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I am a huge supporter of handmade.  I love to not only buy handmade products, but I also love to get the word out about great handmade shops.  Because I was in the handmade world for so long, I know its hard work and we put our heart and soul into our work.  And work doesn’t end at 5pm.  It ends only when we lay down to close our eyes, and sometimes not even then!

One of my favorite shops and long time sponsor of this blog is Jennifer Dahl Designs.  She creates pieces of jewelry to represent meaningful moments in our lives, to wear around our necks, to remind us of where we’ve been, what we’ve been through, what we celebrated, which makes us who we are.


Jennifer has created this beautiful Be Brave necklace and needs your help to give away 2!  We want YOU to tell us about a person you know who deserves one of these necklaces, someone who has shown great courage in the midst of difficult circumstances.  We’d love to hear the stories!

Jennifer will choose 2 courageous women from your nominations to receive these necklaces, and the friends who nominated them will also get a $25 gift certificate to Jennifer’s shop!

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  1. 1

    I’d love to win one of these for my inspiring friend, Bronie.

    She’s always been there for me throughout a nasty divorce, issues raising my troubled teen daughters and being found by my birth family. A few years ago I was finally able to be there for her for a change.

    Four years ago now Bronie was enjoying the ups & downs of pregnancy for the first time. She’d been told many moons ago that the chance of her ever having children is near to none. So we were all over the moon to learn she was a modern day miracle!

    Sadly, when she was a day past 21weeks she went into early labour. There was nothing anyone in the hospital could do to prevent the inevitable. Her beautiful little boy, Jye, was born at 21weeks 2days gestation…too early for medical aide here in Australia. For an hour mother and son bonded, before Jye peacefully became an angel.

    Her strength, her courage, her ability to emotionally stand tall while the rest of us attempted to be strong for her…I’m still, all these years later in awe of this terrific lady.

    This coming November we’ll be celebrating the third birthday of her youngest son, Jake, who put all of those close to his mummy through the wringer, as he too decided to come too early. But despite being born 7weeks ahead of schedule, Jake was allowed to go home with his beautiful mummy after only 2 weeks in the NICU ward. And ever since he’s been a bundle of boundless energy and imagination.

    Bron is a single parent, as the relationship with Jake’s dad had already dissolved before she found out she was being blessed with another child. So she moved back from one side of the country to her home here with us, her friends and most importantly, her family. She has always bravely taken on the responsibility of her child, as well as assisting greatly with her two nephews.

    This lady is my hero, my inspiration and I’m blessed to say, my Bridesmaid.

  2. 2

    It has been almost nine months since our dear friends let go of their sixteen-year-old son, due to a heart condition that caused him to collapse while on an evening run. We couldn’t be there physically to grieve with them, so we anonymously sent one of Jennifer’s tiny heart necklaces to his mom with his initial and that of his sister’s. Even when she called Jennifer to ask who had sent the necklace, they respected our anonymity. Within the last month, one of the grandmothers passed away from cancer. We would be so pleased if the Be Brave necklace could be given to his sister, who just turned fourteen, and is experiencing so many milestones without her big brother. She is a beautiful, loving, sweet young lady, who is blessing her parents, extended family and friends, by continuing to live for Jesus and the hope she has in Him. Only by relying on God’s strength is this family able to live everyday victoriously knowing that ‘there will be a day when we see Jesus (and their son, brother and grandmother) face to face.’ Thank you for the opportunity to share their story.

  3. 3
    Melanie says:

    I would love to win this necklace for my friend Jenny. She recently found out, that both of her sons have Alport syndrome an Syndrome that destroys the kidneys so that both of her children will need a kidney transplant one day and / or have to go to the dialysis. What makes it even harder for her to handle is that she carries that ill gene (withour knowing) and gave it to her sons and even if nobody would ever blame her for this, I know that she feels so terrible about that fact.

    (Please excuse my poor english. The mixture of another mother language and strong emotions made it very hard for me to find the right words.)

