on finding balance

do you remember my little word for the year?  BALANCE.  i think its the ever-illusive, non-tangible that so many of us, especially mothers, seek out constantly.  my days almost always seem out of whack.  don’t get me wrong – i love this crazy, messy, chaotic life that we live.  it is full of blessings.  but i can’t help but think:  can i be doing this better?  can i be honoring God more?  is this what i’m made for, or is there more?  or… is there less?

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 9.19.35 PM

as i’ve thought more and more about the search for balance, and how to make it really work, i look back on what i’ve tried already.  and really, i’ve tried.  same as many of you, i have a very full plate, and i am constantly trying to keep everything on the plate!  besides normal everyday stuff, like being a mom, wife and keeper of the home, i also home school my kids 3 days a week, do a bit of design-type work at our school, work a bit at fred & betty’s (our school’s thrift store), and have run a small handmade business from my home for the last 6 years.  especially over the past year, i have added more things onto my plate.  the plate keeps getting more full, all with wonderful things – i mean really, how lucky am i that i get paid to do fun, design-centric jobs?! but nevertheless, it gets  more full.  i have worked to constantly have a running list of all the to-do’s i have for the various responsibilities, trying to get each thing done.  both of us being entrepreneurs, my husband and i often look at each other at the end of the day and sigh, because we didn’t get everything done, that there never really is a “done” as a small business owner because there is always more to be done.

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towards the end of last year, there was an instance that made me really question what i was doing, and why was i doing all that i was.  within an hour of talking things through with sean, we layed out our options and decided to think and pray on them until the new year, then come up with a decision.  on january 1st, we decided to close down the shop side of my business, with my primary focus on blogging going forward.  wow, just typing that out is a little scary!  i’ve told just a dozen or so people, beyond family members, and most of their reactions are shocked and a little sad.  but you know what?  i am super excited!  i know this sounds crazy to be excited to close up shop, but for the weeks that we prayed about this, there was not one moment where i questioned that closing was the right thing to do.  it has been clear the whole time to me and i am so thankful for that!  i am looking forward to doing all that i do, but better.  i want to be more focused on my kids when we’re doing school.  i want to have time to make dinner for my family and not have to hurry and prep work for an employee first.  i want to have margin, so i can hang out with my family and just enjoy them, rather than stress about what needs to be done for the business instead.

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i want to make it really clear:  the shop has been a huge blessing to me and my family.  what began as a creative outlet, became a financial necessity.  and i have always been so thankful that i love what i do.  if i had to have a full time job, this was the job i wanted to be doing!  and the best part was that i was still able to do it from home, be with my kids, and still school them part time.  i am so excited to have run a successful handmade business, made amazing friends because of it, been blessed by thousands of wonderful customers, been able to employ local women so they could in turn provide for their families.  but most of all, i was able to provide for our own family when we needed it most.  and i really believe that is why God blessed my business for so many years.  when sean and i sat down to make this decision, the one thing he said that really stuck with me was “the need has been lifted”.  and in an instant, the weight came off my shoulders and i thought, “well then why on earth would i continue adding stress to my life?!”  and my second thought was “i could have coffee with friends!”  as silly as that sounds, when i only have 2 days a week to work without the kids around, those hours are almost entirely dedicated to working.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 9.39.37 PM

so what now?  i’ll be giving you more details on what’s to come for me (i will definitely continue blogging!), but for now, i am closing up the shop.  my goal is to completely sell out my entire inventory.  we have made everything there is left to be made (other than a few bags in process) and i will not be restocking any items.  if something says *SOLD* then it is gone for good.  if there’s anything you’ve had your eye on, or want to get a jump start on gifts for others, then now is the time!  i would consider it a HUGE blessing to finish this business well and sell off every last thing!

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also, hopefully within the next week or so, i will start selling off a ton of my supplies:  everything from covered buttons to fabric to zippers to purse handles.  i’ll be sure to let you know when to expect those to go into the shop.

so to get things started, i am offering free shipping on every order placed in the shop!  use code FREESHIP at checkout.

and, if you have ever won a giveaway for shop credit, or have a gift certificate lying around, be sure to use it now!

i’m sure some of you have questions for me!  feel free to ask away in the comment section and i’ll do my best to get them answered right away.

