diy pompom pillow


yay for pompom week!  to catch up, you can learn how to make pompoms 3 ways here.


this is a fun, quick project that can be done with very basic sewing skills.

DIY pompom pillow

supplies \\ yarn, pillow form, fabric, thread

DIY pompom pillow

cut out pillow fabric \\ my pillow was a 16″ square pillow, so i cut the fabric to (1) 16″ x 16″ for the front.  the back was cut into (2) 16″ x 10″ pieces.

DIY pompom pillow

fold one long side of each of the 2 back pieces of fabric over ~ 1/4″ & press, then again another 1/4″ & press.

DIY pompom pillow

stitch the folded sides twice for a nice finished edge.

DIY pompom pillow

lay one back piece on top of front piece, lining up edges, folded edge toward center, right sides together.

DIY pompom pillow

lay second back piece on other side, lining up edges.  pin, stitch around edges with a 1/4″ seam allowance, and turn right side out.

DIY pompom pillow

make pompoms.  i chose 8 different colored yarns for a fun rainbow look.  using upholstery thread, stitch each pom to the pillow, making sure to stitch through the center of the pom several times.

DIY pompom pillow

toss on the couch and squeal!

DIY pompom pillow

 need some more ideas?  sources, clockwise from top: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



  1. 1

    Love it! I haven’t made pom poms for awhile and am inspired to try again. In the past, mine kind of came apart (with short pieces or yarn finding their way around the house.) Do you have a secret for a long lasting pom? Would some glue in the center be out of line?

    • 2

      i have had the same problem! the secret is using thread to tie in the center. the knot has to be super tight to hold it all in.

  2. 3

    Hi! I join your link up for the blog, but just wanted to say, that you have talent! Love the pillows, but I do not have a crafty bone. Creative, just not crafty. Looks very nice. Jess

  3. 4

    I tried the pom pom wreath for Christmas and loved it – first time in ages I actually finished a craft project! I think I may try this pillow out, I was just looking on Etsy for some new covers, ours desperately need refreshing and this looks super fun! I usually join WIWW, so glad I stumbled onto this x

  4. 5

    What a happy little pillow…Simply adorable:)

  5. 6

    So pretty! Love the colors of the pompoms and the black and white stripes.

  6. 7

    This was one great tutorial and I love the striped fabric mixed with colored pompoms just gorgeous.

    Angie from reasons to dress take a glimpse into my euro mommy life

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