  4. 4
    Caroline Parker says:

    I would like to nominate Jessica Cooksey Paulraj ( for being brave to care for a child that no-one wanted. She and her husband adopted an abandoned baby boy while working at a hospital in India. This sweet boy they named Adam and he was born with no legs, no hands, no eyelids, and essentially no full mouth. Adam was their first child and they have and continue to care for him like he is their biological child because their is no doubt that The Lord chose Jessica to be Adam’s mother from the beginning. They have since had two boys by birth and are continuing to live in India with their 3 boys. Jessica is brave on so many levels and continues to encourage others to do the same. I would LOVE for her to receive this token encouragement and a reminder of who The Lord continues to make her to be: Brave.

  5. 5
    Shelley Krupa says:

    I would love to honor my mom with this “Be Brave” reminder as she struggles through a recent fall in her home. She is 82 years old and lives alone. This last week, she was cleaning in her home and tripped over a cord, fell face down onto the floor and broke her nose, her left femur and had some bleeding on her brain. She had surgery to repair the broken femur and now she is looking at a 2-3 week rehab process with a 3-4 month recovery.

    Had it not been for the mail lady hearing her cry out as she passed, who found a ladder and entered my Mom’s home through her bathroom window to help her, she would have bled to death.

    I am so grateful that God helped her get the help she needed while she was alone and scared and in need of desperate help.

    Her recovery will be long and hard and I know she will have many days where she will want to be discouraged, especially without my dad by her side. He passed away many years ago.

    If I am blessed with the opportunity to give her this necklace to remind her to BE BRAVE, I would be so grateful!

    Thanks for the chance to share my Mom’s unexpected journey.

    • 6

      Congrats, Shelley! Jennifer was so touched by your story that she chose you to be one of the $25 gift certificates and your mom to win one of the necklaces. Praying God will heal your mom quickly! You will be receiving an email from my assistant shortly.


  6. 7

    My friend Casey has a son with HLHS and has been thru 3 open heart surgeries. She is a shining example of courage!

  7. 8

    My friend gave birth to a daughter with a cleft pallet 2 months ago. As they met with doctors to plan for her newborn’s of surgeries, my friend was diagnosed with her 3rd round of best cancer. She faces surgery for herself on Friday eye caring for a recovering newborn and 4 year old.

  8. 9
    Jessica B. says:

    I’d like to nominate my friend A. for this necklace. When she was 23 she moved across the world to Eastern Europe to work with the Roma Gypsies (probably the poorest people in Europe, and some of the most difficult to work with) there. I lived there too- but with my husband and children. Everything that was hard for me had to have been doubly hard for her as she didn’t have the support of a husband to care for her. During her 2 years there her dad died. She grieved with such faith in God! When her 2 years were up, she moved home to help care for her mom, giving up what were her plans for her to do next. She has never once grumbled about any of it, but has received life’s joys and hardships with gratitude while admitting her shortcomings.

  9. 10

    I would like to nominate Michele Johnson. Her brother, after a long hard fight to overcome a drug addiction, took his own life. Through the whole process she has been incredibly brave, and has fought hard to use the terrible tragedy of her brother’s death for good. I absolutely cannot say it better than she did:

    “I’ve posted this picture before but this past week it has become something I breathe in and out. Today, I am able to be thankful that God is whispering over my life that I am able. I am able to carry this story. I am able to walk with courage. And I am able not because of my own strength but because he sustains me in sunsets, bike rides, friendships, texts, and prayers. He is constantly reminding me I am never alone and because of that great truth I have courage to put one foot in front of the other and carry Luke’s story so that others may #befree of #shame #guilt #addiction For those who don’t believe they can #BeFree today I believe it for you.”

    dear heart

    -c.s. lewis

  10. 11
    Donna Haskins says:

