house tour {kitchen}

white craftsman kitchen

 welcome to my kitchen!  my favorite part of this room is that its in the middle of my house – if i’m cooking in the kitchen, i don’t feel separated from my family or guests.

white craftsman kitchen

 when we built our house, we had the cabinets custom made to fit the nooks and crannies just right.  i love our big island!  the kids eat breakfast and sometimes lunch at the counter.  all the cabinets are painted the brightest white i could get – i think it was called polar white?  after 8 years, i just can’t remember!  i’ve been tempted so many times to paint the island.  i’m kind of over it right now, but i may change my mind…

white craftsman kitchen

 i always keep a tiered basket full of fruit on the island, along with this glass holder i got from world market and spray painted.  the kids’ glasses go on there for easy access.

white craftsman kitchen

 our counters are never this clean!  usually there’s a pile of drying dishes on the left of the sink.  and a dirty pile on the right.  and a full sink of dishes. just keeping it honest ;)  the bottom cabinet to the left of the sink holds all of our big appliances like the blender, waffle maker, chocolate fountain, cuisinart, etc.

white craftsman kitchen

 our lights are from school house electric (i think?).  because we have a vaulted ceiling, i had a hard time finding pendant lights that had a swivel top and super long (and customizable) poles.

the sink in the island was a bit of a last minute addition and i am so glad we did it!  this sink is used all. the. time.

all of our cabinetry hardware is from  we have been thrilled with the quality.  we went for the large cast brass latches in polished nickel rather than the stamped steel because the quality felt much better.

white craftsman kitchen

 next to my sink i always have a bowl full of washcloths for drying hands.  it hardly ever looks this good.  again, honesty.  i also have 2 soap dispensers: one with hand soap, one with dish soap.  our countertops are caesarstone in cement color.  we chose to have them honed rather than shiny.  we have had no problems with them at all and highly recommend them!  i got a smokin’ deal on the faucet from lowes  – i don’t even know the brand – it was some off-brand.

white craftsman kitchen

 after years of looking, i finally added this vintage produce scale to my kitchen to hold all my dish towels.  its my favorite addition in here!

white craftsman kitchen

we tucked our microwave in the side of the island, and the trash is in the tall “drawer” next to it.

white craftsman kitchen

 yes, the globes.  i loved meg’s so much that i and to try it out myself!  i have a thrifty mom and between the 2 of us (mostly her), we have collected all of these!

white craftsman kitchen

 i chose glass front cabinets for our every day dishes, and solid cabinets for the not-so-pretty stuff.

the family rules sign in the mini-hallway was made by me.

the hooks on the end of the cabinets are from anthropologie and thats where the kids hang up their backpacks.

white craftsman kitchen

 we no longer have a land line, but when we did, this is where we put it so the cords would be hidden.  now we have our iPhone charging cord here since there’s an outlet beneath the counter top.  this is one of those things i’m so glad we thought of!

white craftsman kitchen

 if the key’s don’t get hung up here, they’re pretty much lost.  because our garage is detached from our house, we also have the garage door opener right by the back door, clipped onto the wooden box that sits on the counter that holds vintage table cloths and other random stuff.

white craftsman kitchen

 this is our little coffee station.  mugs are in the cabinet above, and misc teas and coffees that aren’t in the canisters are in the drawer below.  the canisters were from a local shop that closed several years ago – boo.  adorable measuring cups from world market.

white craftsman kitchen

 our coffee maker hides in a little cabinet off to the left that has an outlet tucked inside.  when we’re done with it in the morning, we just tuck it back away.

white craftsman kitchen

 i don’t wear aprons often, but some are just too pretty to not have hung up out in the open!

white craftsman kitchen

 let me know if you have any questions!  i can’t guarantee i’ll have all the answers, but i’ll do my best!


ps – this is what my house looks like 364 days a year.  you’re welcome ;)


  1. 1
    Colleen says:

    I love how you’ve mixed your neutral palette with pops of color from your accents. It’s a gorgeous kitchen, and looks to be very functional as well. Love the hidden outlet for your charging station, and the scale is all kinds of fun. My favorite part is the honesty pic though. ;) Because really, whose kitchen doesn’t look like that 99% of the time?! Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. 2
    Friederike says:

    I laughed out loud at that last picture :D Thanks for keeping it real!

  3. 3

    What a beautiful kitchen!!

  4. 4

    Adore. Adore. Adore.

    Love it all!!!!!

  5. 5
    Piroska says:

    I love your kitchen! Light and welcoming. Great ceiling, too!
    But my favourite photo is the bottom one. It looks like what a kitchen is meant to look like: the heart of the home. Life. Family. Busy-ness! :o)

  6. 6

    I love your “real” pictures along side all f your “pretty” pictures. Your kitchen is so loved. Thanks for sharing!

  7. 7

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your kitchen! the scale by the sink is adorable! & the phone charger peeking through the countertop is absolute genius!!!! so smart!

  8. 8

    hahahaha!!! I LOVE the last picture! I always wonder what blogger’s homes really look like on a day to day basis. You kitchen is sooo beautiful! Love all of the nice touches that you thought of (hole in the counter for cords, hooks for backpacks and keys, etc).

  9. 9
    Kristi says:

    Love all the pics of your kitchen but especially love the last picture! I certainly understand not posting tons of pics of a messy kitchen although having one pic helps to show things in a realistic light :)

  10. 10

    Love your kitchen! Where is your fruit basket from? I’m obsessed with it whenever I spy it in one of your pictures!

  11. 13
    Heather says:

    Oh! Thank you for this post. It makes me want to come bake cookies and have some afternoon coffee with you. We currently have oak cabinets in our 12 year old house. I’ve been debating for some time about painting them white. Your post is the final straw. Yep! It’s what I want! I love the brightness of it all. Going to start planning a remodel right now… And thank you for the reality pic at the end. We all need that too.