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i want to stress above all things, that this is a happy ending for me.  i am honored to have had the opportunity to bring colorful accessories into so many lives across the country and around the world.  i have been blessed to have been a part of gifts given.  i am thankful for each of my customers not only supporting my shop, but in turn supporting my family.  i know i will miss a lot of things about running this handmade shop, and i’m prepared to be hit with sad feelings and a time for mourning.  but i am excited about this next stage of life, a little more freedom, and room for a lot more creativity!  i am also looking forward to getting back to blogging as a creative outlet – i have great big plans for this blog and can’t wait to get started on them!

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 9.40.30 PM

so how can you help?  by shopping of course!  but really, spreading the word would be so appreciated!  i’d love to cover social media with this news – facebook, instagram, twitter… i’ve got a few images below for you to use if you’d like to share the free shipping code with your friends and followers!  i am so grateful for this community!






  1. 1
    Deirdre Gibson says:

    I love reading your blog. You are an inspiration. Your blog that I have read today about the reasons for closing your shop have made me think. We do try to do too much and at times do have to take a step back and make more time for family. I am guilty of filling my life with so much to do and sometimes feeling overwhelmed by it all. I love the fact that you commit your decisions to prayer. It is good to read about someone who has a belief in God and prayer. Keep up your good work.

    • 2

      thanks for your encouragement, deirdre! it was a decision not made lightly and i am so thankful for this community full of support!

  2. 3

    Thank you for being so transparent and sharing with us. You do beautiful work, but I completely respect your decision. Children grow up so fast and life is fleeting. Thankful for you and your example of following the Lord and putting try family first.

  3. 5

    You are amazing! I have been so inspired by your home and your shop!! I am totally looking forward to seeing what you do with the blog! It was your shop that inspired me to open up a shop online, so thank you! It’s always been amazing to me that sells would come in just when we needed them most. I hope you enjoy your new beginning very much, you most certainly have earned it!

  4. 7

    I just love you, Lindsey! I’m so thankful for you, for your creative gifts and how you’ve used them to bless everyone in your life! You are precious and I’m so happy for you and will be praying for your during this transition. I’ve always admired your work ethic and I so appreciate how willing you are to change directions when your family feels like it’s time. You are a gift to us in so many ways. I’ll be cherishing my Pleated Poppy goodies even more.
    Love you,

    • 8

      thank you edie! this has been a wild ride for me, and one i am sure i was supposed to go on. but it is such a joy to see God’s direction so clearly for what i’m supposed to do, or not do in this case! thanks for your love and kindness!

  5. 9

    Well done for making the decision, it’s the hardest part I would think. I struggle with these thoughts at times as well and I only have one son but run my own shop and do the Sunday School and am involved in probably too many committees etc. It’s getting the right balance. Anyway, I wish you well for the future and will definitely enjoy following your news on the blog. I have also just started sewing so am very excited about spare fabric being sold off ;) Although I am in Scotland so maybe the free shipping doesn’t apply ;) All the best xx

    • 10

      thank you for the well wishes! yes, the decision making was the hardest part, but thankfully so clear on what needed to be done! and sorry, no free shipping across the pond :(

  6. 11

    You were an inspiration for me to go for it and open my own handmade business! Sad to see you are closing but I completely understand. It sounds like you are making a wise decision. I am sure you will see the fruit of it! God bless you.

  7. 13

    Wow! I am so excited with you, although I know it will be an adjustment for you and your family. Blessings as you move into a new chapter, and I look forward to seeing more on your blog. Wonderful things are ahead for you! xo

  8. 15

    I’ve always loved reading your blog, so I’m glad you’re not closing up the blog! I am wondering, however, about your employees, how they are doing and if any of them was interested in buying the business?

    • 16

      thanks! i am really looking forward to focusing more on the blog, too! letting my employees go was by far the hardest part of this whole process. one of them was interested in buying the shop, but it is tied to closely to me, so it wasn’t something i wanted to sell. and maybe someday when the kids are older i can start up something again?

  9. 17

    Have you ever thought about selling your patterns? You have so many cute items, maybe that’s a way to go forward. Good luck with your transition!

