linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


this girl always has the cutest style.  it used to be mixing as many patterns as possible, with several layers at a time.  but she is quite the editor now has a really cute look.  she informed me today that she was ready to get rid of her tutus.  i nearly cried.  no longer a baby…


this has been my standard breakfast lately: granola, blueberries, bananas & milk.  and coffee.  duh.


wanna know the best part of closing my shop?  the free time.  ha!  what is free time?  i have yet to have more of that, but i do have more mind space than i ever expected.  i can go through a day without stressing about sales, or prepping work for employees.  i can sit with my kids and, get this, think about my kids!  it really has been wonderful.  and even though there has been no extra free time, i am squeezing in fun crafting for the blog.


gracie went away last weekend for church camp, so we got to have special time with the 2 youngest for a bit.  we went to a new coffee shop downtown, and i thought seriously about moving in.  and building a new home.


i am prepping things for blog posts and the upcoming stitch market.  i am kind of going in a crafter overload, and all over the place.   i have so many ideas that are flying out of my head, i can’t do them all at once.  although clearly, i’m trying to!


my favorite part of instagram?  catching the moments that don’t last.  because when i do capture them, they are great reminders during the hard times, the bickering, the yelling, the slamming doors.  these 2 were playing so well together – lily’s legs are actually wrapped around silas as they colored on the same page of her book.


while gracie was away at camp, lily went to a sleepover, and sean took silas out for a date, i spent a couple hours (never happened before) slowly getting ready for a girls’ night with some high school friends.


lily loves to sew.  really any kind of crafting makes her happy.  she is my little homemaker-in-training.  she made her own bible bag (with my guidance), and it is awesome!


poor silas had to get 2 teeth extracted this week.  and may have to get 2 more next week – yikes!  thankfully, he was a champ and pretty clueless through the whole procedure.  he never even knew he got shots (see behind the assistant’s back?)!


he was a little extra snuggly and needy through the rest of the day.  i was ok with that.


ok, apparently we skipped winter altogether this year and have jumped full on into spring.  our roses which we just cut back a couple months ago are in full force!


we just chose our vendors for the upcoming stitch market, and i am really happy with our new bunch!  and once again, i love the fliers rooted in paper designed.

what’s on tap for you this weekend?  i have a nasty cold i’m trying hard to kick.  i am helping out with our school’s big yearly fundraiser this saturday so i need to be feeling better now!  we’re also expecting highs in the mid 80’s this weekend, so i have a feeling the beach may be on tap, too!



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    hey. For that nasty cold try this: 1 Spoon of honey with 1/4 spoon of cinnamon powder. thrice a day for atleast 5 days. Unless it is viral -related cold, this should help.

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    Hi! So glad that you are finding extra time to craft and to be with your little muffins;) Love your ideas…keep ’em coming. :) Would love for you to stop by my blog . It would be an honor! ;) From Beantown,

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    So excited about all the craftiness! I showed my girls the pom-pom flowers and told them we were going to try it and they were so excited. = ) This weekend… maybe “springify” outside our front door, finish all the cleaning that didn’t get done this week, and cheer for Duke in the ACC tournament. = )

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    I love what you said about mind space. I totally agree, we all need that extra thinking room! That is when creativity really shines!

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