    My daughter-in-law, Rebecca deserves this necklace! She has 3 precious girls ages 2-5, very close in age. The oldest was diagnosed with hydrocephalus in the womb. After repeated monthly pressure to terminate this pregnancy by the uktrasound docs and techs, rebecca gave birth to Miriam who did not have any problems except a large head which shrunk miraculousl and a couple of fused ribs. Miriam did have a major surgery, VEPTR, at 3 years old to diffuse her ribs and spine, along with several surgeries for minor complications. She has a surgical adjustment of her titanuim device every 6 months and is doing fine. She has been reading at a high level for a couple of years. We call her Miriam the brave! Rebecca, her mother, has demonstrated courage and comfort to our granddaughter and her close in age siblings through her pregnancies and the continual trials of surgery.

  11. 12
    Jules M says:

    Love this necklace! There are so many beautiful products that Jennifer has with such meaning. I would nominate my friend, Sandy. Sandy was just recently diagnosed with cancer (for the second time). She has a long treatment of chemo & radiation that will last a year. She is a wife, mom of 3 & a wonderful friend. She is ready for this fight & we are all standing with her. This would be a great visual reminder for when she is feeling not so strong.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. 13
    lynn ann says:

    My Mom..She has demencia, it’s scary, but for me, it’s sad because you just want your “Mom” back..the daily struggles of remembering simple little pleasures of year’s gone by and even recent conversations. It’s hard to know day to day when she will have a good day and when it’s a tough one, the frustration on her face hurts..she is brave..she carries on and tries hard. She lives for her volunteer singing in church and community centers which seem to help her with self esteem to carry her Mom has always been strong, independent..and brave.

  13. 14
    Elizabeth G. says:

    I would like to nominate my friend, Leilani. A few years ago she lost her grandfather and then her dad to cancer only a few months later. The summer after her dad passed away, her mom was diagnosed with advanced cancer near her liver. Leilani is the sole caregiver for her mom and for the past few years has had to travel from their home in Oakhurst to Stanford hospital in the Bay Area so her mom can get treatment. I have watched her do this for years without complaint and all the while reminding others of hope and grace. I hope she can receive a beautiful necklace to remind her to be brave everyday. Thanks!

  14. 15

    Adorable – this would be a loved piece. :-)

  15. 16

    For my daughter in law who
    At the age of 31 is having to make the decision of life or death for her husband who
    Is on life support. She is the strongest women I know

  16. 17
    Cortney says:

    This is really lovely. I would give it to a friend who is making a big leap in her life right now and could use a little boost.

  17. 18

    Years ago I met a wonderful woman named Lori at my daughter’s ballet class. About a year later she found out her husband has a rare type of cancer. He has been living with stage four cancer since then- flying all over the world to receive treatment and have surgeries. They have two kids, both adopted who are ages 6 and 8 right now. Lori has had to stay home and take care of the kids- each time kissing her husband goodbye and leaving it to God to keep him safe while he goes to get scans and hear form his doctor’s if the cancer is spreading or not. About a year ago they picked up everything they could and moved to Texas to be closer to the treatment center that is prolonging his life. She knew nobody and yet is such a picture of love and faith, when I received an email from her months later she lovingly asked how I was and what I was up to and if I’d had time for anything crafty lately. Nobody has ever been cured of the cancer her husband has. He is giving God the glory that he’s still here and he’s still fighting and still able to hug his kids. She is the bravest person I know. I can’t imagine holding it together each day, being the rock, the nurse, the mom, the person that she is and watching her husband battle cancer. She deserves SO much more than a necklace but I know this would be cherished by her.

  18. 19

    My 16 year old granddaughter is struggling to overcome anorexia. She is strong, brave and beautiful. This necklace would be a reminder to her about how far she has come in the past few months.

  19. 20

    For my 18 year old daughter who will be leaving home to start college in August. She is going to school to be a nurse and I would love for her to have something to remind her to be brave and chase her dreams everyday!!

