linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


today is the first day that i am starting to feel this cold let up.  finally!  most of this week i spent pumping my body with hot liquids, even though it was in the 70’s and 80’s all week!


funny thing about being a grown-up: life doesn’t stop when you feel yucky.  every year sean and i volunteer at our school’s big annual auction fundraiser, and we always go in costume.  this year’s theme was Olympus, so i made sean a greek warrior costume.  at midnight.  with men’s t-shirts and black pleather.


i went easy on myself and just bought a dress – way faster!


our church encourages family worship.  once silas was old enough to learn how to whisper he has been in church with us.  sometimes the kids are lucky enough to get to have their friends sit with them.  even though i really shouldn’t have been taking pictures in church, this moment was too precious to not capture – i didn’t want to forget it!  when si gets squirrely, i use a distraction technique my mom used on me as a kid:  find & circle certain things in the worship folder – the letter a, all of the “the’s”… it works every time!


after church i took a nap (or 2) before we headed to the beach.


apparently we weren’t the only people with that idea ;)


this girl is pure joy.  she got a serious case of the giggles while we were struggling to get her wetsuit off.







time for a window display change at fred & betty’s!  spring time calls for kites.


thankfully, i already had most of the kites made from a previous installation i had done at school.


monday nights = growth group. we meet every week with 5 other families, up to 12 adults & 18 kids. we share a meal, worship, do a sermon review with the kids, then the kids break off and play while the adults dig in, either in the sermon or a sidetrack. this is who we are living life alongside. these are our people. i loved hearing via instagram and Facebook about what you all do to stay connected!


while most people are packing bikinis for spring break, we’re packing our snowboard gear.  we’re on our way up to bend, oregon to visit friends and get in the snow!


but before we could leave, i just had to squeeze in one more project!  i can’t wait to share the detail of this one!


si had 4 dental appointments this week.  four!  this last time we were at the oral surgeon’s and this was silas after drinking some “sleepy juice”.  the kid has a bit of a hard time snapping out of the sleepiness, but he sure is funny while doing it!  he asked 5 times if his tooth was pulled out yet, told me i had 4 eyes and puffy lips, and there were “things floating in the air”!


this has been my position – waiting.  and thankfully, my girls have been getting really good at it too – keeping themselves entertained quietly in the waiting room, doing homeschool and making me proud all around.

we made 5 hours of the trip last night to meet up with sean already gone for a work trip, and we finish off the next 9 or so hours today.  i am actually looking forward to it!  i love having all that time to just sit and talk with sean, get some hand-sewing done, and maybe make some more pompoms ;)



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    Jessica Witty says:

    Love, love, love! Thanks for sharing! I have worked late on many costumes as well ;) I’ve looked back through the “home” section to try and find the paint cor you used in your living room… a I missing it somewhere?

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    I can’t believe you made that costume! You guys looked great! Happy Friday!


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