4 about me

i was recently reminded of this post i did about 5 years ago, and i thought it would be fun to do again!

four jobs i have had in my life:
– ruby girl (waitress)
– nanny
– painter/ faux finisher
– sterilization tech at my dad’s dental office

four movies i’ve watched more than once:
– pretty woman
– dumb and dumber
– the three amigos
– 50 first dates

four places i’ve lived:
– bass lake, ca (13 years)
– rancho santa margarita, ca (1 year)
– san clemente, ca (5 years)
– san luis obispo, ca (10 years)

four tv shows i watch:
– parenthood
– covert affairs
– the good wife
– modern family

four places i have been:
– bali
– australia
– london, paris, northern italy
– india

four favorite foods:
– sushi
– cookies
– apples & peanut butter
– fajitas

four places i’d rather be right now:
– on a date with my husband
– on vacation with my husband
– in bed
– at a girls weekend away

four things i’m looking forward to this year:
– a trip to spain with sean
– going to bend, oregon (either summer or winter)
– reprioritizing
– lots of crafts & projects!

four places i love to shop:
– anthropologie
– target
– hawthornethreads.com
– fabric.com




  1. 1

    I love these kinds of posts! Also, as I have long expected, I think we could get along just fine! You bring the cookies and well settle down to watch us some Parenthood!

  2. 2

    HA! I live in RSM, small world.

  3. 3

    Lindsey, I lived in Bend, OR for almost 5 years when I was younger, it’s one of my favorite places! Have a great time when you go!

  4. 4

    Yea! I linked to your original one from 5 years ago in a post a few weeks ago. It’s fun to see how times change.

    I like all kinds of blog posts from all kinds of bloggers but these are always fun to read about everyone.

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