yumm bowls

its a rare thing today, my friends – i am sharing a recipe with you!  this happens so rarely, and today is kind of laughable – its so easy!

a couple years ago, our friends introduced us to yumm bowls, their knock off version from a local restaurant.  after making our own at home, we have tweaked it just a bit, so i’m sharing a sort of third hand version ;)

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

these are a favorite of ours for several reasons: everyone loves them, you can make them your own (adding your own favorite ingredients), and they are really quick to make (perfect for those nights that you forget to plan for dinner!).

ingredients: rice (my family uses brown rice – frozen bags from costco – i go without), beans (pinto or black), meat or no meat (can even be leftovers, like chicken or pork), shredded cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, lime wedges, sour cream, salsa (or corn salsa from trader joe’s is my favorite!), cilantro and sliced olives.

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

yumm bowls at the pleated poppy

while the beans are heating on the stove (i use 2 cans), i toss a bag of frozen rice in the microwave.  then i chop up the rest of the ingredients (cilantro, tomatoes, and avocados) and am ready to serve dinner in about 5 minutes!


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    Cynthia says:

    I do a variation of these in our home on nights I honestly haven’t thought about dinner, but want something healthy and unprocessed for my family…we do brown rice/quinoa, black beans, organic ground turkey/sausage, organic cheese, tomatoes, scallions, black olives and they love it! they fight over seconds. Easy and healthy=slam dunk in our hungry boy house :))

  2. 2

    These sound delish. I think I might put some tortilla chips in it for a little crunch. I can’t live without the crunch.

  3. 3

    We call these “haystacks” and eat them on a bed of corn chips, Doritos, or some other tortilla chips. :)

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  5. 6

    I’ve been going to Cafe Yumm since college! I have to say I actually don’t love the Yumm sauce but they also make a black sesame sauce that I LOVE!

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    lynn ann says:

    I have never heard of this Yumm bowl, and I’m glad to learn about them now! This will be a great summer meal! How fresh and yummy! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. 8

    Made these for dinner last night! Yummy! It was great having leftovers for lunch today, too – Thank you!!

  8. 9

    Thank you for this! I am always looking for simple and fast recipes! Looks yummy!

  9. 10

    What are the frozen bags of brown rice from Costco that you use? Always looking for good new (healthy) Costco finds and haven’t heard of those. Thanks!

    • 11

      they are in the frozen section, and are one big bag with several smaller bags inside. our family uses 1-2 bags each time. you just toss the bag in the microwave for 3 minutes and its ready. best part: no clean up!

  10. 12

    Yum is right! This is like a bowl from Chipotle! My favorite!

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