  10. 20

    Thank you for posting this. My family is going through the other end of this and I feel like I am running all the time. My husband and I are in the middle of figuring it out and I know it will come. Thanks for sharing that sometimes it is okay to realize that you are overwhelmed. Keep on posting. I truly enjoy your posts about your life and your dedication to your family.

    • 21

      one thing i have found to be so true is that our lives are full of seasons. i have been in your season. it is crazy and hard, but can also bond your family tighter than ever before! God provides these seasons for us and its up to us to use them to His glory and to do them well! blessings to you in this hardest time!

  11. 22

    I am happy for you and your family! I have wondered how in the world you do it all and manage to stay on top of things. I sew bags, bows, etc. for myself and as gifts and I would love to do it as a job…but, I’m a stay at home mom and can’t seem to find the extra time consistantly! Enjoy this new phase of life!

    • 23

      thanks natalie! its been a lot of late nights over the years! i’m kind of wondering what i’m going to do every night now?!

  12. 24

    God bless you, Lindsey! I’m glad you made this decision prayerfully. Sounds like it’s the right decision for you and your family. I always wondered how you managed to do it all! I’m glad you can take some things off your plate now. You can always reopen one day when your kids are older.

  13. 26

    Hello Lindsey, I follow your blog everyday and enjoy all the posts you have posted in the past. So sorry you are closing up your shop , but it’s a good reason to be more free and enjoy the world around you ! I will still enjoy your blog and see how the world is around you.
    Thank you for all you do, Daisy

  14. 28

    i have always admired you for all that you do and have been amazed at how you accomplish it all!! but what you are doing now is even more admireable. can’t wait to see how and where this leads you, but i’ll continue to follow you journey!

  15. 30
    tiffany gardner says:

    awesome! i’m so excited for you!!! my husband and i just listened to a sermon sunday about honoring God with our bodies. he even talked about stress… harming our bodies through stress. wow… eye opener. i always just thought about exercise and healthy eating when honoring God with our bodies… never stress. so… yay for you. yay that you have had an amazing business and yay for saying no more. i love your blog… and am so happy you will continue that!! congrats!

  16. 32

    You’re closing announcement reminded of You’ve Got Mail when Meg Ryan talks about closing her little book store. :) I’m so excited that you’re going to keep your inspiring blog though. Good luck!

  17. 34

    wow!!! so bittersweet, but congrats on being able to move forward with just blogging. looking forward to see what comes next from you!! :)

  18. 36

    congrats on such a huge decision, Lindsey! wonderful things are ahead for you!

  19. 38

    Best wishes! I love my items I’ve bought from you…will miss your shop, but look forward to your ventures ahead. I always enjoy your posts too : )

  20. 40

    praying mounds of grace and peace as you make this bold and gracious move – i’m excited to continue following your adventures in blogging and have a lot of admiration and respect for your decision to close up shop.

    • 41

      thanks so much for your prayers, rebekah! i have been overwhelmed all day long with the peace and blessing poured on me!

  21. 42

    Lindsey, I am so excited for you!!! Of course, I’ll miss your shop, but as someone who is working 2 jobs – one 9-5 & one from home – I know the feeling of never having time & not feeling like I’m doing any of it to the best of my ability. When I get to quit my 9-5 will be one of the best days of my life because so much pressure & time commitment will be lifted. I imagine this is the current case for you & am doing a happy dance in celebration!! Success comes in all shapes and sizes and I’m so happy you get to move towards your version. Congrats!!!

  22. 44

    Hi Lindsey! I’m fairly new to your blog and shop, been following for a few months. I loved what you made in your shop and it was so inspiring. But today’s post was by far the most inspiring! I needed to hear this message. I’m a youth minister and sometimes my plate gets too full and I too need to take a step back and pray about it. This was a reminder to me. God bless you for all that you do in inspiring women to reach for God when things get rough. The statement, “the need has been lifted” is something I hope to hear soon too. I look forward to following your blog closer after today. Thanks again!

    • 45

      thanks so much randi! that is such a hard lesson that we have learned as a family: saying no to good things. it almost seems wrong, but then once you do it, you know its the right thing!

  23. 46
    Kathy Ruebusch says:

    Lindsey I stumbled upon your website a year ago. I have loved everything I have bought from you, and loved giving your things as gifts.
    I wish you nothing but the best! Whatever you do may it bring you peace and happiness!
    Good Luck!

