start clean in ’14 {bathroom}

i’m joining up again with P&G and the Home Depot to share with you how i’m going to start clean in ’14!

i already organized and cleaned out our master closet, and now i’m attacking the kids’ bath!


i updated the kids’ bathroom about a year and a half ago and still love how it looks!  when we built our house i really wanted pedestal sinks for the kids bath, but knew we had to have plenty of storage elsewhere since we lost all the under sink storage.  if we hadn’t done this built in we could’ve easily done a large dresser to function similarly.


even though the counters stay fairly clean, the drawers are a mess!  if there are random hair clips and tooth brushes left on the counter, they just get swept into the nearest open drawer.


sometimes having too much storage can be a bad thing, and the drawers will get filled, good or bad!


the bottom drawers hold random towels and toilet paper (that we were out of!).


this pile is just from the top drawers!  i grabbed the kids and we sorted through it all, tossing so much of it.


the next step was cleaning the gunk out of the drawers.  you’re welcome for me not taking a close-up picture.


a little cleansing spray and several paper towels later and we had clean drawers!



in the past i’ve used small clear plastic drawer inserts, but they tipped over easily.  this time, after a bit of searching (i went to the store armed with my drawer measurements), i found drawer inserts that fit my drawers much better.  i still wanted to eliminate the shifting, so i used these small sticky back velcro circles.


i put a set on each corner, both pieces stacked on top of each other.


but when i flipped the liner over, the velcro dots stuck to the drawer so they won’t wiggle, but can still be removed for cleaning.


before, i had a top drawer for tooth brushes, and one for hair clips, but they became so messy!  now i’ve given each of the kids their own drawer.


i also repurposed our previous small plastic dividers and now they have a stable home but can be removed to be sorted through.  and then put back away.



silas doesn’t really have anything he uses in the bathroom (other than his tooth care products), so his drawer hold a travel toiletry bag and temporary tattoos, both super important ;)


the next drawers down hold cleaning supplies, a jewelry box and sponge curlers, and wet wipes.


the bottom drawers hold guest towels, toilet paper and febreze air freshener.



a repurposed planter holds a pile of clean towels and plenty of toilet paper within reach of the potty.

i’ve always felt like having bath supplies out in the open made the room feel more luxurious!


our counter has stayed the same, with just a bit of editing.


the 3-tiered tray holds headbands and posy hair clips.


the turquoise vintage tray holds special soaps, lipgloss, and q-tips.


our medicine cabinets also got an overhauling.


cleaning out your medicine cabinets should really happen a couple times a year to clear out expired medication.


i sorted out what we were keeping


and tossed what was expired.  dangit.  money in the trash!


one cabinet holds all the sunscreen and bug spray on one shelf, and the kids’ hair products on the bottom shelf.


i also moved the kids’ tooth care products inside the medicine cabinets.  gracie got her own cabinet in front of the sink without the stool because she is tall enough to reach in there on her own.


i always keep the medicine on the top shelf, just slightly out of reach of the kids.  the big box of bandaids is easily within reach of the kids so they can take care of their minor “emergencies” on their own.


my 2 younger kids needed to have their tooth brushes together since they share a stool to stand on.  each suction cupped container holds a toothbrush, tooth paste, floss and a timer.


the final step in cleaning and organizing the bathroom was cleaning the floor.  this swiffer bissell steam cleaner is new to me and worked great on our tile floor!


even better, this floor cleaner is easy enough for my kids to handle!


it worked so well on our bathroom floor that we tried it on our wood floors and it worked great there, too!


the real test of a good organizing job is its functionality.


when everything has a home, it tends to get put away more often – win win!


need some more ideas?  you can see mine here, along with lots of others!

to get you started on your next cleaning project, i’m giving away a $200 home depot gift card, febreze air effects linen & sky, some bounty select-a-size, and charmin ultra soft! who needs to get cleaning and restock their bathroom?

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 {this post was sponsored by the Home Depot and P&G, but all opinions are my own.}


  1. 1
    Jodi Goad says:

    Thanks for the Motivation! Also…I love the girl’s hairbrushes, so pretty! Where did you find those?

  2. 3

    I am swooning over your children’s bathroom! I love the white cabinet, pedestal sink, and tile. It’s so fresh and clean-looking! And, I love your idea of putting the dots on the bottom of organizers to keep them in place…genius!

  3. 4

    You bathroom looks great.

  4. 5

    Oh my! I wish I had that much storage in my bathroom! Love it!!

  5. 6

    Great organizing ideas!

  6. 7

    your white bathroom is brilliant! would love to get my bathroom re-organized and deep cleaned.

  7. 8

    I love that “rise and shine” print! Where is it from?

  8. 10

    Love the bathroom! You’ve got lots of great organizing ideas. The little 3-tiered thing with the hair accessories in it is way cute.


    p.s. Thanks so much for the chance to win the fun giveaway :)

  9. 11

    I just love everything about this space:) Didn’t you have a tutorial on the 3 tier stand?

  10. 13

    Love how bright and clean your bathroom is!

    Also, the velcro dots are genius – – I will definitely be stealing that idea.

  11. 14

    Looks great!! I’d love to know where you found your drawer divider trays. I have been looking for that exact thing with no luck so far. Thanks!!

    • 15

      i found mine at bed bath and beyond, but i’ve seen them several other places – these ones just happen to fit the size of my drawers!

  12. 16

    Love this! Some great tips. I’ve just had a bathroom renovated and have not moved things out of boxes back into the bathroom yet – bit paralysed by indecision about how where to put everything! I love that original idea of using a cutlery tray to sort out different tooth care products, although the new drawer dividers are great!

  13. 17

    Love your bathroom! (We just made the change to a French elegant look since my girls are older)

    Earlier this week I filled the trash cans as I emptied out knowing it was money badly spent!

  14. 18
    Julie Summerville says:

    I am in the midst of a bathroom remodel and came across this post. I LOVE everything about it. I’m wondering if you could tell me the paint color you used on your walls. I am going to purchase the print but it won’t be here before I need to paint!!!!! Thanks so much!

  15. 20

    I love your organizing! Can you tell me where you got the turquoise vintage tray?

  16. 21

    merry christmas!

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