my favorite things {giveaway!}

After the smashing success of last year’s Favorite Things Giveaway, we are back for another round. That’s right – we have gathered up our favorite things to give away, and YOU have the opportunity to win them! Not only is this giveaway a fantastic way to drum up gift ideas for anyone and everyone on your list this year, it is a great Wish List Idea Generator for yourself as well. Every single giveaway basket is chock full of fabulous, tried-and-true, favorites and gift ideas. Even if it’s a treat, always fun to give to a friend with a note that says, “Enjoy one of my favorites” for Christmas, birthdays, or just because.

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my favorite things

i just love the idea of sharing my favorite things with you!  i feel like it gives you a better idea of who i am and what i love, quirks and all!

i can’t wait to give this batch of goodies to one of you!

i started out by shopping a couple of my local favorite stores:  target and world market.  i basically shopped the aisles and grabbed my standard favorites and new items that caught my eye.  it was really fun!

my favorite things

let’s start with the tasty goods.  my sister-in-law introduced me to good earth sweet & spicy tea.  its like big red gum in the form of tea – so yummy!  i love a few drops of hazelnut syrup in my coffee every morning, and i love the tiny size of this bottle!  100 grand is my all time, hands down favorite candy bar, but its not always easy to find, so a snickers bar and rolos will just have to do.  i really love them, too!  and i also included one of my favorite free prints from rooted in paper.  these goodies all sit on the cutest cake plate from word market.

my favorite things

here come some of my random favorites:  the red and pink cocktail napkins represent my love for unexpected color combinations and for print.  notebooks are a necessity in my life, and i love the print on this notebook.  the 2 rolls of washi tape are just for fun (who doesn’t love washi tape?), and the covergirl mascara is a daily essential.  a tube of it was in a swag bag a few years ago at blissdom and i have been hooked ever since!

my favorite things

this owl cookie jar from target was a steal (around $15).  i really wanted to paint it for you, but i thought that it might be a fun project for you to do or keep it white, which is really pretty, too!  i always wear tall socks and i love wearing fun prints:  polka dots, stripes and argyle.  burt’s bees chapstick is always on hand – one at home, one in my purse, one in the car.  i am a huge fan of the packaging of meyer’s cleaning projects.  unfortunately, my husband is so sensitive to strong scents that i had to dump out my soap and fill it with generic hand soap – boo!  but at least i get to enjoy the cute packaging everyday at my kitchen island sink.  i have worn wet n’ wild nail polish since i was a little girl.  always hot pink.  but this time i found a great color that was bright pink with a hint of coral – love!  the tiny green colander is the same one i was gifted from my good friend for my birthday last year.  i use it almost daily to wash strawberries and blueberries for my breakfast – its the perfect size!

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  1. 1

    I love all the goodies in this giveaway. I love seeing your new projects on your blog also.
    Have a fantastic day!

  2. 2
    Jen Knaub says:

    I love owls! I love all scents of Meyers soap. I really want to win this.

  3. 3

    I love all of the items, and together they look awesome. You have such a talent for arranging things!

  4. 4

    Love the owl and other goodies! But especially the owl. :) I enjoy your blog and I admire your knack for putting together awesome outfits. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Awesome giveaway! Would love to win!!

  7. 7

    I don’t have a blog but I love this! I would love to gather my favorite things to give to my loved ones. Makes me think about what are my favorite things!

  8. 8
    Carolyn S says:

    Chocolate and an owl…nothing better than that!!

  9. 9

    Disappointed…can’t enter unless you have facebook?

    • 10

      agreed, I have seen facebook be nothing but trouble and we refuse to join it. i’m sad giveaways and coupons and special deals are being offered exclusively on facebook. too bad an imaginary status is required to show that people like and support a product or person. boo!!

    • 11

      i’ve added a few more options for those who don’t have Facebook.

  10. 12

    <3 everything in your giveaway! New products to try,and the owl would sure look cute with our Woodlands theme for the holidays! :0)

  11. 13

    I love the owl! I have a super-human weakness for chocolate…Halloween is KILLING me slowly and deliciously. I agree about the Burt’s Bees- I have one stashed EVERYWHERE.