  24. 48

    Wishing you all the best Lindsey. You have to follow your heart and do what is good for you. I am glad I bought my favorite purse (and a”few” other accessories ) when I did though :) You have amazing talent and I look forward to being inspired by your blog.
    Many blessings – Jenn

  25. 50

    yay for you! so smart! I will miss your amazing clutches. maybe you make a video class on sewing down the road I’d be happy to pay for a little Lindsey knowledge.

  26. 52

    We are so very proud of you and what you have accomplished. This is just another beautiful experience and stepping stone that you have done to add to your amazing creativity. You have handled everything so well beginning with your beautiful family. Now it’s time for you. You still have a lot on your plate, but know you can handle it with grace and open arms. Your Pleated Poppy has been so well done, successfully and you should be so proud. Thank you for your blogs. I so enjoyed seeing and reading about you everyday. Sweet lady, you are the best.
    Mary & Roger

    • 53

      oh mary! thank you! its so fun knowing you are able to keep up with my family through the blog posts! and as always, i loved allison’s annual letter from you all – hilarious!


  27. 54

    Oh, I’m so happy for you, but sad (for myself) to see your products go! I’ve read your blog since the inception of your business, and always enjoyed your creative colorful outlook. Best wishes in the transition and the days ahead.

  28. 56

    so happy for this next chapter in life for you. sad to see your shop close up, but how wonderful to have more time with your kids and other creative outlets!!! god is always good!

  29. 58

    It is even more of a honor now saying I own products from The Pleated Poppy! I am so glad this is a happy decision for you and not something that was forced, life is so neat sometimes, what lies ahead of you is so exciting. I am so thankful your blog is staying, your weekly doses of WWIW and beautiful photos and happenings always bring a smile to my face!

  30. 60

    Lindsey! Congratulations! This is a huge decision you’ve made – and it sounds like you’ve made the right one for you and your family. I’ll miss drooling over your beautiful handmade goodies, I’m excited that you plan to continue blogging!

    Best wishes as you move closer to finding your balance.

  31. 62

    I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for you. It may seem small, but I ordered the scrappy bunting for my daughter’s 1st birthday (she is my 4th child and has 3 older brothers) and 6 months later, it still hangs in my kitchen and makes me happy every time I see it. I just placed an order for another one to hang in her room. It really is a little thing, but your work, still brings sunshine and happiness to my days. Thank you for sharing your talents!! Good luck to you and your sweet family! I also love your blog, so I’m happy to hear you’ll be continuing that!

  32. 64

    Well, now, and here I thought it was the end of an era when Whippy Cake closed shop. Now another! Oh dear. Well, thankfully I snatched the clutch I have been eyeing for months. Best of luck to you, honey. God will do so many amazing things for you and your family if you put your trust in him first. Thank you for blessing us with your creations for so many years.


  33. 66

    Celebrating the closing of this chapter in your life and looking forward to the next chapter and what God has to offer through you! XOXO

  34. 68

    Wishing you the absolute best for your next chapter!

  35. 70

    Thank heavens! I was beginning to feel so inadequate, wondering how in the world you could it all and I couldn’t! Good for you, for leading the way! Maybe others will follow!? I heard a great quote once, ” you CAN have it all! You just can’t have it all at the same time.” I love that. I let’s me settle into this season of my life with a little more peace.

  36. 72

    I just want to say Thank you!! I love the things I’ve gotten from you and had to make an order or 2 today :). I will really miss the shop as it have been my favorite!!! I found you and your blog a few months ago as I am on bedrest with a high risk pregnancy. The packages I’ve gotten in the mail have made me smile and that has been a blessing!! Thank you and I wish you blessings as you move on!

  37. 74

    Lindsey- it’s funny reading this because I’ve been working recently to open a small online shop. But I’m also doing some other things and will soon be homeschooling. I keep thinking, how much is too much for me to take on? And I’m still in the process of deciding that for myself. You’ve always been an inspiration to me, even though I rarely comment on your blog. I’ve been reading for years. I’ve been so encouraged by you, to see a mom, wife, homemaker, also be able to bring in an income for her family, educate her children and do other important things as well. I am excited for you to close this season and move on to the next thing. I know the Lord will bless you as you are obedient to the call. Thank you for all you do!

