DIY moose silhouette pillow

diy moose silhouette pillow

i saw this pillow at target and loved it, but wanted to make my own version!  i was already incorporating this plaid fabric into our christmas decor, so i decided to use some for a simple pillow.  i had also been saving up some high quality felt for a couple years for just the right project.  its a sickness i know. #fabrichoarder

diy moose silhouette pillow

i copied my inspiration pillow as much as possible, but also used a simple google search for “moose silhouette images” for reference.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i sketched on parchment paper since it was the closest thing to tracing paper that i had.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i put the moose silhouette over the felt, and pinned it all over.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i used really sharp scissors to get it cut out, and tiny ones for the tight spaces.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i was using an 18″ x 18″ pillow form, so i cut the plaid fabric to 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″, and stitched the silhouette to the plaid.  i had to stitch really closely to the edge, and also walk the needle slowly around the tight corners.

diy moose silhouette pillow

i was so excited to get this pillow made that i forgot to take any pictures!  here’s a great tutorial for making a zippered pillow.

diy moose silhouette pillow

and now this little guy lives on our couch!

the pleated poppy_moose pillow tutorial

i’ve made a little pdf for you if you’d like to try this on your own.  my moose is a little bigger than the pdf, so you may want to enlarge it a bit.

click here for the pdf.





  1. 1

    ohmygosh! so adorable! i’m getting right on this. thx for the pdf. hope you have a merry christmas!

  2. 2

    Thanks! Love the pillow. My mom loves moose(es). This will be perfect in her living room – and there will soon be one in ours too!

  3. 3

    How CUTE! I’ve been seeing pillows like this everywhere and they certainly aren’t cheap! What a great way to make your own… thanks for sharing such a great DIY!

    xo Always, Abby

  4. 4

    I followed your instructions for the fill and pillow looks nice and smooth. However the top corners seem longer and turned up even though the material was cut square. Is that a filling technique problem???

  5. 5

    Love this pillow! Thank you for sharing step by step instruction for making a moose silhouette pillow. Thanks.

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    Abe Fioranelli says:

    Good post. I will be facing many of these issues as well..|

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