DIY pompom garland

DIY pompom garland

well, pompom week got a bit sidetracked by my cold, but its back!  this is another quick project – this one took me an hour, start to finish.

DIY pompom garland

i started by making a handful of pompoms in 3 sizes, using my pompom maker.  i made 13 pompoms, just enough to stretch across my mantel.

DIY pompom garland

i used a plastic yarn needle and threaded some yarn through it.

DIY pompom garland

before stringing the pompoms, i put them in the random order i wanted.  to string the pompoms together, i made sure to run the needle through the middle of each pom (otherwise they’ll fall off!).

DIY pompom garland

the poms string really easily, and slide along the yarn smoothly so i can adjust the pons however i want, evenly spaced or not.

DIY pompom garland

i tied a simple loop knot on each end of the yarn and hung the garland up on my mantel (i have a nail on each end to add a garland when i’m in the mood).

DIY pompom garland

how fun is that?!  there are so many variations on this garland: different colors for different holidays, packed in tighter for a solid garland of pompoms, different patterns, layered with other garlands – so many choices!

DIY pompom garland
quick, easy, inexpensive – my kind of project for a simple update!


  1. 1
    lynn ann says:

    Extremely cute:) …and those colors. Really like.

  2. 2

    Adorable. Pom pom month sounds good to me :)

  3. 3

    Super cute. I love the pop of green/blue color against the mantel. I especially like the framed barn wood but what is the “head” of the antlers?

  4. 6

    Definitely going to buy the Pom Pom makers! Love this garland!!

  5. 7

    It looks really cute :)

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