t go easy!


i had some time to myself while the kids were at school so i got to do a fun paper project!  i’m not a scrapbooker, but i have a large paper collection – its like fabric… so pretty!


i tried to be sly to get this picture, but they caught me.  i pick up silas at his classroom first, then we go meet the girls.   he loves to run up to them.  i captured this sweet moment of them holding hands – love it!


a sweet friend dropped off a bag full of trader joe’s goodies and these are 2 things i have never had.  i swore i’d never buy cookie butter because how could i resist it once it was in my house.  but i never said someone couldn’t give it to me!  the spread was yum, but the waffle butter cookies?  oh man.


and here’s  good way to end a long stressful day:  open some happy mail from the lemon drop shop!  what a treat that was!

we have our school’s history day tonight.  the school will be transformed into a “night at the museum” and i still have 3 costumes to make – yikes!  looking forward to my parents being here this weekend and maybe possibly getting a little down time.   one can hope!



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    I used to be totally obsessed with that game when I was a kid… glad to see it’s still around! :) Happy Friday, girl!

    xo Always, Abby

  2. 2

    I love stationary paper. Its like a love I cant define. Hoarding them is how i roll. LOL. Love the fabric collection you have, especially the light aqua ones. And those footsie jamies..aah soo comfy aren’t they. Love your instafriday posts.. :) Have a great weekend.

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