  12. 14

    love it all! cute giveaway!

  13. 15
    Hilda Soares says:

    I’m happy to have found your blog! Would be happy to win the give-away too! :)

  14. 16

    Thanks for the opportunity! Everything is super cute!

  15. 17

    Great giveaway basket. I am in love with the owl Cookie Jar.

  16. 18

    This is such a fun giveaway, and I would love to win it. I look forward to the opportunity of checking out some new blogs as well. Great idea~

  17. 19

    Love the owl cookie jar. Would love to win :)

  18. 20

    Love! Love! Love!

  19. 21

    Love your cute giveaway……we collect owls!!! they sit in our hutch in the living room, and our daughter has some in her bedroom. Also love the mint green little colander…..we have Jadite in our kitchen, so it would go cute with that. Crossing fingers for myself!!!!

  20. 22

    This is so much fun!!

  21. 23

    I love when you do this!! I hope to win this year!


  22. 24

    amazing! Your taste is awesome!

  23. 25

    What fun! Your favorite things totally rock and a few are indeed some of my favorite things too. I can’t wait to hop around and see what the others have as their favorites.

  24. 26

    Thanks for the chance to win! Very sweet basket! Love it!


  25. 27
    Marci Olson says:

    I love Washi tape. :) You have chosen some really fun items for your basket.

  26. 28

    I love all of these things! Such a sweet gift for one of your lucky readers :)

  27. 29
    Tee Johnson says:

    The Owl! Too cute!

  28. 30

    Some of my favorite things as well! would love to win this gift!

  29. 31

    Disappointed! My facebook is for FAMILY ONLY! I do not like products or pages on my fb. For me it is a tool to keep up with my widespread family.

  30. 33
    courtney pelikan says:

    no facebook so I cant enter but you have a lovely basket.

  31. 35
    Amber Hollars says:

    Your basket of goodies is amazing!!! Hope I am the lucky winner!!! I love your blog!!

  32. 36
    Amanda Lewis says:

    Great giveaway- Thank you for doing this!

  33. 37

    That owl cookie jar is so darling! Everything looks so fun! :) Would love to win!

  34. 38

    You had me at tea and Rolos…lol. An amazing basket!

  35. 39

    Torani coffe flavoring…yum!

  36. 40

    I totally LUV the color of that colander! could you please tell me where you got it at? cuz even if I don’t win I’m going to go and buy it! it matches the most fabulous vintage fabric for my kitchen I sewed! I have some scraps of it and thot of you and your bunting! I unfortunately don’t do the bunting so I have no idea what do to with it – but it is too fabulous to just throw away!

  37. 41

    What a fun basket! Thank you!

  38. 42

    The Owl!

  39. 43

    Love gift baskets especially this one with the cute owl cookie jar!

  40. 44

    Great stash of goodies!! Love the Owl!!!

  41. 45

    Those are my favorite stores too! These are great items!!

  42. 46

    How FUN! I love all of your favs! Burts Bees has the best stuff. Bummer that you had to pour out the Mrs. Meyers. I LOVE all of her scents.

  43. 47

    Favorite things to share is always fun!!!!

  44. 48

    I love the owl, so cute!!

  45. 49

    I LOVE the owl cookie jar!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. 50
    Cat Hunter says:

    Love your items and definitely the owl! Thanks!

  47. 51
    Sue Schuster says:

    I really like all of your items in your basket.

  48. 52

    What a fun giveaway! We LOVE Good Earth Tea at our house. :)

  49. 53

    Such a great basket! I love that mini colander and cake stand!

  50. 54
    Heather Jacobson. says:

    Love your blog thanks for doing the give-away! I love the owl canister!

  51. 55

    The owl! I cannot get over how cute it is!

  52. 56

    What a fun game! Love your basket of goodies … So many fun and useful things!!!

  53. 57

    We use Meyers product. love, love, love!

  54. 58

    I love Owls, love everything in this basket!!

  55. 59

    the owwwwwl!

