today has been an amazing day.  i have been on a wild ride since the moment i woke up and saw more orders from my shop than i expected to see all day.  all day long i have been on the brink of tears – not because i am sad or regretting  closing the shop, but because i am overwhelmingly blessed.  completely overwhelmingly blessed.

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my day was filled with texts and emails of encouragement, and sweet comments on my blog, Facebook, and instagram.  when i went to our shipping department to start pulling orders for our shipping assistant (no way she could get this all done on her own!), i was met by 2 friends who surprised me to help!  another 2 friends took my kids from after school until nearly dinner time, and my sweet husband cleaned our house for growth group tonight!

my biggest prayer and hope through this is that i finish well.  i want to finish strong and give Glory to God through it all, whether i sell out in a few days, or a month.  thank you for being a part in this!

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now for a few housekeeping details about the shop:

– we usually try to get orders shipped out within 3 days, and we are still going to try to do that, but most likely it will be a little bit longer.  with the amount of orders we received today, even with 4 of us processing them, we still only got about 1/3 of the day’s orders done!

– please don’t order a gift certificate (unless it will be used within a day or so).  i can’t figure out how to take that option off my site – sorry!

– i will be listing a variety of my supplies within a week or so.  there will be a lot, but for now i’m just focussing on selling my products.

– if something is marked as *SOLD* then its gone for good.  now that being said, i just realized i have a small handful of items that are almost ready to go into the shop, so i will get them in the shop soon!

– i AM going to continue blogging – yay!

– only one discount code can be used on each order.  if you have a separate discount code from the free shipping code (FREESHIP), it cannot be combined with another code.  sorry!

– while my first day of closing up shop was so successful, its definitely not over!  would you please still help me in spreading the word?  grab a button from below and add it to instagram or Facebook please – thanks!




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    What an exciting new chapter for you and your family. I am so glad to hear you will keep blogging. I am inspired by your fashion, home, creativity daily. Thank you for letting me into your life.

  2. 3

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile but have never commented! I just felt like I wanted to say congrats on making such a hard decision for a completely right reason. Decisions like that are never easy to make. God will bless that choice. Excited for you with the new season that lies ahead of you!

  3. 5

    I have a small selfish request. When you are done with closing shop and have a little more blogging time on your hangs, could you please do a post about the things you learned from your business over the years? I’m a mom who loves to sew and am thinking about starting a small business once my kids are a little more grown. It’s something I’ve been praying about and still am uncertain on- like you I tend to get too many things on my plate. If you had to do it over again- what would you do the same or different? What was the most efficient way to run the business? What tips do you have for other home sewists who want to sell in boutiques? etc etc.

    Thank you- and I cannot wait to see the new inspiration and blog posts that will come with your new *free* time. Many wise ladies have told me to focus on my kids first, as they will grow up fast and there is always time later for other things when they are off in college. … so enjoy your new found kid time! :)

    • 6

      not selfish at all! i’d love to write a series of posts on this! i am still passionate about handmade businesses and how to do it well with a family. i’m definitely going to take some time to process through this but would love to do it eventually!

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    Lindsey, I forgot to ask…will you remain “the pleated poppy”? I was happy to hear that you will continue to blog…I haven’t come across one quite like yours. I love looking at your photos, wiww, craft’s, your inspirations, decorating, organizing skills and when you let us know about a dilemma, makes me feel normal:) your a virtual friend to many.

  5. 9


    I am not new new to your blog/shop but haven’t followed you for very long. I stumbled across your blog from another, AND then a girlfriend of mine forwarded a cute post to me knowing I would LOVE your blog and shop. Which I do…I am thrilled to hear your still going to blog. I have often wondered HOW you do it all. Homeschooling, ALL the sewing, your little shop in town (cannot think of the name) you help with, a family, AND everything else you do!!!

    I have truly enjoyed all of your stuff. Good luck in all your next adventures…until the next blog post:)

  6. 11

    Hi Lindsay, I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now and have always thoroughly enjoyed it. I am sad to hear of your shop’s closing -just purchased one of your last scarves!!) but as a fellow Christian mom, I understand and support your decision to embrace balance and having less on your plate. I think our children always benefit from that. I pray you can look back at this time as one where you were instep with God’s plans for your life and that you feel you did indeed “finish well.” Best wishes! Anne

  7. 13

    Hi Lindsey,

    I just wanted to say thank you! I have read your blog for a few years and it’s always such a happy place to visit :) I think you are amazing and it’s crazy how much you always have going on!! Great job for being able to step back and do what’s best for you and your family!! Enjoy it! I have always wanted to buy something from your shop but just never did, plus it’s HARD to pick just one thing. I love your style and pattern choices!! Anyways I just purchased my first Pleated Poppy product, can’t wait! Best Wishes and Many Blessings to you and your family. I am sure glad you will continue to blog!!

  8. 15

    Pleated poppy, So thankful you are still going to keep blogging. I have followed your blog for years. Maybe you could do some tutorials for sewing on your blog. So many women have sewing machines but can’t sew. Me included. Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you. Your blog is a blessing!

  9. 17

    So glad you will still be blogging! I was so sad to miss out on the market totes, but look forward to getting visual inspiration still:)

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