  38. 76

    Congratulations on making a big decision. Moving on is hard. God will bless you with this added time with your family. I’ll look forward to more fun stuff on the blog and off to shop!

  39. 78

    How inspiring this is to read Lindsey:) I agree, do it for you and only you….I will miss your creations but I look forward to your personal and creative daily blogs:) They are my favorite! I finally treated myself to one of your petal drop necklaces:) Can’t wait! Blessings on your new balanced life…

  40. 80

    Congratulations Lindsay! How wonderful for you and your family. I can totally relate to this, as I too have been trying hard to find balance between work/homeschool/family etc. It is so tough. I know God will continue to bless you, and I look forward to see what is up next! :)

    Many blessings!!

  41. 82

    I know I am one of many, many women who see your products scattered around in my life each day and smile. My happy pouches that keep my life organized, my diaper clutch, the strands of scrappy bunting all around my craft room…it goes on and on. You have impacted our lives in such a positive way and I admire you for choosing not necessarily the easy path, but the right path for you and (most importantly) your family. Sending you love & blessings!

  42. 84

    Congratulations on finding your balance! What a hard, but freeing decision this must have been. I am super happy you will keep blogging. Love your style!

    Blessings to you!

  43. 86

    I’m so sad to see the shop close but am happy that you have made a decision that will be good for you and your family. I’m glad you’ll still have your blog and IG accounts so I can continue to follow you. I would love to know how to make your petal pushers (will you share the pattern ;)?) I Always wanted a grey and chambray one but never ordered. I kept saying, “next time” and now they’re all gone :(.

    • 87

      i will most likely share some of my patterns just not sure which ones yet! thanks for joining me on this ride for so long!

  44. 88

    Congratulations on finishing your business well, looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you! Just have to ask: will you ever be selling your ruffled mum pin tutorial again? I regret not purchasing it when it was available for a fundraiser a few years ago, selling some tutorials might help with residual income?

    • 89

      hey joan! i may sell some tutorials, but i just need to take a break from all sales for awhile and decide where God leads me in this!

  45. 90
    Robyn pittluck says:

    We’ve never met & probably never will, but i want to ket you that you have been a huge inspiration to me. To be present , to do more outside myself, to be a positive role model, to start using creative energy.
    And to get out of my workout clothes!
    Best of luck and good wishes for all you do in your future.

  46. 92

    So happy for you!!! (and I just snagged a couple of bags I’d had my eye on – those are going FAST!) Isn’t amazing when you KNOW that you’re moving to where God has you to be next?
    Question – where did you get your leather and gold leather for the bags from? I’ve hesitated to ask, but now that you’re not making them anymore I feel a bit less awkward about it :)

    • 93

      hi elizabeth – thanks so much for supporting me and for the encouraging words! i used faux leathers, a black one from joann’s (not online), gold from joanns, and the rest from fabric.com – they have a huge selection, but you never really know what it will look/feel like until you get it in person. i hope that helps!

  47. 94
    Melesa Garrison says:

    Good for you! Those babies are the utmost importance and they grow up so fast! God has blessed you with a talent and you can still use those talents, but He also has other plans for you as you said yourself, you feel like this is the right decision and you haven’t wavered a bit. I too am glad that you and your husband gave this to The Lord first. May God Bless you and your family and guide you through this transition. Melesa Garrison

  48. 96

    Just catching wind of this wand wanted to take a quick moment to wish you every good thing in the future. Blessings. Shannon

    (no need to respond! I am sure you’re busy) :)

  49. 98

    Lindsey, you’re an inspiration to so many and it’s so encouraging to see how you and Sean have sought the Lord in this decision and concerning your family! Exciting things up ahead, best of luck with wrapping things up and blessings as you move forward into a new chapter :)

  50. 99

    Will miss your shop ton-sies!!! But I totally respect and admire your decision. God bless and keep you and may His face shine upon you as you exemplify a woman who is endeavors to live with balance. Keep blooming! :)

    Have to tell you that my sister called me late one night (you know, the hour at which a ringing phone denotes emergency) to tell me you were closing your shop. Your creativity has certainly touched our lives! I feel like I need to cherish my ruffled scarves all the more! xo

  51. 100

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