  56. 60

    Love all of this and the green colander is adorable!

  57. 61
    Heather Howe says:

    Oh Seriously WHOOOOOOOO wouldn’t love to get these FABULOUS items :) !!!!!! I can imagine using each and everyone of them -What a Super Fantastic basket of treats and Beautiful ideas for me to use for Christmas….Whoooo Whooooo!!!! Thank you for considering me for your basket, Heather Howe

  58. 62

    Love your favorite things, especially the print and socks!!

  59. 63

    Don’t know which I Love more, the Owl or the Green Colander!
    PS I look forward to every Wednesday’s edition of “What I Wore”

  60. 64

    Love it!

  61. 65

    I love the happy socks!

  62. 66

    wow! so many of YOUR favorite things are My favorite things as well! I hope I win!

  63. 67

    Awesome basket! :-)

  64. 68
    Granny Wanda says:

    I love the cookie jar, it’s my favorite!!!

  65. 69
    Kirsten J says:

    Ack! I thought my husband was the only goofball who can’t stand scented soap (although I don’t like the ones that overpower and linger too long…..) yep, I do the same thing, and use Seventh Generation unscented soap for him :)

  66. 70

    I’m a sucker for cute notebooks and cute socks. Love them!

  67. 71

    Owls are hooting everywhere! I’d hoot too if I won.

  68. 72

    I love owls!

  69. 73

    The owl is adorable.

  70. 74

    I LOVE the owl cookie jar!

  71. 75

    So many wonderful things in this basket especially that cake stand!

  72. 76

    You have such great taste

  73. 77

    Cute, cute! Love the owl! :) Thanks!

  74. 78

    Love the owl cookie jar!

  75. 79

    The owl cookie jar is so stinkin’ cute!

  76. 80

    Owl Cookie Jar….Awesome!

  77. 81

    awesome treats…that tea sounds fantastic!

  78. 82

    I love owls! Favorite is the cookie jar.

  79. 83
    Sindy Murray says:

    The owl is really cute!!! Happy Holidays!

  80. 84

    Love everything, but esp. the owl and the washi tape!!! :)

  81. 85
    Christine Ondler says:

    This basket is AMAZING!! Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to win!! :)

  82. 86

    I’m not on face book but still love all the goodies and your website.

  83. 88
    Leslie Kiley says:

    I have always wanted to get the syrup for making amazing drinks and I just love the ol cookie jar! Your selections are amazing.

  84. 89

    Ooo! Sweet & Spicy is totally my favorite tea!! This is probably my FAVORITE of all the baskets. Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. 90
    Amy Walters says:

    The owl cookie jar is so cute! I love Meyer’s cleaning products too. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  86. 91

    What an awesome collection!

  87. 92
    Noelle Merzlock says:

    So awesome Thank you!!

  88. 93

    I LOVE the owl! My college mascot was an owl, but owls were one of my favorite creatures even before I went to college. I would love to try the tea, too. Great basket!!

  89. 94

    Thanks so much for the giveaway.

    I Create Purty Thangs

  90. 95

    Beautiful blog and gift basket of Favs! Thank you!

  91. 96
    Robyn Conners says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. 97

    Thank you!

  93. 98
    Allison hopper says:

    Love all your cute stuff!

  94. 99

    So much fun stuff. LOVE the owl cookie jar…need to go see if I can find that :) Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  95. 100
    Christi Hoffman says:

    Love it all! you have great taste. Thank you for the opportunity
    To win!

  96. 101
    Rebecca Childers says:

    If I don’t win, I’m running out to find that owl cookie jar! :)

  97. 102

    Love the soap and the notebook! I’m a spiral gal, too!

  98. 103
    Pamela Kleeger says:

    Love it all ♥

  99. 104

    so fun!

  100. 105

    Love the cookie jar, it would be the best in my
    kitchen I’m currently working on!

  101. 106

    You have good taste…I love all your favorite things.

  102. 107
    Jan skinner says:

    Love your choices!

  103. 108

    We love so many of the same things!

  104. 109

    He turns on the seat heater in my van on cold mornings!

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