house tour {living room}

eclectic living room

 welcome to my living room!  it always feels a little funny to call this space by a separate name from the dining room and kitchen that share the room with it, but oh well!  great room?  thats sounds braggy ;)

(wall color: silver sage by restoration hardware)

eclectic living room

this little sofa table migrates around this room a lot.  painted mermaid’s net by behr. knobs from world market.

eclectic living room

 this works as our gift wrapping station and holds some of our way too many blankets.

eclectic living room

 gracie’s horse sculpture has seen better days, but we’ll just keep repairing it until it crumbles!

eclectic living room

 this room also changes with my mood. the room is a funky size, so the configurations are a bit tricky and not ideal, but i can’t stick with one layout for too long!

the couch facing us is from ikea and the other one was a custom knock off of a pottery barn model.  how do i keep my couches white, you ask?  bleach. when they get dirty, i throw them in the washer on a long cycle with some bleach.  the ikea one cleans up good, but the other one is about 12 or 13 years old and isn’t holding up as well – zippers are breaking and holes are forming.  but after that long, i’d say thats pretty good!

eclectic living room

 this cart was one of my favorite finds!  the button covered monogram was a fun craft!

eclectic living room

 the hand-me-down piano has yet to find a permanent home, but this works for now.  still thinking about painting it…

eclectic living room

 i’m leaning towards a kelly/grass green.  i really like the color of this piano, but it matches the wood floor too perfectly.  too much brown for me!

eclectic living room

 this blue metal suitcase has been in silas’ room for a few years and i decided to try it out here and love it!  the dr. pepper crate holds my magazines and looks cute!

eclectic living room

 my dad and i made this coffee table together!  its made from salvaged fence wood and the pretty green wood is from the deck of my childhood home.

eclectic living room

 its big and sturdy, and is on casters, so it can be rolled out of the way if we need to.  the thick shag rug is from costco.

eclectic living room

 i like to change up our mantle, and thanks to our tv cover, i can do it easily!  i can just nail or screw right into it and i don;t have to worry about nail holes showing!

eclectic living room


eclectic living room

 this is our entry way that sort of just dumps right into the living room!  we love our dutch door – it was so great when we needed fresh air but had to keep little ones safe inside.

eclectic living room

 this collection on the wall changes up every once in awhile as well.  the dresser holds art supplies and train tracks.  the be kind art is from katie daisy.  the canvas is by me, and the rest is all random findings.  the dresser color is called french pale gold by behr.

eclectic living room

since we don’t have a coat closet, the hooks on the wall serve as one for us!

eclectic living room

 the wood floors are hand scraped engineered maple with a walnut finish, but i have no idea of the brand!  we have been really happy with them, even though the wood is kind of soft and has scratches all over.  thats life, right?

eclectic living room

 and here’s a step back to give you a better layout of the great room – dining rom on the left and kitchen to the right.  the ceilings are covered in tongue and groove planks.

have any questions?  i’ll do my best to answer them!



  1. 1

    Your home is beautiful but I am wondering, how do you keep white sofas clean with kids? I have 4 children and it is hard to keep anything clean for long! I would love to have white furniture but it scares me!!

  2. 3

    Love the shag rug – question though, how do you keep it clean/vacuum it?? We had a red shag rug in our living room that I loved, but vacuuming was a nightmare. Tried a carpet rake, etc. Vacuum just couldnt pick things up off the long fibers. It just seemed to move things around, not suck them up. I was advised that the only way to get little bits of this and that off a shag rug was to take it outside and shake it upside down. Hmmm….couldnt figure out how that would work with a 9×12 rug. LOL

  3. 5
    Melanie Barker says:

    I have the glass drying rack you have there on the counter. I painted it with ceecee caldwell paints love the paint but something just wasn’t right. it turned out horrible! I am wanting to redo it when it gets warm out! Would you sand it then spray paint it? Also, The color of yours is watermelon correct?

  4. 8
    Hilary says:

    Your home is so inspiring and inviting!! After seeing your blog a while ago I took the plunge and bought white couches…I have never regretted the purchase, even with 4 kids!! Thanks for all your great posts!

  5. 10

    Love the blue color of the side table. I am getting ready to redo my laundry room and I think that might be just the right color. Yay! Thanks for sharing your lovely room with us all. The coffee table is a dream as well. That strip of green wood completely makes it.

  6. 11

    This is lovely. I adore all of the pops of color and vintage pieces :) The table you made with your dad is by far my favorite! How sentimental :)

  7. 12
    Becca @ One Girl says:

    Lindsey I have been reading your blog for about 2 years and always love a glimpse inside. Love the creativity and color you bring to your home. You inspire me to get a white couch someday!

  8. 13

    Your house is so beautiful and fun. I just love all of it! I was wondering where you got your dining room table from? I have been looking for a square table forever and can’t find one that looks as big as yours. Thanks for sharing your home with us!=)

    • 14

      It is huge, and that’s why it took us so long to find it. We got it on clearance at pottery barn, but I don’t think they sell the exact one anymore. But it goes down to a square, then has two leaves, which we always leave in. I think on has some similar sizes and styles. Good luck!

  9. 15

    How do you paint your furniture? Oil or latex? Bristle or foam brush? Sand first? Poly finish? What type of paint finish do you pick also, satin, semi gloss?

    • 16

      Almost always latex. Oil is so much work. I know latex chips easier, but with kids, my furniture is going to chip regardless! I use both bristle brush ( only purdy brand) and foam rollers. I generally use satin finish, but am liking gloss more, but it’s harder to get a good finish, so I tend to spray gloss rather than brush paint it. I very rarely do a poly finish.

  10. 17

    I am thinking I want white sofas when we make that big purchase, but I may have a job convincing my husband :) I love that multicolor pillow on your sofa! Do you remember where you got it?

  11. 19

    How often do you have to wash your white Ikea sofa? We are thinking about the white or beige. I just wondered if the white was heard to keep looking nice. If its not that’s the one I like the best. Thanks.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

    • 20

      We don’t wash as often as we should! I think very couple months would be more than enough. If one piece gets especially dirty, just wash that one cushion cover. We also wash the cushions more than the body cover. I strongly recommend white because you can bleach it!

  12. 21

    So i’ve always been a curtain person….but recently took my curtains down in my living room as i was refreshing the look in there and i kind of like the clean feel of the room without the curtains….and now i’m looking at your beautiful living room sans curtains and i’m thinking i might keep them down permanently. Have you ever been tempted to do curtains in there? i’ve love to hear your curtain / no curtain thought process….

    • 22

      Our house is really private, so I don’t have much of a need for window coverings in the living spaces. I do love curtains, but I haven’t felt the need for them at all in here. We have accordion blackout shades in the kids rooms to keep them dark and then they scrunch up small when open so you don’t even see them! I feel like so many of my spaces have so much going on already that curtains would maybe be too much? I do have them in my master bedroom on the French doors because French doors are hard to clever otherwise.

  13. 23
    Courtney says:

    Love your home tour! Where is the teal Micha 6:8 art work from? Thanks!

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