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did you know i wear glasses?  i wear contacts most of the time, but i’ve noticed the older i get, the more i wear my glasses.  my eyes just get tired! #oldlady

i was THRILLED when david kind contacted me to see if i’d like to try out a pair of their glasses!  glasses shopping is not really fun, unless you think trying to make a decision on your appearance while 3 kids also try on every.single.pair. of glasses within reach is fun.  no?  me neither.

the david kind experience is so different.  SO different!  first i filled out a super simple profile on their website and included a picture of myself.  but i was in a hurry and i made a mistake:  i didn’t add anything to the notes for my stylist!

soon after, i got the prettiest package on my doorstep.


and opened up to find 6 pairs of frames hand-picked for me!  my stylist added notes for me – why she chose each pair, the pros of each, and the differences between them.


and then she followed up with me via email.  i am slow to make decisions (hence shopping in costco optical is not always ideal), and her follow-up email was really helpful.  she offered to Skype with me, but my home rarely has a Skype-able moment due to the constant noise level, so i opted out.

instead, i took phone pics of myself with my current pair, then each of the pairs she sent me.  not pretty you guys.  what is it about cell phone pics that distort your face?  or is it just me?  either way, i feel like i should’ve done my hair and makeup just as a courtesy to my stylist.  but no.  sorry trish!

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 10.39.10 PM

(btw, these pics are a bit funky because i was holding the camera up high to get rid of the camera glare on the lenses, so these all look really low on my face.  not so in real life.)

i told trish what i liked about my current pair, what i disliked, and what i wanted to be different.  and thats where i should’ve started in the beginning.  those were the types of things i should’ve added to my notes in my profile.  after looking over my pictures, trish responded with her opinion of each of the frames, which were definite no’s, which she preferred, which fit well…

with her guidance (and actually my first inclination), we chose “laurel”.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.04.42 PM

yay!  i wanted a slightly chunkier pair, and i love tortoise shell.  they are kinda nerdy and kinda funky.  love them!


so what next?  this full service experience just got better.  rather than making me search for my glasses rx or call my doctor, trish did it for me!  they did all the work and i get my new glasses in the mail.


 no running to the store to choose my glasses then again to pick them up.  so easy, and i couldn’t recommend this experience more highly!

thank you david kind, not only for the great glasses, but also for the incredible service!


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    This sounds like an amazing service and I love the frames you chose. I haven’t purchased new glasses frames in a few years because of what a hassle it can be. Now I’m definitely interested in trying david kind! Thanks for sharing!

    xo Always, Abby

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    So Ali Edwards just did a post on this recently, fun fun fun! Love your pic by the way:)

    I never checked into but I wondered the big question …the cost??? Are they allot more expensive than going to a eye place to pick out? My glasses are SUPER expensive anyway. Progressive (YIKES) that means gettng so old! And are expensive enough with NO insurance. I’m guessing paying for this fab service also just adds to the cost.

    Would love to try it out sometime. Thank you for sharing!

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      hi lisa!

      i totally forgot to mention the price – oops! from what i can tell, its $295. i’m not totally sure if thats for progressive as well, or if thats additional. i have had great customer service from them, so i’m sure if you sent an email inquiring they’d get back to you quickly.

      and i’m with you on no optical insurance – it can be painful sometimes to pay out of pocket! thankfully, my glasses rx hash;t changed for the last few years, so i know a new pair of glasses is going to last me a long time!


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      Hi Lisa!

      Great questions. Lindsey is absolutely correct. Our pricing is $295 which includes premium frames, premium lenses, coatings, styling, and shipping. For progressive lenses, we also use the best quality available. The up charge is $80. So for $375 you get everything. We believe we have the best price for this combination out there.

      Many of our customers use their out of network insurance benefit to get $ back. We can send you a reimbursement receipt. We also accept FSA/HSA credit cards.

