my word!

i love the idea of a word of the year.  something to aim for.  a simple, yet all-encompassing goal.  rather than a focussed goal to, say, lose weight, having a word of the year can spread across nearly every aspect of daily life. like the word “intentional” – it could apply to parenting, friendships, work, exercise… everything!

just after christmas, we had some sweet time with sean’s family.  late one night we were all sitting around the table and sean challenged everyone to come up with a word for their year.  the answers were great, from 6 years to 70, with lots of vulnerability and laughter mixed in.

my word for the year is BALANCE.  i think its something that everyone strives for, and something i’ve been working on since becoming a mother.  but after working for years to find that ever illusive balance, i have realized that i need to be more proactive about it.  i need to create that balance.  not by juggling better, as i have tried for so long, but by creating a balance.

in the past i have basically made a mental list of all the details i deal with as a wife, mama, teacher, shop owner, friend, and prioritized those things.  not eliminating anything, but just shuffling.  and you know what i finally realized?  shuffling is exhausting!  and shuffling doesn’t allow me to do each thing well, but just good enough.  and sometimes not even that!

so this will be a year of changes for me.  i want to do what i do well and fully.  i want to continue to do the things i love, but do them whole-heartedly.  and the things i don’t love so much but still need to do?  i want to do even them whole-heartedly as well.

having a full 2 weeks away with my family, time to rest and reflect, allowed for some really big decisions to be made.  sometimes big decisions can be hard, even sad. i am ever so grateful that our decisions are happy and exciting!  i’m hoping to share more details of our decisions over the next couple months – can’t wait!

but for now, do you have a word of the year?  please share!


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    I also get excited to select my new word/focus for the coming year. I feel like it helps me to focus on truly improving. I’m looking forward to reading more about your efforts to balance. My word of the year is THRIVE!!

  2. 2

    Surrender…. Surrender to The Lord and know he knows what’s best… Give up worrying about tomorrow….

  3. 3

    I love the idea of one word! I chose Positivity! I’m so negative lately so that’s what I will be working on!

  4. 4

    My word for this year is CHOICE. I have to make the choice to follow The Lord, take better care of myself, love my husband better! Etc. I am looking forward to what 2014 has in store.

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    My word of the year is strength. I will whole heartily work work on my mental, physicl and emotional strength. Thanks for the challenge !!

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    Love your word!

    My word is LESS. Less time on the computer to more time with family. Less spending leads to more saving/giving. You get the idea…. my Less leads to More with the important things. I wrote my ideas out and saw how they trailed to more of the good stuff. for example: I went from 114 blogs I follow to 24 (yours is one of the 24) Just had to start somewhere.

    Love your blog!

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    I love your word! I love how you want to work with that word. My word is persevere. I had an injury that I sustained while helping a lost dog. It has been months of hearing the doctors say that I need to be patient & that it takes a long time to heal. I didn’t like hearing that word. It makes me cry when they say it. I decided that I would persevere through this. I will take on the painful days knowing that a better day will be coming. I will work through this darn thing day by day & hope that I will see improvements soon. (If any dog owners are reading this, please put your phone number or address on your dog’s collar. They can’t always access the information at the police department to check their registry. All we wanted to do was get this really nice dog back to their owner.)

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    My word is RELEASE. Release any bad feelings, release any guilt over what I can’t do, release the pressures of work before getting home to my family. I’m releasing the bad this year to really be happy every day.

  9. 9

    My word for the year is Choose. So much of our daily life is focused around the choices we make. Get up or stay in bed, be in the Word now or later…or at all. My prayer is that my choices will be wise and God-centered.

  10. 10

    My word is embrace. Embrace my strengths and weaknesses, embrace change, embrace myself for who I am, and embrace others for who they are too. Also, physically embrace my husband more often, and my kids at every opportunity!

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    Happy New Year! I have enjoyed linking up with you on Wednesdays and I look forward to the new year of WIWW’s!

    I am still pondering on a word, but perhaps……DARE!! Dare to ….dream…believe…it is all encompassing.

    Have a wonderful week.

  12. 12

    I really like your word. Also, Karen’s word: Choose. I think mine’s close – Intentional. I want to be intentional (instead of reactive) about the things in my life. I want people to know I chose to spend time with them; I want to chose to pick up my bible before my novel; I want to be intentional about what I buy and bring into my house (and fabric stash) vs. re-acting to sales, hormones, sales or hormones. Good luck!

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      My word is HELLO, stollen from Lisa Leonard Designs. My last child goes to kindergarten this year and I plan to say, “hello” to (1) Jesus more regularly, (2) as many women in my church as I can, (3) my kids’ classrooms.

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    My word would be TRUST. I’m memorizing Isaiah 41:10 as my verse for the year and it’s reminding me to trust in GOD with every circumstance and aspect in my life.

