my girls have always shared a room.  well, actually when we moved into this house lily had just turned 1 and the girls each had their own room.  2 months later i found out i was pregnant with silas, so in they moved with each other!  i made lily’s quilt before her before she was born, and made gracie a matching one when they started sharing a room (details on my quilting process here & here & here – forgive the bad photos, i was a new blogger!).


silas has always had his own room with a big bed.  his room has doubled as a guest room – when guests come he just bunks up with us.

well, it was time for a change!  gracie is entering that glorious pre-teen age, wanting a bit more privacy and independence.  she’s a lovely girl young lady and so sweet, and we decided now was a good time for honoring her desire for a bit of independence by letting her have her own room (for now).


so silas moved in with lily and gracie moved in to his old room!  to say she loves it is an understatement.

PicMonkey Collage4

we only swapped out a couple pieces of furniture since his room was fairly gender neutral (walls and linens, at least).


swapping out these rooms was so much fun!  i was able to redo both rooms by shopping my house and have only bought one thing: a laundry basket for si & lu’s room.  not bad!  there are a few things i’d like to add/change, but those can be done in time.


we kept silas’ headboard for gracie.  i actually love the funky olive green contrasting with all the corals and pinks.  i want to replace what cork board is remaining on the insets, maybe with paint?


since these poofs don’t work for a co-ed room, they moved in to gracie’s room.  we’ve used these paper lanterns for years of parties and just added some homemade tissue paper poofs and dot garland.


i attached them to the ceiling with baker’s twine, paper clips and command hooks.


i brought this little desk to college with me when i left home, and it has been the perfect little side table for both silas and now gracie.  the chair is from target (i have 5 more on our front porch – less than $15 a piece!) and the oil painting was a three speckled hens find!


this frame was over my desk awhile ago (repurposing!).  my mom added the chicken wire for me, and now it works as a great jewelry storage frame.


fitting only 1 girl’s clothing into a closet was way easier than 2!  i hate standard closet doors, so we put narrow versions of the bedroom door on the closet.


i needed another side table so i grabbed one from the back yard, added a lamp we found on the side of the road (still need a new lampshade) and the mintiest globe that i got at the stitch market.


the horse head has a more prominent home now!


i don’t think gracie would survive without a mirror, so we moved this one into her room.  it was originally paired with the mustard dresser from our entry way, and we just turned it on its side here.


we moved in the bookshelves from the girls’ room because bright flamingo pink does not work for a boy.


wall art from nap time diaries and pen & paint, canvas by lily.


and don’t hate me… i don’t know the wall color!  it is very similar to our sofa table color, which is mermaid’s net by behr.



  1. 1

    Love the pink and turquoise. And the painted furniture! Great job!
    And what a coincidence. We had renovations done earlier this spring and I wrote about it on my blog and called it Ch-ch-ch-changes, as well. Great minds think alike!

  2. 2

    The room looks great! I’m sure Gracie will enjoy her sanctuary ~ the colors are peaceful and happy looking.


  3. 3
    Guisela says:

    Love it! And for sure Gracie loves it, too! Could you please show the shared room too, please?

  4. 5

    Those poofs are fantastic! How likely do we think it is that I could convince my husband to put them in our bedroom? :)

  5. 6

    Love Gracie’s new room. Are the girls going to move back together at some point?

  6. 8
    Melanie Barker says:

    I can’t wait to see the other room!! :)

  7. 10

    absolutely adorable!!! I love all of the colors you used, they compliment each other so well. Great job

  8. 12

    OK, I’m 100% positive I want your entire house. I absolutely love your decorating! Keep up the great work and hope you don’t mind, I’m using it for inspiration at my home.

  9. 13
    Melesa Garrison says:

    Love Gracie’s new room and the colors are so calming and happy! I also love the horse head with pearls (love me some pearls!) I’m sure the shared space is adorable as well. My BIG questions is…How did Lily and Silas take the transition? I was wondering because SIlas has always had his own room and Lily has always shared with her sister. I think they will probably have fun with it, making new memories, right?

    • 14

      great question! lily took it much better than i expected. she had fun helping me decorate both rooms. she also got to choose which bed would be hers, so she was excited about that change. silas had a bit of a tough time learning to sleep with someone else in his room, but after a week or so it was fine!

  10. 15

    What a fun update!!! Gracie must absolutely love her new space!

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