  20. 21
    Leslie Williams says:

    I would love to win this for my beautiful friend, Leah. She lost her mom just yesterday to her 2nd battle with breast cancer. Through it all, Leah has been the epitome of courage and grace. I know this would really bless her right now.

  21. 22
    Courtney says:

    My sister has been going through a hard time with her church for the last several months. There is so much turmoil and strife in her church, yet she still has faith in the Lord that things will work out. She has chosen to have joy even in the midst of this trying time. Through her attitude she has been an amazing example of courage, strength and love even in these tough circumstances. She would love this necklace!

  22. 23
    Tabitha Myers says:

    My friend Missy Dawson should get this necklace. Her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at around 2 years old and is a survivor. During the time that Payton underwent all the treatments, Missy was so strong and brave and was and still is an excellent example of the Christian I want to be. She is the most giving, loving, trusting and faithful person I know.

  23. 24
    Megan J says:

    I am a teacher. A former parent is very, very ill with cancer.
    Tina is a mother of 4 and a wife. She battles through everyday, every scan and every doctor appointment. She hopes for the best, but when she gets the bad news that it has spread ( yet again) she prays, relies on God and puts on a smile.
    She shows courage by facing her cancer head on….hoping that one day she will be cancer free!

  24. 25
    Brenda Turner says:

    My friend Nadean is one of the bravest women I know. Her father was diagnosed with lung cancer and she has been staying with him and dealing with her mother also. She is very close to both of them and this has been very hard for her.

  25. 26

    My daughter deserves this. She has been dealt a hard hand and has had to deal with grown up situations far beyond her age & understanding. She is brave!

  26. 27
    michele m fry says:

    So many people in my life, my sister and a good friend who are going back to work and juggling both a career and a family.

  27. 28

    My nephew was born 11 years ago with a cleft lip and cleft palate. My sister does an amazing job taking care of him as a single mom and has been an incredibly brave woman during his 10 surgeries. It is just the 2 of them and she gives her all to him. He will be having another surgery at the end of July and he will be unable to eat solid food for 2 weeks. My sister is so positive during all of this and doesn’t let it get them down. She is raising a terrific boy by herself and she is the bravest person I know.

  28. 29
    Jennifer Gordon says:

    What a great way to recognize someone’s bravery! Bravery comes in all forms… In this case, it’s by being an amazing mama with a TON of heart and soul. My friend Amanda has a son named Riley who has autism. His diagnosis came not long ago but has had a long journey on her family. Her husband (riley’s dad) didn’t accept the diagnosis well. In addition, her mother-in-law gave up support to Riley’s diagnosis as well. Amanda lived on a ranch in western South Dakota where little help was available. In her heart she knew Riley needed more options of therapy. The turning point came when she was told she should put Riley in a home. He is four. Amanda HEROICALLY moved her and her two young sons across the state to live in the basement of her parents home so she could get full-time (30-40 hrs a week!) therapy for her baby. I can’t even imagine how much bravery that took. She is my hero! I can’t wait to see how far Riley will go!

  29. 30
    Saralyn says:

    A dear friend and home school mentor’s youngest child was recently killed in a freak accident when a tree fell on her tent. They are trusting God through torrents of tears. While they don’t understand His plan, they know that He promises them good.

  30. 31
    Tara Bartlett says:

    My dear friend found out she has breast cancer, had a beautiful baby boy, and moved to a new house all within two weeks. She will start chemo this week. While my heart aches for her and her family, she is facing her diagnosis head on. Her courage amazes me and her three precious children are lucky to call her mom.

  31. 32

    I would love to win this necklace for my friend Stacey. She has lost so much these past 7 months. Her marriage, her home, her financial security and her health (emergency surgery only a month after moving out of her home because of her husbands infidelity). Yet through it all she is trusting Jesus and still speaking joy to others. She has been so brave through everything!