      With kind regards,

      Dave Barton
      Founder of DAV/D K/ND

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    Just wondering how do you get them adjusted to fit your face? And how do you know they are the right size and shape for your face? The frames itself are cute but they look too big for your face. Sorry….just my opinion. When I look at your face all I can focus on is the big space under your eye that shows your cheek. The frames don’t even cover your whole eye. I think it is important to go to the eye doctor to get a yearly eye exam. They check a lot more than if your eye glass prescription has changed. I enjoy your blog but was a little disappointed with this post.

    • 6

      those are great questions! i am hoping a david kind rep will hop on here to answer some of the questions i don;t have answers to…

      as far as finding the right size frames, i do think its a matter of opinion. i was actually looking for a pair that was a little larger fitting just for a fun change from my usual pair. and i agree with you on the importance of a yearly eye exam – i’m a stickler about it! you can’t get glasses from david kind without a current rx, but thankfully they do the legwork of tracking it down for you.

      i am sorry this post disappointed you. i was writing from my honest perspective, i was very happy with this service. i did not intend to lead my readers away from getting an annual exam, but to consider an alternative to where they purchases their frames from. if i get great customer service, i am more than happy to share about it :)


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        Hi Lori!

        I wanted to take up Lindsey on her offer for us to provide a little more info. We absolutely agree with you with having regular eye exams performed by your eye doctor. We jump in to help you find your frames. We have a team of wonderful stylists that all have backgrounds in opticianry with deep experience helping clients find the perfect pair of glasses.

        Lindsey chose the Laurel, which in my opinion, looks fantastic on her. Her stylist, Trish, describes it as a “chic and studious” look. The trend in the market recently has been towards deeper fitting frames, so having your eyes fall in the top third of the lenses is very common. We are careful to take the proper measurements to compensate for pupil height in the frame to ensure the optics are correct and lens edges look the best. In some cases, we add nose pads to a frame to raise it up if needed, but in Lindsey’s case they weren’t necessary.

        During the home try on experience, we ask questions on how the frame feels. We can make adjustments to the fit before we ship the frame with your Rx lenses based upon the comments. It’s been working great for our clients. If a client needs adjustments after they received their glasses, we will reimburse for adjustments done by a local optician.

        Please let me know if I can answer any other questions. We would love an opportunity to style you.

        With kind regards,

        Dave Barton
        Founder of DAV/D K/ND

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    There are so many styles and fits of eye glasses now it’s overwhelming. I think it’s great to have in home luxury of picking out your glasses. You probably didn’t feel rushed or that you needed to pick what the staff thought was a good frame for you without your family being able to help with opinion’s. I think you picked a great pair, seems like your personality) and I hope they work out for you:) I’m thinking if they need adjusting, most optical centers adjust for slight fee or free:) Thanks for putting it out there xxoo

    • 9

      thanks for your sweet words, lynnann! i am really loving the pair i picked out as well, and the people that know me best agree that they are fitting to my personality :) thanks also for the reminder of the often-free fittings and adjustments from optical centers – i almost forgot about that!


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    Hi there! This was a fascinating post about a service I’d never heard of before this. I loved watching you do something I HATE to do, wade through all the choices of eyeglasses available to you. Watching someone else weed the selection down to one perfect pair was way more fun than doing it myself! I went immediately to the site to check it out. That leads me to my two problems, and they’re game changers for me. The fact that you make no mention of price, makes me immediately think that we pay handsomely for this in home service. (I realize you probably got this as a free perk for writing a review, but they still should have had you include a little monetary info.) When I tried to explore that on the site, you can’t do ANYTHING until you give them all your information. Sadly, I’d rather stress myself out at the local optometrist. But I totally enjoyed reading all about YOUR experience! :-)

    • 11

      hey kate!

      thanks for expressing your concerns with me, which are valid. i didn’t realize you couldn’t explore the site without logging in – i understand your concern with that. i often hesitate from sites that require that. but, i can assure you that i highly recommend this service, and if you do get unwanted emails, i’m sure you could immediately unsubscribe.

      as for your second concern, it was an oversight on my part to not mention the price. total mind lapse. thats what i get for blogging late at night! anyway, you are right, i was compensated for this post with my own choice of frames, so the price of the service wasn’t on the top of my mind. from what i can tell, the entire service costs $295 (possibly more if you need something special?). if you are like me and paying for glasses out-of-pocket with no insurance to help, then that price is actually fairly reasonable when you consider the service you are getting, the convenience, and the quality of the product.

      i hope that helps!


