budget & bill pay kit

budgeting is not my favorite activity.  at all.  but its something we really really need to do!

a few years ago sean & i took the dave ramsey financial peace university classes.  while they were super beneficial for us, it was also frustrating as 2 self-employed business owners because our income fluctuated so much each month.  thankfully, our incomes have become more steady over the years and we can get back to following a financial plan.


since budgeting & bill paying really isn’t all that fun, clean mama has figured out a way to at least make it cute!  and i’ll be honest, it definitely makes me more likely to do the task if its pleasing to look at.  silly, but true.


i used the simplified life kit: budget & bill pay kit.  isn’t it cute?  it also comes in a couple color ways – options are always nice ;)

the kit really is all inclusive – it has so many spreadsheets for all your budgeting needs.  but for me, i am just starting off with the spending tracker, the bill & payment checklist, the monthly budget worksheet, and also the budget envelope insert pages.


creating a budget is exhausting, so be sure to have sustenance on hand.  i highly recommend chips and corn salsa from trader joe’s ;)


i am pretty good about paying bills as soon as i get them, but there are times when i can’t remember when a bill is due (did i pay it already?), so this bill tracker is going to be so helpful to know when a bill is due and if i paid it.


creating the envelope system was super easy – all i needed were envelopes and glue!


i had my envelope wallet from when i did FPU, but it was ugly, so i whipped up an oilcloth cover for it, and now its cute!

clean mama printables is offering my readers 20% off with coupon code 20PLEATEDPOPPY – yay!  there’s nothing a family on a budget likes more than a discount!

but they offer so much more than just budgeting helps – there’s a great resolution kit (have you already fallen off the resolution wagon?), and even an everything kit that covers, well, everything!  go check out her shop and find what will best fit your needs!




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    Cute, but will you remember to write in it every day?? lol. I created my “checkbook” register in an excel spreadsheet. It looks almost like a checkbook register; columns for date, deposit, payment, running total, cleared, and for who. I do it for the whole year and then at the end of the year I copy and paste all the contents to the next year. After all, we do pay lots of the same bills each year and around the same time – electric, mortgage, cell phone, etc. At the beginning of each new year I delete all misc entries (target, one-time type items, etc). I leave monthly recurring issues for I know when they are due. I never forget to pay bills anymore. It helps me budget because I know how much I need and when because I can very clearly see it. And, if I know I need to make a major purchase say in September, I can enter that amount in for September and I know how much I need to make sure it happens. It’s a little time consuming at first to create, but it is well worth it and is sooo much easier the next year! Also, I can see how much my water/electric, etc usage changes from the same period as the year before because I leave the amounts in that I paid last year.

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      Oh, and I’m constantly online checking my bank account, so each time an item clears my account I highlight it and put an “x” in the cleared column so I know it went through. I also highlight my tax deductible items (daycare, doctors, church, etc) in another color so they stand out and I make sure I don’t miss them come tax time! :)

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    good for you guys!! we have found that there is no perfect or ‘right’ (versus wrong) solution to budgeting – as long as you are a team and sticking to it, it’ll work. we really like the YNAB software + app. it’s AMAZING. I still use a spreadsheet i created (which I do all on the computer and would be happy to share if you email) because i’m a dork and i like spreadsheets. but the YNAB software program is as close to doing it on paper as it gets. i’d highly recommend the free trial (1 month!)

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