boy/girl shared room


 i shared with you earlier this week that i split up the girls from their shared room, and gave gracie her own room.  all the details on her new room are here.

so that leaves 1 room and 2 kids: silas & lily.   so how did i change a super girly room into a room that works for both a 6-year old boy and an 8-year old girl?  basically, i just shopped the house!  i decided on a color palette, based on what i had most of, and what would work for both boy & girl: black & white, wood tones, teal, kelly green and  bit of gold.

PicMonkey Collage3

 what do you think?!  i had so much fun wandering through the house grabbing items that would work in this room!


 the room started with great bones: built in double dressers with a connecting window seat & twin beds.  the wall color is the same in both bedrooms, but i don’t know what its called – sorry!  but it is pretty similar to mermaids net by behr.


 since lily was staying in the same room, she got to choose which bed she slept in – her’s is on the right.


 we originally had silas’ tool chest to the left of his bed, and the grey side table between them.  but… they liked to look at each other/laugh/play/wrestle/fight too much at bedtime, so the larger red cabinet blocks their view from each other.  sometimes practicality outweighs aesthetics.


 those white curtains hide the shared closet.  silas’ bed is covered with a white textured twin blanket, with the fur blanket i pulled from the living room – i love it in here!


 silas’ little collection of s’s came with him, as well as his grammatically incorrect skate sign.


 the dotted pillow case is from a sheet set from target (love it!), i made the green stripe pillow (fabric from, and the gold pillow is from tjmaxx.


this tool chest holds all the little random toys: bouncy balls, nerf guns, dress up clothes, rocks.  you know, all the stuff i’d love to throw away ;)  how cute are those itty bitty baby vans?  the lamp was from target ages ago.


lily’s bed is covered with a vintage white chenille bedspread.  i want something a little prettier for her.  unfortunately, its for a queen bed so it drags on the ground.  thankfully, she hasn’t complained!  she has a matching dotted pillow, a fur throw pillow that coordinates with silas’ blanket, a gold dotted burlap pillow i made, and 2 pillows lily made for herself.  at the end of her bed is the black & white striped throw that i added giant pom poms to for the living room.  i didn’t tie the poms tight enough so we have shedding green pom strands strewn throughout out the house all. the. time.  i’m cutting them off and starting over soon.


 i grabbed a few random frames for lily’s side of the bed and she loved it!  she’s pretty easy to please.  i was afraid the room wouldn’t be girly enough for her, but she was giddy with it.  my dad made the grey side table, and lily loves having her very own table.


 we had a little collection of non-flowering orchids that just needed coordinating pots to tie into the room.


 sean & i found this vintage skate board at a flea market before having kids.


 can you see the pendant over the window seat?  remember the scrappy lampshade?  well, its days had been numbered and i just cut off all the fabric strips and left it as is.


 a couple pillows make the window seat a little cozier.


 i was about to move the gold frames into gracie’s room, but lily requested they stay.  no problem!  i just swapped out the pink art work and added in some new naptime diaries prints.  i still need to repaint the plaque behind the antlers…

that black framed mirror has been painted several times, but has sat in our entryway for the last 7 years.


 this book shelf was in silas’ room before, originally from a school staff room.  the laundry basket is the only item i bought for this room (from homegoods).


 we have a handful of these wooden beach signs that we bought in san clemente just before we moved here to san luis obispo.  it was such a fun town to start our married lives in!


 speaking of san clemente, this was the long board sean used to ride down to the beach to go surfing.  we just added hooks and screwed it directly to the wall.


 notice the empire state building on top of the shelves?  silas made it in kindergarten and just can’t seem to part with it.  and i kind of love it.


 so there you have it: a boy/girl shared room!



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    This is so creative. I applaud your resourcefulness!! Wow, that’s true talent! My favorites: the fabric-less pendent! love! and the black and white blanket with huge green poms! Can I have it when you make a new one?!! ;-) Thanks for the inspiration as I am working on our new construction design plans as we speak. :-) fun stuff! Tammy

  2. 2

    I love that this room can be used for a boy and girl, without feeling too much like one of the genders. Those built ins are wonderful, definitely something I’d love to do in my daughter’s room once it is transitioned from a nursery (or at least a window seat!) This gets me itching to redecorate some rooms in our house. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. 3

    Great job. I love what you did – perfect for a shared boy/girl room!

  4. 4
    Mikaela says:

    The new rooms look great! Maybe you mentioned it in your house tour, but do you have any details on the ceiling lights in the kids’ bedrooms? Love the look of them!

    • 5
      lindsey says:

      i can’t remember exactly where they are from, but i’ve seen really similar ones at home depot recently!

      • 6
        Mikaela says:

        Thanks! :) I’ll have to look there if our builder’s lights aren’t quite the look I’m going for.

  5. 7

    love the room!!!
    what did you use as top tray for tool chest cart?

  6. 9

    Is the tool chest and real one and if so what is the plastic top called or where did you get it?

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