the final push

this feels really good.  this is my last post i’ll be writing before shutting my shop down.  i will be done writing the awkward “buy my stuff!” posts!  i can’t express how hard those posts are for me to write, even after all this time!  in just over an hour i will be closing down my shop.  i still have a handful of items left that i am going to post on instagram tomorrow (thursday) for a quick “instasale”.  that will be for just 10 items, unless more sell in the next hour.  the sale will be at 2pm, pacific standard time.

this closing down thing has gone so much faster than i could’ve imaged.  definitely much faster than i had planned for!  i am really grateful for that.  and overwhelmed.  i’m using that word a lot over this last week and a half!

i hadn’t prepared myself mentally, or my family logistically, for the shop closing down so quickly.  every spare minute, i’ve been in the shop pulling orders, wrapping them up, and shipping them off.  that was until we ran out of mailers – poop!  but thank God they came by the hundreds yesterday so hopefully that will be enough to finish off the last set of orders!

my husband has stepped up at home during this time, and my kids have been troopers – helping out when needed, and tucking themselves to the side when needed (they like to hang out under our shipping tables!).  and my friends and employees have really stepped up and helped out in a huge way!  once again, i am grateful and overwhelmed.  and my house.  oh my house!  it is pretty much destroyed!  when my life is chaotic, i feel much better with a clean house, which i normally could care less about.  but this poor house, the playroom/school room/studio especially.  want to see some honesty?


there you go!  just thrashed.  and while i’d love to blame the mess on the kids, so much of it was mine!  thankfully, the kids had a break from school for almost a week (thank you presidents!), so while they played i cleaned and organized.  i went through every bin and basket and drawer of mine that was work related  – thats how i had a second round of supplies for sale!  now my desk is clean, my cutting table is clear, and i feel like my mind space is opening up a bit, too – yay!

join me tomorrow on instagram – it should be fun!  here are some details:  unnamed

please please PLEASE make sure your mailing address is correct!  thanks and see you tomorrow (thursday)!



  1. 1

    sorry we do not have instagram. cannot imagine getting another device at this time to have it

  2. 3

    when you say paypal address, is that the email that’s used for the paypal account? I’m new to this :)

    • 4

      yep! your email address you use for paypal is what you leave in the comment section on the item you want. and also make sure your shipping address on paypal is the correct one!

  3. 5

    you said poop.

  4. 7
    Rose D. Frenchtown, NJ says:

    Clicked over to the shop but it says it’s closed…

    • 8

      yep, all done. if you want to have one last chance at getting your hands on my products, you can join me for the instasale at 2 today.

  5. 9

    This is super news for you, a goal in record time, huh? Sad too for your fans but I’m excited to see your creativity “bloom”on your blog:) You mention your employees,how many and do they have new outlets as well? Kudos to you on your accomplishments:) Thanks for inspiring so many fan’s.

    • 10

      i had 6 employees. one is my assistant and she’ll be staying on, but with fewer hours. the others worked part time, except for one, who is pursuing her etsy shop more. honestly, the hardest part of closing was letting them all go!

      • 11

        I bet it was Lindsey…sorry for that. Does your friend do similar projects to yours in her etsy shop?

        • 12

          no, completely different. actually, she has a button on my side bar >>>> crafty mama creations. she sells american girl doll clothing and accessories.

          • 13

            Fun, I don’t have any girl’s, only boy’s, however, I have a friend with little girl’s with America doll’s and she has been looking around. I will share site with her:) thx!

  6. 14

    Out of curiosity, would you ever consider selling epatterns? Specifically your messenger purse? I imagine that it’s rather time-consuming to sit down and write a pattern, but I just thought I’d mention it.

    • 15

      i have definitely thought about that! for now, i’m going to take at least a small break from selling anything, then i’ll revisit that. but odds are that i’ll be doing that!

  7. 16

    Got my fabric and straps delivered today and they’re just what I hoped! Can’t wait to get my machine humming! :)

  8. 18

    Hi! I placed my order on 2/10 and haven’t heard anything since. Will I receive shipping notification? Have all orders shipped? Thanks!

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