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happy (day after) easter, friends!  we had a wonderful morning at church, then a little walk with the kids, then the beach for a few hours.  it was absolutely gorgeous there!  had it not been almost dinnertime, i could’ve stayed for a couple more hours, but as i type, i am feeling my skin getting a bit itchy from a little sunburn – darn!

i am so excited to finally share this fun project with you!  i partnered again with the folks at P&G and The Home Depot to bring you a fun spring project (and a giveaway)!


my dining room was looking a bit dreary from winter-time dullness.  at least my usually junk-filled buffet was somewhat cleared off, but not at all interesting to look at.


the dining room table is great.  and HUGE!  which can pose a bit of a decorating dilemma:  it is so big that most centerpieces look diminutive on it!


to welcome the change of seasons (hello spring!), i knew i wanted to bring the outdoors in.  that means greenery and flowers.  i typically lean towards bright colors and vintage finds, but this time i wanted to incorporate a more modern, mellow color scheme, and keep clean lines while still mixing in the usual vintage pieces.  kind of a little challenge to myself!  so i set off for the home depot to come up with a fresh new plan for a centerpiece.


while wandering the aisles of home depot, looking for inspiration, i came across some copper piping.  i knew i wanted to incorporate it into my project, but it just wasn’t in my budget.


so i substituted pvc pipe fittings with the intention of spray painting them!


supplies for this fun little project:  pvc pipe fittings \\ copper spray paint \\ decorative pea gravel \\ succulents \\ tin foil \\  water heater drain pan


i was originally planning on a long narrow box of sorts for a centerpiece for the table, but when i saw this huge hot water heater drip pan, i knew i found the solution!

i removed all plastic pieces from the drip pan.  there were a few little white plastic pieces wrapped over the top lip of the pan which i was able to pry off with my hands, and then i cut the off attached plug.  i also removed the sticker.


i spray painted the pvc pipes with several thin coats of copper paint.  i may or may not have then sprayed several other items copper.  possibly.


i  spread out the various sizes of pipe pieces on the tray, keeping them in a loose linear arrangement.

i put pea gravel in a kitchen strainer and hosed it off until the water ran clear (mine came a little muddy in the bag).  i shook out the excess water and spread gently in the pan.


i kept washing and rinsing until the gravel was high enough in the pan.


i added succulents to the copper painted pipes, with a small amount of gravel in first to help with drainage.


i folded a small piece of tin foil to cover drain hole.  when i need to water the succulents, i just take the tray outside, water the plants, and allow the excess water to drain out, then replace the tin foil over the hole again, holding it in place with gravel.  or, i give just a little bit of water, not enough to go up to the hole – super easy!


now let’s just take a minute to look at how pretty the succulents are with the copper pipes, i mean painted pvc pipes ;)


so so pretty!


just a little pop of soft springy color with a splash of shiny copper!


this big ol’ centerpiece is so much more proportionate than my old one!   i slid a couple cloth hot pads under the pan to keep it from scratching the table when i slide it off and on.


while i was adding some spring into my dining room with the new succulent tray centerpiece, i also wanted to dress up my buffet.  first it needed a good scrubbing. like i said, this area tends to be our drop zone – random school papers, where i dump out my purse contents, all the things i don;t know where to put… believe me, a scrubbing was necessary!  i took Mr. Clean with Febreze® and Bounty paper towels to the galvanized surface, and followed with a good spritz of Febreze®.


nice and shiny again!

ps – people ask me details on this countertop all the time, so here’s the skinny:  we had it made by a local heating and plumbing company that specialized in metal ducting.  it cost us $100!  it is made from galvanized metal, but i don’t know the gauge or anything – sorry!  and we don’t use this surface for food prep, only for service, so i can’t tell you how well it would hold up in that situation.


it was so fun shopping my house for accessories!  i did a mix of colors: black and white as a foundation, with accents of turquoise.  as for style, the black and white pushes towards the modern, and the vintage pieces tie in the buffet to the rest of my house.

i have learned that this buffet tends to be a great/horrible drop zone.  its right inside the back door (our most used door for entry), so its the most available surface for dropping things on.  but when i have it set up pretty, it stays that way and i find another place to make my piles ;)


i needed to incorporate the items we use at meals: napkins, salt & pepper, and straws.  i shopped my house and came back with this vintage enamel container, which was the perfect size!


i bought a few small houseplants a couple months ago and haven’t killed them yet, so i decided to try my hand at it again and add even more!  nothing says spring like fresh greenery and bird cages, right?  to add a pop of color, i cut a handful of roses from my yard and it did the trick!


now our dining table has a proportionately-sized, low maintenance centerpiece, and my buffet is no longer the drop zone!


now let’s see how long i can keep it like this!  


i’m not the only one updating for spring!  for more ideas to Bring in Spring, visit!

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  1. 1

    Wow. Your creativity is amazing. Love what you did with the supplies from Home Depot. Your center piece is beautiful.

  2. 2

    Seriously creative! Love your design idea’s and they are something I can even do!

  3. 3
    Carla Esser Lake says:

    Your dining room looks great! It inspires me to clear the junk piles from mine and add some new pretties.

  4. 4

    What a lovely centerpiece! I have to go to Home Depot today and I will be hard pressed not to make this! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  5. 5

    Gorgeous! That was so creative and well executed.

  6. 6

    Your buffet and dining room table are gorgeous! You are so creative. I have a large dining room table as well – may have to copy that centerpiece idea. Thanks for sharing!

  7. 7

    W~O~W~S~A!!! Killer cool project. The copper spray paint is amazing. Really cool, mod little succulent pots you made! I’m thinking a metal plant stand or small occasional table would look awesome coated in copper spray paint.

    I’m in awe that you saw creative repurposing and decor potential in a metal drip pan made for a water heater!

    Your dining room looks fresh and lovely. Great mix of wood, metal, glass and fresh plants and flowers. Well done!

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    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to
    looking at your web page for a second time.

  9. 9

    Hey! What copper spray paint did you use?? Beautiful :)

  10. 10

    I would also like to know what kind of spray paint you used? I’m a bit worried that maybe not all spray paints are good to use? Can anything happen when you water your plants?

  11. 11

    Nice one for writing this wonderful post. It’s seriously helped me.

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