instafriday x3

i have been a bit out of the instafriday loop because i’ve had computer issues, topped by internet issues which lead to only answering the most important emails when we had any wifi.  but today?  today the wifi gods seem to be smiling down on me!  and i popped in a movie for my kids in the rv, so all is quiet and i can actually throw up a blog post – yay!  i’ve kind of been missing my old regular schedule of posting and i just plain miss you guys!

so here’s a little instagram recap of our last few weeks.  i’m linking up my post with my friend jeannett.  come link up with us!  if you want to follow along real-time, i’m thepleatedpoppy on insta-g.


family dinners with our favorite friends!  we need more of these all summer long!


we took off a couple weeks ago for my parents’ boat on the Delta.  fishing was high on silas’ priority list.  i just love my boys in matching hats!


this beautiful cris craft was our home for about 4 days.  even though the quarters were a little tighter than we’re used to, we had all the water we needed to spread out in.  plus, it just prepared us for our time in the RV!


sean snuck a picture of me while i was napping in my parents’ room on board.  naps are my favorite ;)


lily also got in on the fishing action.


i soaked up as much gracie as i could since we dropped her off at camp (for 11 days!) right after our boat trip.


and now that we have an eleventeen year old, she likes to grab our phones when we’re not looking to take selfies.  ugh.  but she did have the good excuse that she was taking the pictures so she could look at them to draw a self-portrait.


the first fish was caught!


we had beautiful weather – not too hot, but warm all day, even from the first moment i woke up.  we were blessed with all 3 kids sleeping in each day, so i got to wake up slowly and quietly each day, which is a vacation all on its own!


we moved locations on the delta a few times, starting out in a quite area, then moving the edge of the party area for the excitement of the fourth.  see the mass of boats behind the girls?  thats just a bit of what was out there!  we took the dinghy out for a wild ride down “water gun alley” and got soaked without any ammunition of out own.  (dresses ℅ sunuva)


fish #2!


snuggles for mama!


fish #3!


watching the sunset as we waited for fireworks.


we dropped gracie off at camp and headed home to pick up the rv.  we are staying locally, one town over at the beach.  i feel like i need to explain this since i brought so much jewelry with me!  we’re not really camping, more like staying in a tiny space on the beach ;)  we still are seeing friends, going on dates, going to meetings, etc, so i could;t fully get into camping mode just yet.

our RV is still new to us, so i am slowly making improvements and working out the organizational kinks.  lots of you have asked for posts on what we’ve done so far, but i’m still trying to figure things out before i feel like i can post as an “expert” on Rving.  soon.  i promise.


the kids and i have been going for long walks on the beach almost every morning.  not a bad way to start the day!


thank you pinterest for being the pretty version of google for me!  cooking in an RV is just different than at home.  the space is smaller and our resources are a bit more limited.  we wanted to cook out on the fire to minimize our cooking time inside so i did a quick pinterest search for tin foil dinners.  our first try was actually amazing!  it was coconut lime tilapia with zucchini and corn – even the kids loved it!

and s’mores are just a requirement.  adding a reeses pb cup is also a requirement.


if you are ever in pismo beach, ca, you have to try old west cinnamon rolls.  i like mine with pecans and cream cheese frosting.  i’d like to congratulate myself on only eating 1/2 of one this whole week, considering we are just a few blocks away.


again with the beach.  still not getting old.


one of the first improvements i did in the RV was to add this bulletin board i got at homegoods.  this was an otherwise unusable wall and i wanted somewhere to post a few pretty prints and other necessary papers for the parks we were staying at.  since we are basically living on top of one another, i thought this print from nap time diaries was an appropriate reminder.


with super spotty & irritatingly slow internet, i finally packed up the kid lets and headed to starbucks for guaranteed wifi.  with the kids regularly deprived of screen time (poor things!) they were more than happy to sit quietly and watch a few episodes of casper on hulu while i whipped out a couple blog posts.


even though i don;t get to talk to gracie for 11 days, the camp posts pictures online for parents to see about 3 times a day!  gracie does this little hand signal to tell us she loves us – so sweet!  i can tell by the pictures that she is having great time! (shirt ℅ zoe clothing company)

plans for the weekend: finish painting the fridge (yep, you heard me right), install a new stereo system, fix the leaky faucet, and clean my room.


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    Hooks are you friends in RV’s..anywhere you can put one, do it! Also we pack our clothes in small Rubbermaid tubs (without lids) They fit better in the cabinets and such in our RV. We also have a Landry hammer that is tall and stiff, it doubles as a small table, I got it at Pier One years ago. It also stores our RV linens when we aren’t using the RV.

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    Love your post! We bought a camper once. I gutted the whole thing and it was so much fun to do! We never took it camping because we sold it soon after it got revamped and then recamped. :) It was a fun project! Congrats to you!!!

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    I FEEL your pain! I have had the worst internet reception!!! And as a blogger it stinks!!! (but by the same token it does allow for getting out and actually living life!!). I ADORE that you have a lil jewelry door on the RV – good for you!!

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