  14. 15

    I think my mind and heart are in the same place as several others as my word is CHOOSE this year. Choosing my attitude, my focus, my heart, my reactions, conscientiously making a good decision. My 2012 word is still with me though and it was YELLOW & I think I’ll just go by Yellow SammaSpot. :-)

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    Hello, Lindsey! Wish we could meet in person. My word for the year is tree. I have always loved trees in their various forms: evergreens, decidious, all of them. Anyway, for this year I long and yearn to be planted by the stream of God’s goodness and love as a tree able to withstand anything that comes. Psalm 1 and Jeremiah 17 are my favorites. So often when I feel dry and withered on the inside, a passage of Scripture will open me up like a drink of cool water. God bless you today.

  16. 17

    My word is CREATE. We just moved to a new state a new town last year, we just purchased a home and are setting down roots. So last year my word was EMBRACE…just embrace all that was new, different, beautiful & even scary at times. But now I want to create….Create new friendships, create new relationships with those who we left behind, create a home…. So create it is!

  17. 18

    My word – SHINE. I want to shine in everything I do. Truly shine in the things that inspire me. Make my life reflect more of what I love – almost getting lost in what inspires me but finding myself in the process too. Living every day rather than just going through the motions and spreading that shining light into my kids and husband….and we can’t forget the little doggies too! :)

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    My word of the year is delight… with Psalm 37:4 as the inspiration for it!

  19. 20


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    shannon s. says:

    temperance. it’s so good….and so much of the time, I am lacking. I want to apply this in ALL areas of my life. TEMPERANCE.

  21. 22

    I have a phrase for the year….”Present Over Perfect”. I want to remember that perfection with my house, myself, and my life in general is completely unattainable. That’s why I need Jesus so much!! And that it’s more important to be present with my kids, husband, friends, etc.

  22. 23

    My friends and I give each other a word for our birthday each year. I did give myself one on mine which happens to be on Jan. 1st. My word for myself this year is SURRENDER.

  23. 24

    RELEASE – noun – the act of liberating someone or something
    “…let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.” Hebrews 12:1

  24. 25

    Happy New Year, Lindsey! My word for 2014 is: THRIVE. I want to “go for it” in all that I am doing this year. I want to flourish and enjoy and excel and have f.u.n.

  25. 26

    Happy New Year!!! My word of the Year for 2014 is Build. I have big plans — houses, family, kids, business, fun. I’m building a world of possibilities!!!!

  26. 27

    I chose 12 words, one per month. Mine for January is Aspire. You can see my artwork of that word and leave a comment to win it at my blog:

  27. 28

    What a great idea! My word is SIMPLICITY.

  28. 29

    My word of the year is diligent. It is so easy for me to get lazy about life; whether it be money, parenting, relationships, projects that I want to do, exercise or just life in general. I want to have a full and happy life. I don’t believe that I will have that unless I buckle down and have some diligence in life.

  29. 30

    Great word, Linds. I had a word for 2013- Peace. a blog friend (Kat, from Simply Silly Life) even sent me her word of the year L.L. “Peace” necklace from a previous year! I would put that necklace on as armor and remind myself to “Let the Peace of Christ rule in my heart.” It was such a journey this year to Peace. Not easy, but oh so good. I’ve been hesitant to embrace a new word because Peace and I are just getting into a rhythm. Last night however we were reading together, and Ephesians 3:20 caught my attention in a new way- “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can dream or imagine.” It occurred to me that I have been thinking there is a limit to what God can and will do in my life (Seriously! how can I!? Look at how He’s blessed me beyond my wildest dreams). So Peace is still my main dish, but I’m going to take it with a heaping side dish of Immeasurable! God’s creativity is limitless, and I want to be expectant again in the One Who can exceed my dreams or imagination. :)

  30. 31

    My word is BELIEVE. Believe in myself. In others. In possibility. In that there is something better out there for me. In that I can achieve what I set out to do even with the negativity from others on my dreams and goals.

  31. 32

    So funny that your first paragraph mentions the word “intentional” — that is totally my word for this year! I feel that I have been just kind of allowing life to happen to me, instead of making my life what I want it to be. This year, I want to be *intentional* in everything … my relationships, my moods, my choices, just … everything.

  32. 33

    I think balance is a great word! Finding it is so hard and challenging. A lot of tough choices must be made to determine your true priorities. My word for the year is ‘happy’. I dealt with some major depression last year and I am just now digging out of it. So as simple as the word is, it really means a lot to me for this year – both in creating happiness in myself, but helping my family and others to feel happy too!

  33. 34

    My word last year was “Joy” to find joy in everything even the tough times. I was going to keep the same word as I just love the word itself.. But after pondering a bit I decided my word is Diligent.. I want to be more diligent in my time with the Lord, my crafts , getting things done before jumping into another, my college classes, and life in general.

  34. 35

    My word this year is HOPE. Hoping for God’s best in my life and all that will bring. Thanks for asking! :)

  35. 36

    BALANCE is my word as well this year! I posted it about it last week –> Balance is something we all strive for and with the birth of our first baby it’s even more important for me. Will be looking forward to reading about how you try and achieve balance :)

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    I posted my goals for the year on my blog earleir this week {URL is below}, but I love the idea of one word too. Mine would probably be SIMPLIFY. I want to continue de-cluttering my home and schedule of things that aren’t necessary so that I can what is a priority to the best of my ability. Getting back to the basics I guess…. Can’t wait to hear about your decisions! :-)

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