reader survey *CLOSED*

congrats to random winner #605 – tara f. i sent you an email with your prize! congrats!


i love hearing from my readers on the blog, facebook, and by email. i would love to hear from ALL of you though! it’s my chance to get to know YOU a little bit!

i’ve come up with a short survey for all the pleated poppy readers and if you fill it out you just might win a $50 gift certificate for christmas shopping or just for you!

so if you have a second, grab a cup of coffee (or a hazelnut latte), and click the link below!

instafriday at the pleated poppy
Click here to take survey

the survey will close on friday, november 15th at midnight and the winner will be announced sometime on saturday, november 16th!


  1. 1

    It was difficult to rank which subject I enjoyed the most at the end of your survey, because I like them all so equally. We are very proud of you.

  2. 2
    jennifer h says:

    I could not get the ranking question to work, but like the reader above it would have been hard to rank because I like all of your posts.

  3. 3

    Done! :)

  4. 4

    Shoot, now that I was redirected to your shop, I mean to check so many more in my “favorites in the shop” section. I have so many petal pushers and love them! Duh.

    And what posts in order?!?! That was hard. I really do enjoy them all. Ranking was hard.

  5. 5

    I have been a lurker for a year now. I missed the survey, but realized I need to comment on how much I enjoy every aspect of your blog. I found it because of the What I Wore and homeschooling. But actually I love your style in everything you do: interior decorating and projects, the kids, and especially your products. And I love that you openly share your faith. Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog.

  6. 6

    Did I miss the winner of the survey gift card?

    Forever optimistic!

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