house tour {playroom}


welcome to our playroom!  this is our most used, well-loved room!  its also the last room i ever clean, so lucky you, its clean today!


this room is mostly used for homeschooling, hence all the desks.  sean’s company creates storage solutions, so we got to design the layout of the desks and armoire to fit all our needs (and kids).  we’ve had so many different layouts in here: a couch, a table, coffee table, rug, no rug… for now, this is what works!


we have a couple tension wires from ikea that hold up their school art work on one side of the room, and their history timeline will go on the other wall!


i found these four vintage dinette chairs last year at the 3 speckled hens show – love them!


this chalkboard wall is my favorite part of the room.  actually, i’d love to paint the whole room with chalkboard paint but with all the cubbies and desks it would be insane!

the wood crate bookcase holds all of our homeschool books and adds such a great pop of color to the dark wall.




the laundry room is just off the playroom, which is really nice and convenient.


and just through the laundry room is our master bathroom, then through to our bedroom.  makes for a good running loop for wild kids.


this is my desk space that is trying to find a new identity since i closed my shop.


its cleaner than its ever been, but the piles still add up!


i love my pompom flowers for decorations on my windowsill!


for all my scissors and small tools i store them in a small urn and my owl canister.  i filled them with dried beans so they have a soft landing when i drop them in.


i covered the wire basket drawers under my cutting table with curtains i made from target bed sheets – i love these!  i want to put these sheets on every bed in my house!


when i closed my shop, i got rid of a lot of supplies.  but i had to keep some of my favorites!


this is the view of my side of the room.  i love it!

wall color: christopher robin’s swing, disney collection from home depot.


  1. 1

    Nothing like a wonderful homeschool room to help make it through the day. Well, actually, beauty all around in our homes help. Like the wall color. What sweet name CHristopher Robin’s Swing that makes it even more attractive. Who thinks those up? Have a good day.

  2. 2

    what a wonderful space for creativity and learning !!!

  3. 3

    BEATIFUL room and decor. I had to pin those DIY Pom Pom sticks, so lovely!

  4. 4
    Stephanie says:

    I am enjoying these posts so much!! Your house has such character and is just lovely. We plan on building and I would love to know which plan this is. Or did you design your own?

    • 5
      lindsey says:

      we actually just redesigned the home using its original footprint – the house looks almost identical to the original home from the outside!

  5. 6
    APRIL CENORA says:

    Where did you get your white desk chair?

  6. 8

    I love how you call it the playroom – and it includes school and crafting! An apt description, I’d say.

  7. 9

    such a fun room!
    do you remember where you got that white trash can with lid near the laundry room?

  8. 11

    Just finished catching up with all of your rooms on the “tour”.
    I love them all!!
    Can I move in with you?? Haha ;)

  9. 12

    How long have you had the sofa from ikea?

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