    • 33

      Congrats, Lisa! Jennifer chose you as a winner of the $25 gift certificate and your friend Stacey to receive the Be Brave necklace. A joyful heart like that in tough circumstances is a true reflection of Christ at work within her. Thanks for nominating her. My assistant will be emailing you soon!

  32. 35

    I would love to win this necklace for my oldest daughter who is going to be a senior in high school this year. High school is such a difficult time anyway, and senior year is big! I would love to remind her to Be Brave in making decisions for herself despite what others around her may or may not be doing. To Be Brave in completing these final credits that she needs in order to graduate. To Be Brave in an American Sign Language course she’s taking through the local community college in addition to her other high school classes. To Be Brave as she prepares for and faces the SAT exam again. To Be Brave as she researches and applies to universities. To Be Brave as she chooses and commits to a university . . . probably in another state away from family and friends. To Be Brave as she embraces every moment this year has to offer and looks forward to her future. She is a God-loving, kind-hearted, and brave girl, and I am so proud of her!

  33. 36
    Michele E says:

    My sister-Our family has had our share of heartache the past few years and she has weathered the most. Our dad passed away in 2009 and our mom in 2011. Being the youngest my sister took it the hardest. Her son also took it really hard, he was 5 and 7 at the time and the youngest grandchild. She had a baby boy in 2013 and named him to honor our dad. Now she is pregnant with a girl and will name her to honor our mom. She also just found out some heartbreaking news about her husband. But through it all she has put a smile on her face and loved her little boys and the girl growing inside of her.

  34. 37

    My Mama. Because she gave up her career to raise me and my brother. She is always there for me. She’s just amazing!

  35. 38

    I have a dear friend who is watching and fighting for her husband, who is being falsely accused. His trial found him guilty because they weren’t allowed to talk about the struggles and such. But she is raising their three children and fighting like crazy as she waits for the trial. She is so brave, so faithful, such a model of love, and even kindness and bravery! She deserves this as she continues to pray, wait and model the love of Christ to others. I think this would be fitting for her. She is a beautiful women with a heart 10x the size of anyone else’s that I know!! We pray for her family daily, as she walks this journey and waits on God’s timing in the face of so much negativity.

  36. 39
    Hallie M. says:

    I love this theme of being courageous. What a lovely necklace.

  37. 40
    Amy M. C. says:

    My friend Sherri, who I’ve know for about 15 years, has continually show courage in raising an autistic child. She deserves a reminder of how special she is in these circumstances and to feel encouraged. I will never know exactly how she feels, but I always want to be there to listen and just be her friend.

  38. 41

    My friend Candace deserves this necklace. She is beyond brave/courageous for selling her home, packing her bags, and moving across the country to Colorado – without a job or anything! She took a leap of faith and she has been blessed beyond measure since her move. She has landed an awesome job opportunity which she loves, and seems to be absolutely thrilled with her move.

  39. 42

    I have a friend who lost her dear daughter at only one month old and she would love this necklace. She is an incredibly brave woman but could use the reminder that she is actually as brave as we all know she is. I am going to have to buy one of these for myself, too :) They are incredible! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this awesome giveaway!

  40. 43

    Me. I am going through a rough time physically, mentally, spiritually.

  41. 44

    I would like to win one for my friend, Courtney. She and her husband got pregnant right after getting married, and their baby was born with a rare genetic condition. He passed away over Labor Day, last year. They are both carriers of this disease, and didn’t know until after their son was born. If they choose to have any more biological children, they have a 25% of having it as well. Since then, she’s also had a miscarriage. Through all of this, their faith has remained so strong, and they’ve been so positive, but sentinels those are the people that need the most encouragement

  42. 45
    Tania Loyd says:

    My friend and good neighbor Trisha deserves this necklace. She had a heartattack this past March at a fairly young age. She has since that day, quit smoking and tried to change her diet. She is making some very big changes in her life and has been through a stressful past two years family wise. She is trying to get involved more in church as well and has just been the best neighbor and friend we could as for. She would adore this necklace.

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