  12. 14
    Maria M says:

    Love your kitchen! It’s not only beautiful, but you can tell that it’s actually used by people who like to cook. I love the natural light too. And the last picture, it makes me laugh but it is also the most satisfying! It shows that you chose well, that your kitchen is a hard-working machine that serves your family. LOVE IT!!

  13. 15
    danica says:

    So many neat extras (coffee pot tucked away…cords hidden) I love it!! And thank you for the keeping it real shot!

  14. 16
    Suzette Campagna says:

    OMGoodness your kitchen is beautiful! I absolutely love the way all the colors work together to ‘bring it’ all together. Love love love the island! Personally, I hope you don’t paint it LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your home and welcoming me into it. Blessings – Suzette :)

  15. 17
    Meggan V says:

    Do you know the name of your wall color? I am overhauling my kitchen this summer (last update was 1959 – no joke) and I want to go grey and white.

    I love the toughtful touches and that scale is FABULOUS! even in the “pretty” pictures, your kitchen looks inviting. And the last picture is a great reminder that bloggers are real people :)

  16. 19

    First of all, I love your kitchen!! What an amazing space, and you seem to have thought of everything. I have looked for a tiered basket for produce for years…….any chance you remember where you got yours?

  17. 22

    I love your kitchen! The white cabinets beautiful and bright and everything is just perfect!! I also love your before or usual kitchen.. it says HOME!

  18. 23

    Love how you keep things organized!

    Liz @

  19. 24
    Gretchen stein says:

    I am curious about the butcher block on your island? Did you treat it? If so, what product did you use and also how do you clean/maintain it?

  20. 26

    Every time we tour your house I find new things to like. Love your style. And thanks for the last photo. Seriously needed that. Sometimes I wonder why I can’t keep up with everything, good to know I’m not the only one. :)

  21. 27

    Ha! That last photo was awesome. I love all the other photos as well though. You have a wonderful kitchen.

  22. 28

    I’m building a new home. I have heard conflicting advice about putting a prep sink in the island. Do you use your prep sink? I noticed soap by it… Do you hand wash there?

    • 29

      That was a last minute change of plans and I love it! We do wash our hands there, fill up pots, dump out boiling water, scrape scraps into… Everything! I’ve never heard anything suggesting not doing a prep sink in an island, but I also didn’t research it. I’m really happy we did it.

  23. 30
    Sandi Colwell says:

    Oh that last picture made me feel soooooooo good! Lol!! Love your kitchen. You have beautiful taste in furnishings. Hope you are enjoying your trip!

  24. 31

    thanks for keeping it real and including the p.s.

  25. 32

    What a beautiful, light & airy kitchen! You’ve got lots & lots & lots of space! There’s tons of ideas for my own kitchen. And that last photo ~ I’m now a devoted follower!!

  26. 34

    Your kitchen is amazing!!!! (And, thank you so much for including the last photo!! I wish more bloggers would show their “real day-to-day” snapshots to give us perspective that life happens and things aren’t ALWAYS so perfectly tidy.) Your home is lovely and I’m enjoying your blog!

  27. 35

    Wow! I love your kitchen so much. As a girl who uses color everywhere, I want to say: please don’t paint your island! It is so fabulous white. It allows the eye to drift around and admire everything. Your kitchen is simply amazing! I love your scale for your dish towels, too!


  28. 37

    This whole kitchen is AMAZING! My favorite parts are the globes, the pink cup holder and the vintage produce scale…oh and the very last picture of course! :-)


  29. 38

    I want to live in your kitchen. I might even be inspired to actually cook something in there! You have such a beautiful talent for design – wish you could come redesign my house. Love the last picture – the only time my kitchen is clean is right before I go to bed :)

  30. 39

    I love all the pops of color with your white/grey bases :) I’d love to know if you made your aprons or bought them! They’re so pretty and such a fun way to add color and whimsy to the kitchen.

  31. 40
    KatieV says:

    THANK YOU for the P.S.! It’s so easy to compare our “every day” with the perfection often seen on blogs!

  32. 41

    I love your kitchen! So nice and open, and great choice in paint color ;) my kitchen is silver sage too! Thanks for that last photo- I have six children and wondered how you manage to keep your countertops and island clear! Do you still love your white cabinets-with kids? Do they get scuffed up and/or dirty a lot?

    • 42
      lindsey says:

      i do love them, but yes, they get scuffed and dirty. i just figure it part of life, and maybe when i grow up i’ll repaint them, but for now it doesn’t bother me.

  33. 43

    I was starting to feel REALLLLY crappy about my housekeeping skills. So thanks. I mean, I can clean. You know this. It’s the KEEPING IT THAT WAY part that is killing me.

    Also, for the record, some day when I win the lotto and can remodel/gut/do over the kitchen in the new house, we’ll have really similar kitchens. Hope you don’t hold a patent. That is all.

  34. 44

    I’ve been in LOVE with your house and decor for YEARS!!! Thanks so much for posting all these pics!!! I was wondering if you (have or) would ever put up a floor plan of your house on the blog? My husband and I are interested in building in the next 5 years or so, and are looking at different ideas!!! Your house is so bright, and airy, so I’m very curious about how it’s all laid out! Thanks again for taking the time to post all the pics, and write up all the descriptions!!

    • 45
      lindsey says:

      hi janine!

      i actually won;t be posting a floor plan of my home but you can get a basic layout from looking through this tour. the great room is in the center with the other rooms leading of from it in each corner basically (no hallways).

  35. 46
    Stephanie says:

    Your kitchen looks great! We are doing the same countertops (honed), my question for you is did you go with matte or shiny subway tile for the backsplash?

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