      • 12

        kate –

        after looking further, their prices are actually on the main page, you just have to scroll down. it gives all the price info along with a chance to look at all the different frames they have available. i hope that gives you a little more confidence in the company!

    • 13

      Hi Kate!

      I want to apologize for the confusion on our pricing. Price is something we are very proud of because it is a great value for our customers. We will be updating our landing page to make sure it is featured more prominently. All frames are $295. This includes premium frames, premium lenses (always the best), lens coatings, styling and shipping. If you have a progressive lens prescription, we add $80. We believe we are the best value for this type of quality anywhere.

      A selection of our frames is shown on our homepage which you can scroll through so you are able to get a sense for our collection before moving forward. Once you start, we learn about your personal color and style preferences and our stylists, who are all eyewear experts, hand select 6 frames for you to try on at home. Our home try on service is complimentary. Nothing is charged. We simply ask for a credit card to ensure the home try on set is returned.

      Please let me know if I can answer any other questions. We would love an opportunity to style you.

      With kind regards,

      Dave Barton
      Founder of DAV/D K/ND

  6. 14

    adorable & super cute hair!


  7. 16

    It’s a fun post and great information to have on hand for those of us searching for frames. But I agree with a couple of the other comments; not having any indication of price seems a bit misleading. Especially since the info isn’t easily available on their website without first entering all your information. Because of that, I won’t be bothering.

    • 17

      and that was my fault for not leaving a price – i completely forgot to mention it. i was given a pair of glasses as compensation for my post, but all of my opinions were honest – i am really happy with this service. from what i can tell, the cost of the glasses is $295. i’m not sure if there are any additional costs of you have highly specific needs, but the price actually seems pretty reasonable for the service and product if you aren;t used to having your frames covered by insurance. i absolutely wasn’t intending to mislead anyone with my post, it was just an oversight on my part.


      • 18

        hi sarah –

        after looking into it a bit more, i realized that you can actually find out all of their pricing information on their main page, without entering in any of your personal info. all you have to do is scroll down the page (there’s a “learn more” arrow). you can see the prices and also see all of the frames available. i hope that helps!


  8. 19

    Hi all,
    If you click the “learn more” button on the David Kind website, it says the frames/lenses are $295 with optional add-ons for progressive or transitional lenses.

    I ordered a pair of glasses through a similar website called Warby Parker, and the frames & lenses were $95. They’ll send you up to five pairs of glasses at a time until you find the ones you like. In addition, they also donate a pair of glasses every time someone purchases a pair (like TOMS). i don’t work for them or anything, but I had a fantastic customer experience and figured it was worth a mention.

  9. 22

    hey friends – just popping back in here to give a little bit of info my stylist sent me:

    -During the home try-on your stylist (either via email of video chat) is available to assist with anything from frame selection to adjustments. BEcause we are all extremely experienced opticians and stylists we are able to see what needs to be done to ensure a proper fit should a frame be out of adjustment.

    -There are a few “rules of thumb” that are guidelines for frame fit: widest part of the frame come out past the widest point of your face, bridge is flush on your nose, eyes are centered in the lenses. For me, I think of these only as they pertain to the comfort of the frame when worn.

    From both a professional and personal perspective, it is not in my best interest to have someone purchase glasses that they don’t look good in. If the Laurel didn’t look fabulous I would have guided you toward a different frame. At the end of the day, Fashion choices are totally objective and you should always wear whatever makes you happy. You OWN your aesthetic choices, and they don’t need to please anyone other than yourself.

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