house tour {girls’ room}


welcome to my girls’ room!  this room has the best view of the house and gets great light!

before we tore our original house down, our plans were to keep a lot of the original details.  this room was the original dining room and had the exact layout – even the built-ins and the tongue & groove walls!  we had the built-ins remade to have drawers instead of glass front cabinets though because that functions better for a bedroom.

details of the scrappy lampshade hanging over the window seat here.

i love the aqua wall color – so much so that silas’ bedroom is the same color!  unfortunately, we left the cans of paint outside through the rainy season and i have no idea what color the paint is!


 i made the girls’ bedding before lily was born (8 years ago).  the quilt reverses to blocks of fabric on the other side.


 i despise closet doors, so we opted for curtains.  i still need to add a coat of paint to the valance over the curtains, but I’ve lived with it this way for a few years and it will probably stay this way for a few more ;)


 the girls like to move their beds around – sometimes they make them more couch like, sometimes into an L-shape.  but side by side is my favorite.


 the collection of poofs and paper globes above their beds is my favorite!  for several years i have been slowly adding to my paper globe collection for parties, and i realized i had the perfect colors for their room  i made giant pons out of gold tissue paper, and added a strand of paper circles glued to baker’s twine.  they are attached to the ceiling with teeny command hooks.


this shelf corrals all their goodies and special things.  details on the shelf can be found here.


another favorite of mine is the wall of gold frames!  some were found that way and some were painted with a mix of deco art paints.  the antlers were a thrifting find attached to a coral and gold painted wood plaque.  i love the print from nap time diaries!


 this radio has been in our kids’ rooms since gracie was born, where norah jones was playing round the clock.  it was a great target find.  my dad made the bedside table to fit the tiny space and i painted it a glossy grey to match the book shelves.


 this chicken wire frame hung before at my desk, but since my girls are getting bigger, and so is their jewelry collection, we moved it in here as a jewelry organizer.


 tiny print from red letter words





the mirror was a vanity mirror over the yellow dresser in the entry way, but we just hung it sideways for a full length mirror for the girls.  their laundry basket is from land of nod.


 the horse head was a treasure i got to have when i helped my sister renovate a family home last year.

have any questions?  i’ll do my best to answer them!


  1. 1

    your house is beautiful…. full of love and caring. thank you for sharing all the tiny details that you’ve incorporated in each room

  2. 2

    Love their room! Questions:
    Do they keep it clean?
    My girls share and one is messy the other neat. So that is what their room looks like in each of their areas. And they (my girls) have a ton of toys. Like pollys, pet shop and other tiny things. Do you limit their toys? I know you have a pretty big family, what do you do with all their presents from their birthdays or Christmas?
    I feel guilty for constantly getting rid of their stuff or moving it into the basement because we are short on space.

    • 3

      No! They do not keep it clean! I also have one clean daughter and one messy, so that tends to cause problems as well. As far as toys go, they gave some in their room (littlest pet shop, dress up clothes) but more of their toys are in the playroom/school room. They are getting past the age where they play with toys much. Mostly it’s art supplies and craft supplies. And I hate having things around that they don’t play with, so we either pass them down to younger friends, donate them, or toss them.

  3. 4

    So bright and cheerful! My kids are collectors and the built-ins would be great to tuck things away in.

  4. 5

    Curious about the house you tore down. I’ve never heard this story on your blog. Was it an old bungalow? Why did you decide to tear it down? I love old houses…and I have always felt that your house had a lot of charming old house features. Now I know why! :) Would love to see pictures of the original house and hear the story.

    • 6

      Great questions! Our house was built originally in the early 1920’s. When we bought it, it had a couple small additions but needed major overhauling on the interior. We planned to add a little on to the back side and add a master bedroom, but otherwise keep the exterior as is. But one thing led to another and we ended up tearing the whole house down due to tons of unforeseen obstacles. The exterior looks almost exactly the same as the original, which I love, but we have a larger front porch. All the built in details were mimicking the original home. The buildings and wood walls are exactly the same as the original home! I wish I could share picture, but they are all on film… I’ll need to go searching!

  5. 7

    what a darling space! I just love your house tour….everything is so cute! I really love the paper lanterns idea. I just saw a glump like that in the pottery place’s window and snapped a pic! super cute! thanks for sharing these cute pictures :)

  6. 8
    lynn ann says:

    <3 Love the girl's room! How could you not care to be sent to your room if it looked like this:)

  7. 9

    Beautiful details!

    Liz @

  8. 10

    I love your girls’ room. The colors are great. I love the wall full of frames and sayings. It is so clean! I need to get on my kids to do that!


  9. 11
    vickyl says:

    I have looked for the perfect color for my bedroom for years…to no avail. And then i saw this pic and THIS IS IT…..what is the paint color called and what brand please? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • 12

      I wish I had an answer for you on this! Unfortunately, we built our house prior to me blogging, so I forgot some. Of else important details. That, and we left the cans of paint out in the weather and the information all wore off – so sorry!

  10. 13

    this is such a happy room! It gives me a few more ideas and ways to use coloe especially on the bookshelf for my 14 year old girl who love COLOR! Do you happen to have the name and make of those colors still? If so would yu share them? Happy weekend!

  11. 15

    Love the light fixture in the first pic-it’s just the plain white one with the pewter base…do you know where you got it?!?! Thanks! :-)

  12. 16

    You mean the ceiling fixture? I don’t remember but I know it was inexpensive. In fact, I think you can probably get it from any home improvement store, just find a ceiling mount fixture and pair it with a school house style pendant.

  13. 17

    Such a sweet room! Do you know the wall color-love it!!

  14. 18

    Love it all! I’ll be soon working on a shared girls room too. Love the print with the fun colors and geometric print above the coral/gray bookcase. Where did you find it? Thanks!

  15. 19
    lindsey says:

    thanks! thats actually a canvas that my daughter lily painted! here’s the tutorial on how to make your own:

  16. 20

    Love the cheery walls colors throughout your house. Too bad you don’t know the color in the girls’ room – so pretty!!

    Would you know the color in your laundry room – it looks like a similar green but more pale in value.

    Thanks – and keep up the good work!

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