accessory organization

i love to be organized, although its definitely not my greatest strength!  my favorite type of organization is when everything is out in the open, rather than boxed up and put in a drawer.  if it is boxed up, those boxes better be pretty!  now, i don’t mean this about everything – i don’t want my organized socks out on display, but accessories?  now thats something i like to look at!

accessory organization

not only are accessories pretty to look at, but it really is so much easier to make decisions about what to wear when i can see everything out in the open with one look.  this is my set up in my bedroom, just across from my bed.  i think its a pretty view ;)

accessory organization

all of my necklaces hang here.  every one of them.  i feel bare without a necklace each day.

accessory organization

this little ceramic bowl is overflowing with all my flower pins.  i don’t wear them all that often, but i do love to look at them.

accessory organization

the antlers of this deer head fit my little ring collection perfectly!

accessory organization

bracelets are really hard to organize and still access easily, but these vintage glass bottles make it pretty easy.

accessory organization

this little egg dish holds my earrings and charm bracelets.

accessory organization

i have a bit of a scarf obsession.  i have 3 big ol’ iron hooks behind my door that i keep them all hung on.   i also have a few headbands hung on the far left hook.

other accessories?  i have my hats, purses and belts hung up in my closet, but they’re just not as fun to look at!

how do you organize your accessories?  do you like them out on display, or tucked away neatly?  i’d love for you to share your ideas!



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    Love this! I have a similar way of organizing and holding my necklaces. It’s wonderful! I love the way you organize bracelets. My dresser has a long, wide flat drawer and I keep them in there in small stacks. The rings are a mess. I need something like your deer.


  2. 2

    Oh my how I love the antlers and the bracelets on bottles! I have most of my necklaces hanging up also, and love looking at them, but am in need of pretty bracelet “storage.” I think I’ve found it! :) Have a great week!

  3. 3

    Love your accessory organization!! It makes me want to go buy some more accessories just so I can incorporate all your fabulous ideas.

  4. 5

    I just wrote about this on Friday! I turned a shutter into a jewelry display. It makes me happy every time I see it:

  5. 7

    These ideas are great. But I must say that I am in LOVE with that little cabinet next to your dresser in your first picture. What an awesome little piece of furniture!

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      lindsey says:

      thanks! i have matching ones one each side. my husband and i got them when we were first married at the rose bowl flea market. they were salvaged from a home getting a full reno. i love old pieces with history!

  6. 9
    lynn ann says:

    Love this blog…I have seen your jewelry display frame last summer while looking through your older blogs. After finding a frame and making it up this winter, my pretties are displayed. I love bracelets, and your bottles are a unique way to display. I used clear plain beer bottles after washing the labels off…the base and neck fit bracelets perfectly:) No kidding on the deer head for a ring display! xxoo

  7. 10

    The deer antlers for your rings are a stroke of genius! Love it!

  8. 11

    Love the picture frame around your necklaces, really charming. I changed all the cupboard door handles on the wall of cupboards in our spare room (my girl space) and hang my necklaces from jewelled plastic knobs. I also use bottles to stack my bracelets on – mine are old perfume bottles, and I also hang earrings from a woven placemat hung on the wall. Such pretty things, I completely agree, it would be a shame to hide them!

  9. 13

    I was seriously desperate how to organize my accessories and now you come with this post, it’s like a refreshment for me and what a bunch of idea. I really love it!
    Thanks a lot :)

  10. 14
    Kristen says:

    Where do you have all this displayed? I find my dresser ends up looking like a junk shop sometimes!

    • 15
      lindsey says:

      this is all on my dresser and wall in our master bedroom – our bed is right across from this, so i have a pretty view from bed!

  11. 16

    The glass bottles are genius for bracelets! And I love the egg holder for all the little stuff! Great ideas!

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